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♡ im minnie ♡
she/her - 21

my scripts

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minnieo OP ,
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this is not me, it's from pinterest. however i didn't even notice that it was meant to be a sleeve, i thought it was a shirt design. the more you know

minnieo ,
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kinda weird how you went through his account and linked a post like that? his reasoning isn't relevant, it's his choice and trying to make his choice seem contradictory for literally no reason is just....weird..

minnieo ,
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Are you an admin? That whole thing was unnecessary and at worst unprofessional. If dude wants his acc deleted, he doesn't need to be interrogated, especially publicly, on why he wants that. Whether he posts every 5 seconds or not does not matter in the slightest. His reasons are his own and none of our or your business. He wasn't being defensive, he was maintaining his privacy and avoiding the public interrogation that came from a simple question. You chose to try to make his actions look contradictory rather than just doing the task, I'd be a bit salty if I were him, too.

minnieo ,
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I didn't know that, is the account even actually ever deleted then?

minnieo ,
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unrelated but i proudly upvote my own stuff 70% of the time cause i like the illusion of engagement on kbin lol. i dont think anything is wrong with it

minnieo ,
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There needs to be a dedicated place to report this stuff, cause posting a thread about it publicly isn't helpful

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