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I post about veganism, animal rights, and growing our activist space in the Fediverse.

Software engineer, interested in SRE

Arch user btw
Vegan btw

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Queens hit song ‘We Are the Champions’ in my eyes is about early adopters of anarchist technologies.

I’m talking about us🥇

We have no time for fascist losers like Spez, Musk, or Zuck, because WE are the champions.

OUR Fediverse lives vibrantly in defiance, as a glimmer for hope in a dying world.

Liberating our speech from corporate control is necessary for a healthy revolution.

Thank you, champion, for traveling with us on this quest for liberty.


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    @CaptObvious I'm glad to see it's immediately been helpful 😄

    nm OP ,
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    @Immersive_Matthew There is a search function available on desktop right above the 'Instance' column.

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    My 2.0 website tool is now available for your anti-fascist viewing pleasure!

    Please share this around so I can finallly go to sleep 😫. I know people wanted to see it.

    Servers not listed just had no readily-available data for me to grab. @technology


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    I just finished my hour-long interview with Oxford University concerning their study of Mastodon and decentralized social media.

    They were especially interested in what we’ve done here at Veganism Social, as we have our own fork with custom features that address common complaints such as content discoverability.

    Veganism Social’s use case was exemplary of the benefits of decentralizion. Our moderation is uniquely anti-speciesist, and the community has a clear purpose beyond ‘general’.

    My analyses of the technological and sociological benefits of decentralization are extensive. I (currently) have a deep understanding of Mastodon’s code-base, and how to use it. I also worked as a software developer for centralized social media, and now moderate a subreddit with 100k members.

    I could not possibly exhaust myself of exhilarating insights to share.

    Surely, the Oxford study will broaden awareness of how decentralized social media will benefit society.

    Next time my wife asks me to stop info-dumping, I’ll banter that Oxford might think it’s worth listening to. 🤭

    They’re sending me an Amazon gift card as compensation, and of course I’m spending it all on candy.

    @technology @Gargron @Mastodon @feditips
    @fediversereport @fediverse

    nm OP ,
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    @otter Thanks for the tip! I just tagged it.

    nm OP ,
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    @The_Picard_Maneuver Absolutely. A positive study from Oxford will do wonders in reaching more people who are likely early-adopters.

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