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Happy to talk about: #audio #podcast #radio #storytelling

I post random #musings about: #podcasts, #India #news, #SocialContract, and other trending topics.

I ❤️ #puns & jump into conversations uninvited.

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shrikant , to Star Trek
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Yo @startrek, tell me something?

Do exist in the universe? Does any whatsoever exist in the Star Trek universe?

Because, if not, then it means there are no Tucker Carlsons and no Jon Stewarts, and no John Olivers in that universe. Probably because nothing needs internal investigations in that society as a whole!

And that frankly blows my mind... 🤯

shrikant OP ,
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@remotelove 👀

Not an avid myself but def curious to know what episode that image is from...

(Interestingly, the image you attached inline in your comment on lemmy didn't appear in my @Tusky notifications. But, sensing something amiss, I checked out the lemmy community and saw the image...)

shrikant OP ,
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@halm Yeah, but I kinda reasoned it in my head thinking is dystopian and all dystopian hellscapes definitely require reporters... 🤣

But, as others have informed me, there is definitely a reporter named Jake Sisko in the Star Trek universe who plays an important(-ish?) role. The wiki doesn't seems to have much by way of his journalistic exploits, though. 🤷‍♂️


shrikant , to Technology
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> NSA officials told Wyden that not only is the intelligence agency purchasing data on Americans located in the US but that it also bought Americans' Internet metadata.

Source: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2024/01/nsa-finally-admits-to-spying-on-americans-by-purchasing-sensitive-data/

Why do you need to spy, when you can simply... buy?

We gave up our data willingly and made it easy for all the 3-letter agencies of the world. We only have ourselves to blame. 🤷‍♂️

(Link HT: @technology)

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