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A little bit of computing and a little bit of neuroscience.


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Arataka , to random
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Is https://firefish.social usually so slow? Was looking to see how things changed since I last heard about it and man that instance is SUPER slow to load everything, is this an instance issue or a firefish issue?

maegul ,
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@Arataka at the moment it seems to be a dead instance. Too many problems too often with an admin distracted by other things now and not actively maintaining the instance.

Unless there’s contrary information and I’m out of the loop I’d say stay away and consider firefish to be a bit more hype than it’s worth. Other Misskey forks are out there.

maegul ,
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@Arataka yep I’ve heard others talk about sharkey too.

Blahaj devs are moving to sharkey I think which is probably a good sign.

Don’t know where iceshrimp is up to but it’s still being worked on AFAIU.

TBH it would be nice if a major misskey fork for English/western-lang speakers could be settled on and provide a stable alternative on the Fedi. Hopefully the effect of firefish will be to have established awareness.

BoydStephenSmithJr , to random
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Hey, experts. Is there is simple way to Boost a Kbin/Lemmy post I like onto my ?

I know I can look up the / poster on my Mastodon instance and boost from their timeline.

But, that's a bit difficult, I have to translate the KBin/Lemmy user URL into a remote Mastodon user URL, and then I have to manually match up the KBin post URL with the contents of a toot in the timeline.

maegul ,
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Hmm ... not sure you have to do all of that ... if you find the post on your masto instance you should be able to just boost that.

Otherwise, yes, there is a painfully lacking degree of interop. From what I've gathered, mastodon needs to do better at representing group based structures. Lemmy/kbin federate just fine, but masto can't represent and manage the content in any way that is useful, which is hampering the growth of the fedi IMO.

maegul ,
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@BoydStephenSmithJr Well, that's just the lemmy post. Boost it directly if you like.

In truth, it's not the original lemmy post, but that's normal on the fediverse ... all posts from instances other than our own are duplicated on our instance with interactions and replies synced, often, as you may have discovered incompletely.

alter_kaker , to updates
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So I'm working on starting a instance and I have some very cool expressions of interest, but let me tell you, this outlandish, hyperbolic is very discouraging. I would not be able to handle getting caught up in this type of stuff without major support.

Anyway, I feel like the only thing approaching a solution is real for instances big, small, and medium-sized.

What are some (technical, social) frameworks that have been tried so far?

maegul ,
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The approach might be of interest to you.

They have documentation here: https://community.hachyderm.io/docs/

maegul , to random
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Oh man ... having been on / recently, which have proper threading of discussions (including options to sort by multiple metrics and collapse the tree at any point) ...

... and then trying to read through a long thread on ... 🤢

maegul , to random
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I think fedidb is picking up two different endpoints of the same kbin instance as distinct instances?


That is kbin.social and media.kbin.social

maegul , to fediverse
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So most of the new growth was taken up by mastodon.social ... right?

https://fedidb.org/software/mastodon ... which doesn't provide recent numbers by time, but does if you go into individual instances, such as mastodon.world, where you can see user growth mainly occurred on mastodon.social.

I imagine some users have also returned, bumping MAU but perhaps a little more distributed.

Along with lemmy.world, it looks like "centralisation" is relatively natural.

@fediverse @fediversenews

maegul , to fediversenews
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So, I think I've dug as deeply into the drama as I need to, and settled on some conclusions.

  • Most basically, the best insights came from seeing conversations on another platform: discord.

Admins from both sides were talking. And as it's a chat platform, the engagement and conversation was clearly more direct, free, expressive and clarifying.

If the fediverse wants to be the new internet, seriously, it needs to growup and move on from just microblogging.


maegul OP ,
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  • Following from the value of discord ... inter-instance and inter-admin communication and conflict resolution (which was happening on discord!) seems to just not be a thing on the fediverse technologically and culturally.

As things scale, this is likely to become more of an issue, especially as the users are also disconnected from their admins to an extent, so the whole thing is inorganically disconnected with probably many failure points.

But surely tech can help.


maegul OP ,
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  • My general take is that the conflict/drama was actually about not the things people were talking about (as is often the case unfortunately). I think it was a culture clash that wasn't really understood, articulated or acknowledged by either side.

The clash, was over a few qualities.
Hachyderm is process driven and run by a co-op. It is probably slow and discussion based. The blocking instances/admins are quick and active and more happy to judge harshly for advocacy.


maegul OP ,
@maegul@hachyderm.io avatar


Hachyderm is culturally a probably a bit more white, wealthy/priveleged and techy which can sometimes lead to less sensitive and more expressive language.

The blocking instances are very happy to use defederation/limiting as a form of advocacy or action, seem to not care about process as much, and are culturally more on the look out for bad actors to the point of happily over-reacting.

Combined with bad communication channels and habits, a fire can start from that.


maegul OP ,
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  • There's also a little bit of open-public-web v cozy-safe-web in this conflict.

Going back to my reflection on discord, and the various trends on the fediverse, I question the value of pursuing the cozy-web with defederation as a weapon.

The microblogging-fediverse may very well be a poor place to build a cozy-save-web if weird dramas like this can break out (see, eg, https://hachyderm.io/@maegul/110273663194272091#).

It's public, indexable, and decentralised+federated = potential conflict


maegul OP ,
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  • Ultimately, the slower process-discussion driven admin of hachyderm seems more appropriate for the current and growing fediverse.

Defederation as a means of communication / conflict-resolution is almost certainly a bad idea at a certain scale, as it's poor conflict resolution, causes negative social side-effects and may discredit the cause. (ATM, it seems no real mediatory admin-admin communication took place prior to the block).


maegul OP ,
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  • A major side-effect of defederation-as-conflict-resolution is it creates a force of re-centralisation.

Users are mostly blind to these issues as they boil until a dramatic event occurs.

They don't identify with either side, even if they understand it, and yet suffer consequences (eg, de-fed, reputation, etc).

So they move instance, to the large/central one that is unlikely to get blocked and even so it wouldn't matter cuz everyone's there. People proposed this!


maegul OP ,
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  • Blindness and confusion was a major aspect of the drama. Whether claims/accusations had any substance (or "receipts") was a point of contention. Most heard about drama without knowing anything. Escape rooms are less mysterious than this drama!

In my attempts to dig things up, I found more claims, hearsay, vague accusations, impressions and guesses than anything concrete.

Only on the discord were "receipts" presented. is foggy: much is very well hidden.


maegul OP ,
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  • The "drama" isn't over. Because it's a process, and that's a good thing.

is currently reviewing their rules (and were prior to the blocks) and has always (it seems) invited feedback, participation and being pushed to be better.

They seemed a little salty that there wasn't more engagement in that philosophy (rather than blocks), and as you can guess, I appreciate the sentiment.


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