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Just a tech geek, looking for a good open source sight. Oh, looks like I'm right in it.

Linux, smartphones and a bit of anime fan.

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Shifted to MX Linux, based on Debian, with Xfce desktop. Looks not bad in my opinion, but let's see how it goes. @thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @debian

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@const_void didn't know you hate neofetch. Any particular reason?

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@thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @debian A small update. For some reason, MX Linux has a lot of issues while installing software like RStudio, Discord etc. If I can't fix those somehow, I might hop distro again.

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@thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @debian
Update: Switched to Lubuntu to have an experience of LXQT. Let's hope it doesn't have those issues.

pradeepmalarvannan , to linux
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I've used Linux lite and Fedora(Gnome edition) so far, and trying to hop Distro(plus, I lost my actual boot drive. Not to worry, I know I've left it in my friend's house, so the data is safe. Plus, no important data were on it in the first place).
Considering the recent incidents with the Red Hat Enterprises, I'm not sure if I should go with any of their distributions. Which would be a great OS for me, you guys think? @thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @linuxmagazine @linux_gaming

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