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Sporadic #filmmaker. ROY'S WORLD: BARRY GIFFORD'S CHICAGO is now streaming! (An impressionistic #documentary about growing up in 1950's Chicago, featuring Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon & Lili Taylor.) Some stuff I scribe: #Chicago things, #cocktails, #music, #books. And yup, I'm #gay. “Living and ceasing to live are imaginary solutions. Existence is elsewhere.” –ANDRE BRETON

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SaltiredPopcorn , to horror
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Your twenty third recommendation for the month is Berberian Sound Studio, a psychological horror movie that will work best for fans of giallo movies (considering the references and context) and/or fans of foley work. Or fans of Toby Jones. And who doesn't like Toby Jones?


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@SaltiredPopcorn @horror Love Toby Jones!

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