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I make things for the #Fediverse & #smallNet

Also talk about #FediverseUX #P2P #Privacy #SpreadFediverse

I post #SciFiArt

My work includes — #AllYourBases #FediverseAcademy #FediverseCity #FingerProtocol #GreatApe #PostFreely #SpaceHost #StarSeed

I life-cast at @reiver , collect at @reiver , threadiverse at @reiver

Once upon a time, was a mathematician, computer scientist, data scientist, software engineer, industrial researcher 🌞

The meaning of life — first survive, then reproduce 🌞

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Merry Christmas 🎄

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A font designed to be easier to read.

Including those people who having trouble seeing.

Atkinson Hyperlegible Pro

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with @atomicpoet & @reiver

Should search on the Fediverse be opt-in or opt-out?

Google doesn't care if you want search to be opt-in.

The difference between 'privacy' and 'obscurity'.

ATOMICPOET: "[some] people believe their posts [on the Fediverse] aren't discoverable because when you do a search for them on Mastodon you can't find them." "But — here's the problem. Google still indexes those posts. And people really only discover that — really after the fact, right? I've had a number of people talk to me and they've said to me — "hey can you remove stuff from your server because Google is indexing that stuff", right?" "And — this is a problem with the Fediverse. The Fediverse exists It exists because — well, federation means you're copying stuff from one server to another server, right?" "And if you've opted to — there's different levels of visibility on the Fediverse, right? So there's obviously "direct", in which you send a message and only one person — the person you tag — actually only the people you tag see those messages. Those are, those are direct visibility. The next one is "followers only" — So only people who follow you can see your posts, right?Okay. And then there is "unlisted" where you don't have to be a follower to see a post, but it does not show up in public timelines. Okay. " Now, so far so good — the final rung of visibility is "public", right? I've had a lot of people send public posts on the Fediverse and they believe that they're not being indexed. But unfortunately they are. And you know, it's hard to explain to these people, to a lot of people how, you know — simply how privacy works because — I get the sense quite ..."

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Maybe just a bug, but —

had the microphone on my laptop turned on even though I wasn't in a chat.

(When I reloaded the tab that Discord was in, that alert went away.)

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There is a fork of Mastodon that has a bunch of features I know many people wish Mastodon had:


• longer posts,
• more poll choices,
• favicon update from web console,
• markdown support,


I wonder if it is a soft-fork or a hard-fork. I.e., are they still pulling in all the latest Mastodon code.

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@IrkedAngua @atomicpoet


"Firstly I would recommend you have transcripts available for the Hearing Impaired."

Our plan is indeed to have text transcripts.

We haven't tested out our system for it yet. But plan to later this week.


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Be the content you want to see on the Fediverse.

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What topics about the Fediverse, social-media, or Tech are you most curious about?

What questions about the Fediverse, social-media, or Tech do you hav?

(The Fediverse includes all the Fediverse software.)

Reply with your topics and questions.

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Just wanted to share some exciting news with you all.

My colleague, the talented @reiver, is currently hard at work on an awesome project called . It's actually a fork of the popular blogging platform.

Together with other brilliant developers, they're brainstorming a bunch of potential new features for PostFreely. I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how our beloved Fediverse blogging platforms keep evolving. Pretty awesome, right?


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@atomicpoet @fediversenews

Just to make sure he gets credit, too —

I am not the only one working on

@mathew and I are working on together.

We were both there from the beginning. And currently is an effort by the two of us.

Although @whylamb should also get some credit. As he was the one that encouraged us to create the fork.

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@liaizon @atomicpoet

Matt Baer and WriteFreely are credited in the PostFreely README.md file. Near the top of it.

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@liaizon @atomicpoet

I haven't been sure how tagging Matt Baer and the WriteFreely hash-tag would be interpreted.

Would it be welcomed.

Would it be seen as antagonizing.


I eventually thought it might be seen as the latter, so I tried to do what I thought was the polite thing.

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@paul @liaizon @atomicpoet

I wanted to get some new features in before sharing any URLs.

So far myself and @mathew have just been doing clean up, in preparation for new features.

But —

We have a GitHub repo —


Later, we will have a website up, too.

And also a server instance running PostFreely that people can join.

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@matt @liaizon @atomicpoet

Excellent. We will do that.

Thanks Matt.

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I have a new KBin server.

I am going to document my experience as a new KBin user and sysop.

Note that I already have experience as a Lemmy user & sysop. Some of that experience may be applicable here, too — but will see.


reiver OP ,
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Logging into Kbin for the first time takes me here (shown in the screen shot).

The "/all" page.

reiver OP ,
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You can get to the Kbin "Admin panel" from the menu that is shown when you hover your mouse over (or touch) your username in the top-right of the screen.

The Admin panel starts off by showing you a dashboard. But there are several other pages that make up the Admin panel:

• dashboard
• settings
• users
• pages
• federation


reiver OP ,
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I don't see a way to turn-off or restricting registrations in the KBin admin panel.

I wonder if that is a feature that is planned — it seems pretty common with Fediverse software. Lemmy has it, for example.

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Kbin seems to support something called:


I don't think I have ever heard of Mercure before, but —

There is a setting to turn it on or off in the Admin Panel (at "/admin/settings").

It was already on — so on by default it seems.

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If you are writing software —

Please expose the administration of a server instance through an API.

It makes things easier for sysops & sysadmins.

By enabling them to automate things.

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With the , I've been looking around for a way to self host my own or instance, and just like with , the instructions and requirements are prohibitive.

  • There's no Docker container, official or otherwise
  • No Docker compose file, let alone a helm chart
  • There are instead long, painful instructions on how to self-host on a bare metal instance you have to maintain manually, like it's 2003.
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@awilbert @danielquinn

We are going to be making them available very soon.


First Lemmy (since we already have it ready).

And then kbin later one (once we finish adding it).

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