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Hi! Freelance union organizer, cybernetician, thalassophile, bicycle rider.

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futurebird , to random
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What is Tucker talking about? No one in NYC is "scared to ride the subway"

The worst thing about the subway is the ADA wasn't funded so there aren't elevators at every station.

Do people not in NYC really think it's still the early 80s in NYC? WTF.

sidereal ,
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@futurebird The NYC Subway is so "scary" that millions of people ride it every day without issue.

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If you haven’t seen any fediverse spam then thank the people who run your instance because they are doing a good job.

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IDK who needs to hear this but stainless steel is a relative term. It still rusts eventually, especially if it gets wet, triply so if it gets salty and wet. If you're making, say, a truck out of bare stainless steel, you should probably put some paint on there.

We were not painting trucks this whole time for purely aesthetic purposes. Sorry, "skipping the paint" does not qualify as "disrupting the auto industry."

eff , to random
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“Banning Flipper Zero devices is tantamount to banning a multi-tool because it can be used for vandalism, or banning markers because they can be used for graffiti,” EFF’s @legind told @Motherboard. https://www.vice.com/en/article/4a388g/flipper-zero-ban-canada-hacking-car-thefts

sidereal ,
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@eff @legind @Motherboard Sigh. I guess the advertising campaign worked on me. I gotta buy one before the feds ban them now.

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Got tired of having this conversation over and over again so I just spent way too long making this:

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  • JoshuaHolland , to random
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    American cops set a new record for killing people in 2023, with 1,329.

    The number of people they've killed has increased in every year since the racial justice movement of 2020.

    There were only 14 days without a police killing last year.



    sidereal ,
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    @TimWardCam @JoshuaHolland The USA definitely needs more comprehensive gun control but police kill far more people than mass shooters. Police commit about 1/3rd of all homicides in this country, despite only having about 2% of the firearms.

    Again, we need better gun control in this country, but firearm access is not causing police murders. Qualified immunity and the corrupt court system play a role.

    Also, many police murders do not happen with guns, the most famous example being George Floyd.

    sidereal , to random
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    I have come to strongly dislike motorcycles because of how loud they are.

    I'm aware that motorcyclists think this keeps them safe. I'm also aware there is no statistical evidence that it does. But it's useless to argue statistics with someone who rides a motorcycle.

    I'm also aware that motorcyclists think you need to let your bike idle for like 30 minutes before you go anywhere even though you definitely don't.

    This post brought to you by being woken up by my neighbor's bike. Please stop

    glightly , to academicchatter
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    Question for the in-the-know union folks (with background first): I'm pro-union, but my experience as a disabled worker in UAW 2865 was one of the most awful experiences of betrayal and abuse I've ever experienced in any field. Which union you're in and what their culture is matters.

    Since a number of grad workers are trying to unionize, it might be good to talk about which unions currently have the most honest democratic cultures you know of? @academicchatter

    sidereal ,
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    @glightly @academicchatter IMO, neither is perfect but I usually recommend people get in touch with SEIU & UNITE HERE

    IWW is OK depending on the local

    You also don't have to affiliate with a larger union, although I understand why you would want to. But remember that it's an option.

    sidereal , to random
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    Huh, so the word "yacht" comes from the Dutch "jacht" which means "hunt" because the original yachts were small, fast sailboats used in the Dutch Republic for hunting down smugglers and illegal fishing boats.

    Yacht clubs started when rich guys and volunteer coast guard-type organizations would have "fake hunts" for practice, to see who would catch a hypothetical criminal first -- which slowly morphed into just yacht racing over time.

    MikeDunnAuthor , to bookstadon
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    Today in Labor History November 20, 1820: An 80-ton sperm whale attacked and sunk the Essex, a whaling ship from Nantucket, Massachusetts. The tragedy occurred off the western coast of South America. 7 members of the 20-man crew died at sea, as they attempted to make land in the lifeboats. Survivors ate their dead comrades to stay alive. The story inspired Herman Melville to write his 1851 novel Moby-Dick. And it inspired modern day orcas to organize and fight back to reclaim the seas from humans.


    sidereal ,
    @sidereal@kolektiva.social avatar

    @MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon An eighty ton [albino!] sperm whale known as Mocha Dick (since he was often seen around the isle of Mocha). Moby Dick was hardly even fiction. Also it wasn’t famous until decades after the author passed away and most readers had forgotten that Mocha Dick was real.

    levampyre , to gardening German
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    How did you get into ?

    sidereal ,
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    @elilla @levampyre @gardening My grandma was one of those people planting milkweed back in the day! I think about her every time I see a monarch butterfly

    MikeDunnAuthor , to bookstadon
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    Today in Labor History November 7, 1912: Ernest Riebe's "Mr. Block," IWW labor comic strip first appeared in print. Mr. Block was one of the best-loved features in the Wobbly press. Joe Hill wrote a song about "Mr. Block," who was a boss-loving, American Dream-believing, self-sabotaging knucklehead. Some call Riebe the first "underground" comic book artist.

    Mr. Block (by Joe Hill)

    Please give me your attention, I'll introduce to you
    A man who is a credit to the ["Our] old Red White and Blue["]
    His head is made of lumber and solid as a rock
    He is a common worker and his name is Mr. Block
    And Block [he] thinks he may be premier [President] some day

    Oh Mr. Block, you were born by mistake
    You take the cake, you make me ache
    [Go] tie a rock on your block and then jump in the lake
    Kindly do that for Liberty's sake!

    1. Yes, Mr. Block is lucky - he got a job, by gee!
      The shark got seven dollars for job and fare and fee
      They shipped him to a desert and dumped him with his truck
      But when he tried to find his job he sure was out of luck
      He shouted, "That's too raw! I'll fix them with the law!"

    2. Block hiked back to the city but wasn't doing well
      He said "I'll join the union, the great AF of L".
      He got a job that morning, got fired by the night
      He said, "I'll see Sam Gompers and he'll fix that foreman right!"
      Sam Gompers said, "You see, you've got our sympathy."

    3. Election day he shouted, "A Socialist for Mayor!"
      The comrade got elected [and] he happy was for fair
      But after the election he got an awful shock
      [When] a great big socialistic bull did rap him on the block
      And Comrade Block did sob, "I helped him get his job!"

    4. Poor Block he died one evening, I'm very glad to state
      He climbed the golden ladder up to the pearly gate
      He said, "Oh Mister Peter, one thing I'd like to tell
      I'd like to meet the Astorbilts and John D Rockerfell!"
      Old Pete said, "Is that so? You'll meet them down below!"

    Tune: It Looks to me Like a Big Time Tonight. from Al Grierson,
    by Joe Hill, in 13th ed. of the Little Red Songbook


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  • sidereal ,
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    @MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon Reading old Mr. Block comics is nuts because most of the issues have not changed.

    It’s like, oh this strip is about how liberal politicians use the promise of gentrification to court votes and then kick people who voted for them out of the gentrified area. The next strip is about how bosses use racism/beef between nationalities and false consciousness to control people. The next strip is about the ethical imperative to sabotage unsafe machinery.

    The same problems.

    davemark , to random
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    EVERY single USB-C cable should have the USB type and bandwidth printed on the cable.

    Like this one (see pic).

    I'd also vote for some sort of "raised dot" standard for visually impaired folks.


    sidereal ,
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    @davemark I hate USB-C and it seems like a definite downgrade to me? Overly complex and harder to repair. Who wanted this? Not me.

    sidereal ,
    @sidereal@kolektiva.social avatar

    @steven @davemark It's like they somehow achieved being simultaneously TOO universal (like trying to connect phones to monitors) and not universal ENOUGH (cables are not all actually the same, they have radically different capabilities compared to each other)

    How in the name of standardization did the ISO allow this 😭

    mekkaokereke , to random
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    There's lots of noise in SF about homeless people "refusing shelter" and "They want to live in tents!" And that we should force them to accept the shelter against their own will, "for their own good!" Many SF folks rationalize their desire to not see homeless people, by convincing ourselves that refusing shelter is an irrational behaviour, and that we know better.

    We don't consider the fact that people might be refusing shelter when that shelter is worse than a tent.


    sidereal ,
    @sidereal@kolektiva.social avatar

    @bluGill @mekkaokereke @aredridel So what's your solution to this situation?

    If we force this person to move into an apartment then would they not be essentially correct that the government is tracking them around and modifying their behavior?

    Obviously they would be wrong about the CIA specifically, but they would be correct that most shelters and supportive/transitional housing buildings have a lot of surveillance cameras which are actively reviewed by staff and sometimes law enforcement.

    djvanness , to academicchatter
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    I'm going out on a limb here, but maybe... just MAYBE...

    ...the reason why so many people in the USA don't believe in the value of a college education anymore is BECAUSE we are running our universities like businesses, and not because we aren't.

    @academicchatter @academicsunite

    sidereal ,
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    @djvanness @academicchatter @academicsunite [DJ horn noises] why I never went to grad school, folks. I planned on working in academia my whole life until I actually went to college and saw the working conditions adjunct professors have to put up with.

    If we're going to run universities like businesses we could at least have enough full time jobs but apparently we're not running universities like businesses when it comes time to actually pay people.

    stux , to random
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    I see.. science must be invented after 1963

    sidereal ,
    @sidereal@kolektiva.social avatar

    @stux bahaha the other day I was asking my dad what he did with his used oil after changing it himself in the 60’s and he was like “I don’t remember” 😂

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