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A monkey wearing glasses is still a monkey.

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The Tiny Miracle That Resulted In Huge Local Conservation Success (lighthouse-eco.co.za)

Despite their extinction in Eastern Cape due to dwindling game herds and harmful cattle dips, the red-billed oxpeckers were successfully reintroduced into the region in the 90s. The upbeat Birding Day event, showcased on Shamwari TV, lauds their pivotal role in the ecosystem. Shamwari now plans to reintroduce Cape vultures,...

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Is there a way to crosspost an article/link to another magazine? Other than manually posting it?

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How does instance blocking work at the user level? I blocked a lemmy instance last night, but I've just seen a post from it in All>newest.

crossmr , to kbinMeta

How do I ban a user from another instance? Tried to ban, but just getting an error. We can't really block spam in our magazines if we can't stop users from posting there.

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If you're on desktop, you can mouseover on the username. Give it a couple seconds for the popup to appear, the hit the block button to the right of the Follow button.

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Make it all quotes from the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket.

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