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A fresh take on photo sharing, powered by ActivityPub federation.

Smile 😁 #pixelfed #fedi22

Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#pixelfed:matrix.org
Discord: https://discord.gg/MHvDHaSzmc

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Inspired by @Mastodon, admins will soon see a warning message when a new release is available!

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✨ Ever find yourself struggling to remember the email linked to your Pixelfed account?

Worry no more. ✨

Our intuitive reminder service swiftly sends a notification to your registered email, ensuring you always know the right credentials to log in.

Now Available!

(Admins: You can disable this, and set rate limits so you don't go over your email quota)


Pixelfed Forgot Email screen
Pixelfed Account Email Reminder email message

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⚠️ Why am I seeing this post?

Tap the 3 dots menu, then "Why you're seeing this post"

If you see posts in your home feed from accounts you do not follow, it's because you follow a hashtag used in that post!

Please boost this PSA!

Pixelfed app with menu open
Pixelfed app with an explanation of why I'm seeing this post
Pixelfed app photography hashtag feed

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✨ Hello WebP2P!

Admins can now enable WebP2P support for Video!

This allows you to distribute and cache videos among users, reducing the load on the origin and accelerating content delivery!

Big thanks to the pioneering work of @peertube and the funding by @NGIZero

https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/pull/4713 🎉

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✨ What Sup?

We're gearing up for the public beta release of Sup - the open source fediverse instant messenger

Our main app is being prepared for App Store submission, next up is Sup 😎

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✨ Solo by Pixelfed

We've been secretly building a single user federated photo sharing server (based on Pixelfed), with minimal setup, and built-in import

Solo is simple, download the code, drag your photos to the media directory and open your browser

So simple, yet super smart, Solo won't get in your way, but it will impress

Launching Oct 2023

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Moderation is not an afterthought in Groups! ✨

Group admins will have several moderation tools, along with an admin-only audit log and roles for moderators!

Pixelfed Group interaction audit log

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⚡ ActivityPub development made easy

Our PubKit service now has an official website, and will be launching early next month!


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@HarkMahlberg It's free and will be open source so you can use locally or host on your own server!

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✨ Better Comments

We're making it easier to view and interact with comments in our mobile app without leaving the feed!

Comment threading and auto linking is also much better!

Shipping Soon! 🚀


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✨ People Powered Discovery

Explore our People Directory, a real-time index with thousands of accounts organized by topics and interests

No algorithms or sketchy crawlers, just add to your bio and submit your account in less than 30 seconds ⚡


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✨ Authorized Fetch + Pixelfed

Enforce domain blocks at the federation level with Authorized Fetch, a feature borrowed from our @Mastodon friends.

⚡ Allowlist Mode - Only federate with predefined instances

⚡ Denylist Mode - Federate with all, except banned instances

⚡ Hybrid Mode - Queue activities from unapproved instances, and accept/reject each instance (w/ triggers and custom rules to partially automate this)

Platform safety is crucial to us, and we look forward to shipping this 🚀

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⚡ Heard of @gotosocial ?

GoToSocial provides a lightweight, customizable, and safety-focused entryway into the , you can keep in touch with your friends, post, read, and share images and articles.

Consider instead of Pixelfed if you'd like a safety-focused alternative with text-only post support that is maintained by a stellar developer community!

We ❤️ GtS, check them out!

🌍 https://gotosocial.org/

🔍 https://fedidb.org/software/gotosocial

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