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i can imagine wasting hours at work looking at that xD

CERN tech to help investigate the dark universe (home.cern)

Today, at exactly 17.11 CEST, the European Space Agency’s newest mission was launched in a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. Called Euclid, the 2-tonne, 4.5-m-tall and 3.1-m-in-diameter space telescope will be used to map the geometry of the Universe, in particular to explore the nature of dark matter...

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kbin is like a month old and has been slammed very recently by a large number of new signups. I think they were migrating to new servers over the past week and likely more improvements are on the way.

Is there any one else who feels like their life has been disrupted by this whole debacle with Reddit. (kbin.social)

I really do like KBin and Lemmy and the fediverse on the whole, but development is still young and the userbase still growing. KBin is still basically early access, and Lemmy is buggy. I spent alot of time in reddit and I'm feeling the pain of trying to ween myself from it. Just wanted to here community perspectives and see how...

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ok, some of you apparently need to get outside more.

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I, for one, welcome our newbie overlords!

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I wish I had known about kbin three weeks ago!

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