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I just got a PR merged today that might help with this. I’ll start experimenting with it more over the next week or so.

Basic theory is that I can detect at least lemmy posts in the comment bodies and then rewrite those to your local instance. Primarily question is going to be performance, as remote network calls will be necessary.

marsara9 ,
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Ya if it’s not federated already, I’m thinking the link will just remain as-is? Then comes the question of what happens after federation is complete? Ideally I’m thinking to do these rewrites as the comment containing the link gets federated so it only happens once, but that prevents updates… If I do it during someone looking at the post, then that becomes a lot of network traffic…

Still a lot to plan out initially and then propose to the devs for feedback… So it’ll be awhile still.

Question about Lenny? If instance leaves

If an instance were to leave the fediverse do we loose all its data? Say for example iPad Lenny.ml domain was seized or was forced to shutdown so we loose all communities from that host? Do we not see any posts? Can we still post to it? Seems like a big flaw if we have multiple large instances that can shutdown a significant...

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If an instance goes down (permanently), federation of all of the communities hosted by that instance essentially stop. The content that has already been posted remains but anything new added to those communities only remain on your home instance. The only way for federation to resume is for that instance to come back online with the same domain it started with.

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Think of Lemmy as email. Each post or comment is just an email sent to a distribution group (a community). If your email server goes down, all of those users and distribution groups are gone. Now I’ll still have the emails I sent to you in my email box but you won’t be able to see them as your email server is offline. Sure you could create a new account on a new server but you’d have to tell everyone about your new address (federate) but there’s nothing to associate your old user with your new one and there’s no way to backfill data. I could reply-all or forward (comment) on to your new address but there’s still no way to associate those old posts with your new account.

A new way to search for communities (www.search-lemmy.com)

I keep see people complaining about not being able to find active communities that match their interests. So I’ve added a new feature to www.search-lemmy.com that allows you to search posts for a particular topic and then it tells you which communities have the most posts matching your search query....

marsara9 OP ,
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Correct. As I can only provide links to posts that are on your selected home instance. Eventually I’ll change this but you’ll get a 404 page for links that aren’t on your home instance, but see my P.S. below.

P.s. there have been changes to the Lemmy API that have prevented me from getting updates for about a month now. So most of the results you’re seeing are from old posts only. Until I can rebuild the crawler or find a new API there won’t be any new content.

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