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Happily married. Sharing this life journey with my soul mate. Raised in Fair Lawn, NJ, now So Puget Sound Washington State, via Seattle. PNW. Wagner College, Staten Island, NYC, (BS-Econ) Seattle U (MBA - Accounting). Accountant for environmental restoration non-profit. https://spsseg.org/ I try to capture images that most people just drive past without seeing. I enjoy Photography, Art & Music Photos: https://500px.com/harold_jr
Twitter: @oldredsubby #Weirdfolks

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MarjoleinRotsteeg , to poetry Dutch
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A pleasant surprise! I just found out that one of the haiku I submitted for the annual contest of the Haiku International Association has received an 'honorable mention'. 😃



oldredsubby ,
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@MarjoleinRotsteeg @poetry That is cool! Congratulations!

arratoon , to bookstadon
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I feel seen. Tom Gault in The Guardian. @bookstadon

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    @arratoon @bookstadon some of my most used sites are Abe Books & Powells Books. I understand….

    oldredsubby ,
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    @Narayoni @bookstodon @passenger @kimlockhartga I love rereading books I read years ago. Art feels new again when seen with older eyes..

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