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a want to buy a tablet to take notes at school

Basically title, but I don’t want an iPad because of my “open source mindset” ik it sounds cringe but fr I hate Apple’s philosophy and I don’t want an iPhone to sync every shit. Also I’d like to have a tablet that doesn’t all my data to some big corporation (like Xiaomi or Google), and I don’t know where to start...

ranok Mod ,

I returned my Remarkable 2 after a couple of days for a Supernote. Can do local network file transfer, and wifi screen sharing.

ranok Mod ,

Supernote is the alternative I went with. They have a pretty responsive dev team and the cloud integration is optional, you can push stuff over the local WiFi network.

Am I okay without a VPN on public networks if I use HTTPS?

I keep hearing on VPN ads that you have to use a VPN to not have your login information stolen. So far I have been using Cloudflare WARP to be safe enough. However, if I am using an HTTPS website, do I really need a VPN or WARP? Will an attacker on the same network as me be able to access passwords transmitted over HTTPS?

ranok Mod ,

This is pretty misleading due to its brevity, an attacker on the same network can determine what website you’re going to but not the content being exchanged. A VPN moves the threat of having your browsing destination determined to the VPN provider from the local network.

That said, modern WiFi encryption does prevent other devices on the network from eavesdropping, so the attacker would have to employ a more involved attack (e.g. ARP spoofing) in order to even see the destinations.

ranok ,

I installed INCH on all my browsers, it’s obviously not 100% accurate, but it is nice to get a visual cue that the article you’re reading may very well be AI generated.

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