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We, Us, Our . . .
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Trees reach for the sun in a pink and blue sky. For a time, trickling streams become raging rivers as glaciers melt.

Photo of Rampart Creek, Rocky Mountains, Canada


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For centuries, oligarchs were viewed as empowered by wealth. The common thread for oligarchs across history is that wealth defines them, empowers them and inherently exposes them to threats. The existential motive of all oligarchs is wealth defense.


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Elon lied about the monkeys — and he shouldn't be trusted to put his Neuralink chips in human brains.

"They are claiming they are going to put a safe device on the market, and that's why you should invest," Ryan Merkley at the Physicians Committee, told Wired. "And we see his lie as a way to whitewash what happened in these exploratory studies."

Really heartbreaking reading what happened to the monkeys.

People quite rightly think of Elizabeth Holmes as a fraud for making false medical claims about what the Theranos machines could do. So why aren't Elon's claims at Neuralink being held to the same level of scrutiny?



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Pure evil.


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