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Simple Mobile Tools bought by ZipoApps? · Issue #241 · SimpleMobileTools/General-Discussion (github.com)

with the simple tools suite being sold to a purveyor of non-foss things, remind me of your favorite lists of recommended apps? i was using simple contacts and am not immediately sure of a good replacement. i would want one without internet permissions, which was why i disabled the google builtin.

LineageOS for MicroG update speed

I had reimaged my old Samsung on LineageOS as it seemed to be the only alternative that supported my model. It was fine until I installed OSMAnd, which couldn’t get a location. Shame on me for not noticing that I would need microG for that. Not feeling comfortable with all the rooting and flashing needed to shoehorn microG...

“It’s Gonna Be The Nostalgia Of Your Life”: Girls Aloud Tells Vogue Why The Time Is Right For A Reunion Tour (www.vogue.co.uk)

Ten years after the Ten tour that became a farewell, the girls are planning a tour but not new music — because the studio would feel too weird without Sarah Harding, who has been claimed by cancer.

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no idea. impossible to rule out. there’s no good answer to ‘why’ that i’ve seen


The Molly fork of Signal now has a variant that supports UnifiedPush, but it requires a helper called Mollysocket to be installed on a server somewhere. I can’t get my head around the (we’ll call them ‘lean’) docs, and I’ve never encountered such a helper for other UP apps. They just ask what to attach to, and they...

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in the settings if you change notification method from websocket to unified push, the UP settings come up, including a server address (which is what they intend to be used) or some air gap mode that i can’t find documented

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you probably already found this, but for others who might be curious:



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  • Internet-facing web server with reverse proxy and domain name (preferably SSL of course)
  • Server behind the reverse proxy with Rust environment


  • Don’t bother downloading the source code to your server; installing it that way gives you a big debug executable
  • Instead just cargo install mollysocket
  • Move the mollysocket executable if desired
  • Run mollysocket once so that it will emit the default config


  • Fish the config file out of .config/mollysocket/default-config.toml and copy it somewhere.


  • In the new file, replace the allowed_endpoints line with allowed_endpoints = [‘*’]. The default config appears to be a bug; this setting controls access to endpoints within the app, not IPs from outside. Leaving the original value causes mollysocket to reject everything.
  • Put a proper path in the db = ‘./mollysocket.db’ line rather than just having it land wherever you’re sitting.
  • Delete the mollysocket.db that was created on first run (even if it’s already where you’re intending to put it). This is just to make sure the web server creates it and has the correct permissions.

Run script

- The environment variable ROCKET_PORT must be set or the server will sit and do nothing. It’s best to create all of the environment variables mentioned in the README, whether that is in a user profile script or in a shell script that wraps startup. You can change any of these values, but they must exist.

<span style="color:#323232;">export ROCKET_PORT=8020
</span><span style="color:#323232;">export RUST_LOG=info
</span><span style="color:#323232;">export MOLLY_CONF=/path/to/your/config.toml

Proxy server

  • You’ll need to proxy everything from / to your mollysocket server and ROCKET_PORT.
  • Exclude anything that you may need served from your web server, such as .well-known.

Things to know

  • I get this warning on startup: "Forced shutdown is disabled. Runtime settings may be suboptimal."
  • I also can’t stop my server with any sane signal; only SIGKILL brings it down.
  • Some discussion here: github.com/SergioBenitez/Rocket/discussions/1880
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if your threat model were ‘encrypt everything at rest’, invitations to people outside your own service would be tricky as they have to be machine-readable text in a specific format. i’m sure it’s possible but you’d have to be specific in looking for that as a feature.

my needs are more modest - don’t store email in GAFAM or particular regimes - and i use runbox, which is bog-standard except for being stored somewhere else, being paid, and having slightly more homely webapps. using ‘evolution’ on linux, a bog-standard email program that’s also a bit more homely than alternatives, invitations go out to whomever i choose and look normal. i make recurring events for myself all the time and remove individual occurrences. i’ve added on ical subscriptions for things like country holidays, which are the first thing you’ll notice missing when you leave outlook.

the mail’s just imap and the calendar’s just caldav. when you get into providers that don’t provide imap or caldav for (valid) security reasons, that’s when you’re more likely to get integration issues with regular people.

Vegas High by Kylie Minogue (songwhip.com)

every so often someone posts a link and someone else asks, where can i get a link that’s on a different service? songwhip is an aggregator that provides a page with links to multiple services. obviously if you want to post the exact video or the exact remix, a direct link is what you need. but it’s quite useful for ‘joe...

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i did try that but the never-dark mode blinded me. i understand the reasoning, but absolute anonymity isn’t my own threat model; i’d like to be able to use themes and resize the window

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thanks, i’ll look again. it’s not that i love the idea of being fingerprinted; i just think that five mylar bags, four tin hats and a partridge in a pear tree won’t save me from that. i need my password manager, and once that’s in, enforcing a generic screen is silly - cow’s out of the barn. but not having the arms race against pocket and telemetry would be a big bonus.

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well i feel stupid now for not doing the obvious. but…

Blocked Page

Your organization has blocked access to this page or website.

on the PPA box, this is what it showed me (meanwhile it was attempting to connect to incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org). another symptom of displaying respect for enterprise policies but in fact ignoring them. (as i had mentioned, on this box all of the settings look locked down as they should be, but it’s still attempting to send telemetry.)

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an interesting oddity: on my non-rooted xperia, signal thinks that i don’t have play services and so it falls back to… polling. every five minutes. killing my battery and my logs.

i had to put signal into the restricted battery group, which means no notifications. i anxiously await the new molly, as i already have a unified push environment. it looks like the migration will be a bit delicate.

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It exists, it’s called a robots.txt file that the developers can put into place, and then bots like the webarchive crawler will ignore the content.

the internet archive doesn’t respect robots.txt:

Over time we have observed that the robots.txt files that are geared toward search engine crawlers do not necessarily serve our archival purposes.

the only way to stay out of the internet archive is to follow the process they created and hope they agree to remove you. or firewall them.


flashback: zine slags off simple minds' "awful garbage" song for "bad movie" (poptalk.scrubbles.tech)

i was cruising the music site looking for backfill songs i might buy, and was rudely reminded of the state of music criticism in the 80s (to be fair, this was from a zine, but was put in front of me by qobuz, so it had some staying power)....

Brave aims to curb practice of websites that port scan visitors (arstechnica.com)

Starting in version 1.54, [the browser] Brave will automatically block website port scanning, a practice that a surprisingly large number of sites were found engaging in a few years ago. According to this list compiled in 2021 by a researcher who goes by the handle G666g1e, 744 websites scanned visitors’ ports, most or all...

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appimages just got less easy…

i don’t know which update did it - i think it must have been os-level (i run pop_os, derived from ubuntu) - but appimages silently stopped working. double-click, nothing. finally i looked in the log out of desparation, which said ‘appimages require fuse’.

more accurately, appimages require fuse 2 and the os had just upgraded to fuse 3. the fix is to heat-seek libfuse2, and don’t mess with any other fuse-related package as things can start wrecking themselves:

sudo apt install libfuse2

originally seen on an omgubuntu post

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i’d never heard of this concept! i have a disorganized stack of markdown files - notes, to-do and packing lists - that this looks ideal to tame

Reddit Threatens to Remove Moderators From Subreddits Continuing Apollo-Related Blackouts (www.macrumors.com)

As some subreddits continue blackouts to protest Reddit's plans to charge high prices for its API, Reddit has informed the moderators of those subreddits that it has plans to replace resistant moderation teams to keep spaces "open and accessible to users."...

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against which kitchen pots have proven surprisingly useful elsewhere. against all odds

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