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shalafi , (edited )

How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

This explains the phenomena better than anything I ever read. I'm not being funny, I really mean it. I've seen both sides, this rings true. Rings LOUD and true.

shalafi ,

Aside from those 2 failure modes, they also suffer inconsistent propellant loading. Shells need to be perfectly consistent so you know exactly where they'll land. NK shells are a crapshoot.

shalafi ,

53 here. Seems like overnight Power Point became "slide deck". I'm just gonna roll with it.

shalafi ,

Our tech leans heavily on AS400s, if you can believe that. And we have 98% market share in our space. They're complex, but they work, and don't fail.

Why are people so antsy to see others in person?

I WFH, every year one of the goals that the rest of the team decides is that it's "so great" to see each other in person. The past few years haven't worked out but one did. I spent hours in a couple of airports, the huge expense for the company, I spent days away from my family, and for what? So you could look me in my same face...

shalafi ,

We're social animals, socialization benefits us. WFH is better overall, but meeting up now and again has clear benefits.

Just commented here, and the anti-social folks seem to disagree, even though I'm mainly agreeing with them. Go figure.

shalafi ,

look me in my same face you would see if we turned cameras on every once in a while?

Not the same as interpersonal interaction, misses much of the communication we evolved to express and understand.

OTOH, I've had a few Zoom-only relationships where we're pretty tight, but that's rare.

LOL, one of those is my Zoom rep. We email occasionally, trade pics and jokes. Every few months we Zoom and shoot the bullshit about our lives. She gets me the skinny on upcoming stuff, where my account's at, what I might need or not need. Because we're tight like that, she jumps when I need a thing, and in turn, I read all her correspondence carefully.

Another is a coworker, nearly my best friend at the company. When we finally met in person at a team meeting, we were tight. Boss was like, "Had you guys met before today?!"

Again, pretty rare relationships. Know who I'm really close to? The guy who lives here who I used to work in the office with. Man came to my wedding. None of those remote people did. When he needs my help, I jump.

And if anyone wants to poo-poo interpersonal work relationships, I will ask that person what they think of long-distance relationships. The conventional wisdom is that they don't work out. (Yes, I know those are different. But how different and why? Think on that.)

Great post and question! Much food for thought as we navigate this new world.

Anyway, I had some thoughts earlier tonight, both pro and con.

shalafi ,

Yep. In my review with my last boss, while transitioning to a new team, he noted that someone had said I should act more professionally. No idea what he meant! Never had such a thing said to me in decades of in-person work.

In person, we get a better feel for the emotions present. No getting around the fact that we evolved to be social animals. When the internet first became a thing, it was conventional wisdom that we were missing out on a lot of social cues by only communicating via text.

My company seems to have nailed it, so far. Mostly leaning on hiring local employees, but no mandate to come in. They can meet up, and that's nice for many reasons. I'm starting to feel left out a bit, wanting to fly up there again, just hang out for a day or two, build relationships, learn about what people outside my team or working on or struggling with. Generally shoot the bullshit and make friends. Guess that's passe now.

shalafi ,

Fair question! I'd say no. There is some benefit, but nothing replaces in-person interaction.

For those of us who WFH, I think there's a balance to be figured out. All of this is really new.

shalafi ,

Yes, there are clear benefits to working in person. If one can't see that, I'd say that person has social issues. I could go on...

BUT, WFH is clearly a better solution all in all. Better for employee mental health, better for the environment, all that and more.

My company (software dev) seems to be navigating this well. We're leaning heavily on hiring people local to our remaining office. One person is required to come in, Tuesday-Thursday, and that's what we hired them for, a warm body in the office to assist. For the work I do, I need someone around to accept deliveries and help around.

While no one else is mandated to come in, it's nice that they can. Teams meet up, get to know each other, work together briefly, etc., good for morale. We're social animals, we benefit by socializing. This should be obvious, but lemmy tells me otherwise.

One time I was hanging around the office, wanted to meet a user to fix their SSD. Couple of other folks were there, no one on my team. Shooting the bull with the CSR manager I learned a useful thing I didn't know! Couple of devs sitting in front of me were talking about a thing my team was confused about. "Hold up! So what's the deal with that?" Wouldn't have thought to ask them otherwise. Talking to another guy I became aware of some new tech I didn't know about.

Picture this: I have two people wanting me to help them, both asks being equal. One I know personally, the other I've only seen on Zoom. First guy came to my wedding, the other I haven't seen since I onboarded them. Who you think I'm helping first?

Story I related to senior management, including the CEO, while having dinner one night. Poster on reddit claimed to be a tech recruiter. This guy kept a list of local companies mandating RTO. He went after them on LinkedIn for remote work, "Like shooting fish in a barrel." LOL, half our staff, the best half, would walk if RTO was mandated.

shalafi ,

All with ya! Mandating RTO is a bad strategy, companies will lose top talent. But, as I said, there are benefits to getting together in person now and again.

shalafi ,

sitting with no back support for multiple hours, you will be in pain

Yeah. I'm going to question what sort of shape such a person is in.

I'm 53 and have no such issues. Chalk it up to being small and skinny if you will, but sitting on a bleacher shouldn't pose a problem to the reasonably fit.

If that sort of situation hurts you, maybe reflect on your personal health? Those bouncy balls that replace office chairs are wonderful for core strength. Matter of fact, I'm going to buy another one right now. Sitting on my ass all day is not working out for me.

shalafi ,

Spent my whole adult life saying I didn't give a shit about birds. Yeah.

  • When I lived in Chicago 20 years ago, and their bodies were littering the streets from West Nile virus, I noticed. I noticed the lack of birds in the sky. Seems no one else did.
  • I now have 3 different types of feeders and a birdhouse.
  • Got my childhood treasures back, uh, there's a lot of antique bird figurines. And I used to collect owls.
  • Saw a pileated woodpecker for the first time at camp in December. NEAT! Got a couple of feeders and started learning to make suet.
  • Been rolling my own hummingbird food for years.

But I'm not really into birds.

shalafi ,

Man, even as fucked up as we teens were in the 80s, we didn't have incels. Anyone talking like that would have been shunned, at the least. They simply wouldn't have a voice, let alone echo chambers to back them up.

shalafi ,

Don't worry kids, flirting has always been hard to navigate when young. You'll learn.

Disclaimer: Young people seem even more emotionally stunted and unsure of interpersonal stuff these days. While it's always been like that, seems worse for you guys. Maybe it's just because you have a louder voice because of the internet and I'm hearing it more? Maybe it's because of the internet? In any case, thank gods I'm mostly past that.

Georgia Senate passes bill banning taxpayer, private funds for American Library Association ( )

Georgia’s Senate passed a bill Thursday that would ban libraries from spending public or private funds on services offered by the American Library Association, which a Republican member of the chamber called a “Marxist and socialist” group....

shalafi ,

Grew up in Oklahoma, way back when. Fucking with library funding was unthinkable. Banning books was unthinkable. That was Nazi shit, unthinkable. What's next? State sponsored book burnings?!

shalafi ,

Saw my first one last month and I was stunned. Had no idea.

Got motivated to put out suet feeders, but they haven't found them yet.

shalafi ,

I had to check. Really.

shalafi ,

Remember the beginning of Black Hawk Down when the warlord's men machine gun the people trying to get bags of grain? And the Black Hawk crew couldn't engage?

Yeah, it's like that, except we're paying the warlord's army this time.

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  • shalafi ,

    My wife doesn't drink and I'm a functioning alkie. We hang at the new dive bar. Met some neat people!

    shalafi ,

    Getting weird down here. Simply doesn't rain in the summer. Never saw water levels so low, and I'm outside a lot, pay attention to the local environment. There were places my kayak couldn't go.

    🎶 The preacher man says it's the end of time

    And the Mississippi River, she's a-goin' dry 🎵

    That was considered unthinkable in '81, Biblical end kinda shit. (Country Boy Can Survive - HW Jr.). 40-years later and we were a week or three out from a fucking disaster because the Mississippi watershed couldn't push the salt water back into the Gulf.

    Imagine if we dry out like that and then a hurricane hits. Noachian Flood.

    shalafi ,

    Good lord, I didn't even know about this one.

    Remember when a slightly inappropriate/enthusiastic shout, a misspelled word or a picture with a woman who wasn't the candidate's wife, or a dumb picture riding a tank was grounds to call one poor Presidential material and sink a campaign? *

    Remember when Sarah Palin was considered too laughably stupid to be VP? How about when Reagan would make a joke and the country would melt down? Or Carter getting his ass handed to him for, rightly, pointing out that we were suffering malaise?

    Today, this sort of scandal doesn't even make the front page.

    *Howard Dean, Dan Quayle, Gary Hart, Mike Dukakis

    Israeli troops ‘fire on people waiting for aid’ as Gaza death tolls hits 30,000 ( )

    Kamel Abu Nahel, who was being treated for a gunshot wound at Shifa Hospital, said he and others went to the distribution point in the middle of the night because they heard there would be a delivery of food. “We’ve been eating animal feed for two months,” he added....

    shalafi ,

    saying that Trump would be even worse

    Do you disagree?

    shalafi ,

    Once again, everyone going off after reading the headline.

    The law merely states that the divorce cannot be finalized if the woman is pregnant. And that makes sense. Questions of paternity, child support, visitation, etc., must be part of the final divorce decree.

    Would you rather the woman get a final judgement that lacks answers to the questions above? And again, nothing here traps the woman. She can leave. She can file for divorce. Proceedings can begin.

    Christian nationalism's support is strongest in rural, conservative states ( )

    In states including North Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia, half or nearly half of residents support the view that Christians should dominate all areas of American society, including its laws, according to a new survey about the influence of Christian nationalism by the Public Religion Research Institute, based on...

    shalafi ,

    Yeah, the usual comments in here. And I mostly agree. But if you honestly want to understand the rural/urban, conservative/liberal divide, and how we got here, give this article a spin.

    I know,, but this is a solid essay that explains much. Note the 2016 date. Much has happened since then, but the thoughts still ring true.

    Seen both sides, lived both sides, this resonates with me. To my mind, it's the most important article I've read on the subject, and I've read a lot.

    If anyone agrees or disagrees, I'd like to hear it!

    shalafi ,

    The victim mentality around here is astonishing.

    shalafi ,

    I keep repeating: Women, POC and LGBT folks have been the largest gun purchasing demographic in America for the past few years. Maybe liberal suburban boys should wonder what those people are seeing?

    And I repeat again: Owning a gun does NOT make you safe. Unless you practice, train, practice some more and carry (carrying is another form of practice), you're less safe. If you haven't put 1,000 rounds through your weapon, in varying conditions, keep going.

    It's a big responsibility. If you don't want to take it on, that's your right. I chose to take it on, as is my right. If they start loading trains, I'll fight for you all, best I can anyway, which ain't much.

    shalafi ,

    Perhaps the people who own guns are more prone to violence, or live in more violent areas? Believed that stat for years, but since I started shooting, I've read a lot more and now question it.

    shalafi ,

    LOL, just said the same, but not nearly as succinct.

    shalafi ,

    There's some nuance here. INAL, but I'm reading that this bill would allow someone to confront a trespasser, far from home, yet on their property, and call it castle doctrine. If that's the case, I disagree mightily. Fuck around outside? That's for 911, even if they're far away. Don't care what you do outside, I'll wait on law enforcement. Inside? FAFO.

    If passed, the change of “and” to “or” in state law would give a much broader defense to people who use deadly force, as property would only have to satisfy some of the requirements instead of all of them, said criminal defense attorney Jack Litwak. [emphasis mine]

    “The idea with the Castle Doctrine is that you are supposed to be able to defend house and home,” he said.“This seems to broaden it to say you can shoot someone that’s just on your actual property.”

    On the surface, this doesn't seem like much of a change. But I've seen cases revolve around seemingly minor details. Words have very specific meanings in law. Very specific.

    Remember the guy who shot a YouTube bully who was fucking with him in a food court? And we all cheered him on? Here James Reeves, gun nut and attorney, breaks it down. Yes, being somewhat cheesy is part of his shtick. In any case, he's expert on both firearms and related law (ex-military and a practicing attorney.)

    shalafi ,

    LiberalGunNut™ here! You do NOT fire a weapon, yes, say weapon with me kids, unless you have a clear target and are clearly in danger. Neither criteria was met here.

    I've heard some funky shit in my kitchen and in the woods. LOL, threw down on the neighbor's wolf-hybrid who wandered in one night. That fucker is silent. 🐺 "BRO! You do NOT go into people's homes at 1AM! Go home! GIT!" First night at my camp I heard what I thought were coyotes, took a single-shot .410 and went to run them off. Nah. Barred owls trying to hook up. (Cut me some slack, their call and response is creepy.)

    We can make up edge cases all night. If someone goes through the trouble of crawling in our dog door and trying to enter our locked bedroom at 3AM... Know what? Nah. I'd be scared shitless and have a .45 in the center of that door frame, but I'm probably not shooting blind. Depends on the kind of noises that mammal is making. Snuffling and such? Bear or wolf or dumb dog. Again. 🙄 Cussing or whispering? Yeah, that's a human who went to great lengths to invade our home. And it ain't going to be a friend or neighbor pranking me. They know better.

    I'm not ex-military, but I understand that discharging your weapon is a big fucking deal and must be explained in excruciating detail, on paper, reviewed ad nauseum, with your ass on the line? Like court martial on-the-line? Too much to ask of civilian cops? If they don't want to call themselves civilians and want to play military, same rules?

    tl;dr: We're not all nuts, but ACAB.

    shalafi ,

    I have a take on the cosmetologist thing! Sounds silly for a hair cutting job, doesn't it?

    Dated a woman who trained cosmetologists at the local college. Gods she was educated.

    Thinking out loud one night I said, "Ugh. What's it called when a chemical reaction... uh... opposite of exothermic?"


    "How the hell you know that?!"

    Turns out when you fuck with people's bodies, you have to know some shit. Forgot the topic, but I had asked her how she knew another odd thing.

    "Because old people may have nails (whatever, I forgot), and you have to recognize that as a sign of (whatever, I forgot). You cannot use $chemical on them."

    Anyway, off topic, but there are reasons cosmetologists are trained and certified. They're certainly more educated than most cops.

    shalafi ,

    There are 18,000 police departments in the US. We can't talk about them as a monolithic entity.

    There might be 2 local dudes, there might be 10,000, training varies wildly by city and state, let alone for federal officers.

    I'd be down for some sort of federal minimum requirements, but now we're into sticky state's rights arguments. (And yes, like it or not, our states have wide latitude for self-governance. It's a big dammed country.)

    shalafi ,

    You won't find me defending cops in my comment history, but the acorn thing was a wild outlier. Which is why it made news and we're laughing at memes about it. Holy shit. Never saw anything like that in life.

    shalafi ,

    Used to work, not now.


    cd OOBE



    shalafi ,

    I cannot fathom how no one else sees this. They're trading low-value customers for high-value customers. Sometimes this makes sense. I did it when I had a little PC repair business. Low-value customers were a PITA and didn't make me any money, not worth my time.

    But maybe they're smarter than you and I? Lemmy tells me cheap fast food is a right, as if there's no other choice. If that's how people are thinking and acting, instead of shying away from fast food prices? Fuck 'em. Let them pay.

    shalafi ,

    LMFAO, if you think so friend.

    shalafi ,

    When the Brown Shirts come knocking, I'm prepared. You?

    shalafi ,

    Funny how many comments just went poof! Gone! So this place is basically /r/politics now? Mods smoking out every opinion they don't like?

    Funny thing is, the deleted comments were from liberals, not raging conservatives spewing bile and lies. Must not have passed the purity test.

    shalafi ,

    Back in the 90's I popped a lung. Excellent care, about wouldn't let me leave the hospital. Couple of years later I shattered my femur with no insurance. "Here's some charity crutches. GTFO."

    shalafi ,

    The famous science fiction author Robert Heinlein wanted to tour the world with his wife Virginia. They had no interest in the northern hemisphere, they wanted to see the southern half.

    Everywhere they went Robert wanted to get eyeballs on the economy, see what was really going on. He would always ask the cab drivers to take him to the worst part of town, where the poorest of the poor lived.

    In Uruguay the driver took him to a modest neighborhood. The houses were very tiny, but well built, well taken care of. Flower beds out front, all that. Heinlein was a bit upset.

    "I clearly asked you to take me to the poorest neighborhoods."

    "Oh no senior! These are the poorest people! They are on government welfare and are very ashamed to live like this."

    That was in the 80's. Imagine that.

    shalafi ,

    Been thinking on this lately and I get OP. People used to chew gun in the 80's and 90's, a lot. Now it would be weird to see someone doing so.

    shalafi ,

    After a record-breaking year of migrant crossings

    Hard no. Lemmy has told me this isn't happening and it's all GOP bullshit. There is no crisis. It's not happening. Fingers in ears.

    Maybe liberals will listen if I frame it as a humanitarian crisis, which it fucking is. These are real human beings, who are experiencing real suffering. And there's a shitload of them that our government and infrastructure is not able to cope with.

    Point fingers and place blame as you please, but we have a situation that needs solutions yesterday. I don't have answers, but neither am I playing these people as fake political pawns.

    shalafi ,

    Disrupting trade is punishable by death.

    At this scale? Yes. Fucking up global trade at this level hurts people all over the planet. The downstream pain reaches into millions of households.

    And if that hurt isn't enough for you, it's clearly terrorism. And your plan is to let it stand because there haven't been any deaths?

    shalafi ,

    I've already watched dozens of Russians die like this.

    Illinois judge who reversed rape conviction removed from bench after panel finds he circumvented law ( )

    An Illinois judge who sparked outrage by reversing a man’s rape conviction involving a 16-year-old girl has been removed from the bench after a judicial oversight body found he circumvented the law and engaged in misconduct.

    shalafi ,

    As fucked as this all is, we want to be extraordinarily careful charging judges with crimes. That's the kind of downhill spiral that will break the system. Best to impeach them, if possible in the jurisdiction.

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