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They could get a .ck domain instead and move to queer.as.fu.ck, no?

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Worst hypothesis they just need to mess around a bit. For example I don't think that queerasfu.ck would be registered.

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Damn, that's sad. Thank you for the info.

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I've seen even people in their 40s using them. I don't think that it's a big deal, or that it's too late for that.

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Another important detail is that Digg v4 pissed off most of the userbase, so the impact was pretty much immediate. Reddit APIcalypse pissed off only power users instead; the impact will only come off later (sadly likely past IPO).

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Lunix sucks so much that it got stuck into the version 2 for years.

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It's the Sex update! They actually released it! The mad devs!

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Neither, but if I must choose it's probably slightly more like muscle than like cartilage. If prepared properly it's really soft and a bit chewy, distantly reminding me meat from stews.

(That reminds me a local pub that prepares some fucking amazing breaded and deep-fried tripe. Definitively not doing it at home - it spills and bubbles the oil like crazy.)

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Dunno in Brazil as a whole but at least in my city, school uniforms are default. They're simply taken for granted, not a "conservative vs. liberal" matter. Each school picks its own, but it usually boils down to a shirt, baggy pants, and a jacket (most schools cut you some slack on really cold days to swap it with a warmer one).

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I usually twist this into "memento mori, quoque uiuere" (remember [that you'll] die, also [that you'll] live).

Like, not trying to become worm food full of regrets is nice and dandy, but remember that you'll suffer the consequences of a few of your actions while you're still alive.

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Most "rules of thumb" become awful advice when used indiscriminately.

People assign slightly different meanings to the same words. You need to acknowledge this to understand what they say.

Words also change meaning depending on the context.

When you still don't get what someone else said, it's often more useful to think that you're lacking a key piece of info than to assume that the other person does.

Hell is paved with good intentions. This piece of advice is popular, but still not heard enough.

Related to the above: if someone in your life is consistently rushing towards conclusions, based on little to no information, minimise the impact of that person in your life.

Have at least one recipe using leftovers of other recipes. It'll reduce waste.

Alcohol vinegar is bland, boring, and awful for cooking. But it's a great cleaning agent.

Identify what you need to keep vs. throw away. Don't "default" this indiscriminately, analyse it on a per case basis.

The world does not revolve around your belly button and nature won't "magically" change because of your feelings.

You can cultivate herbs in a backyard. No backyard? Flower pots. No flower pots? Old margarine pot. (Check which herbs grow well where you live.)

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It isn't "Hangul" that is saving the language, but the fact that it's getting an orthography. That orthography could be theoretically in any writing system - not just Latin or Arabic (both already exist for Cia-Cia, contrariwise to what the video claims), but even a native one or Cyrillic or even, dunno, the Cherokee syllabary.

Abidin looks informed on the matter; the same cannot be said about whoever produced this video. I'll highlight a few issues.

[0:33] - pretty much all languages are "syllable-based". They organise sounds into syllables. The video is likely trying to convey that it's a CV (consonant, vowel, repeat) language, unlike, say, Russian or English (that cram quite a lot of consonants in a single syllable).

[0:36] The video is trying to use "transliterated" as a posh synonym for "spelled"; both are not the same thing. Transliteration is to convert text from a script from another; for example, "Quis credis esse, Bellum?" (Latin, using the Latin script) → "Кўис кредис ессе, Беллум?" (Latin, using the Cyrillic script instead) is transliteration.

And you can spell pretty much any language in any writing system. The association between grapheme and sounds (or phonemes) is arbitrary.

You might say "but the Latin alphabet doesn't have a letter for /ɓ/!" - well, it doesn't have a letter for /ʃ/ either. Italian handled it by spelling it ⟨sci⟩, English as ⟨sh⟩, Polish as ⟨sz⟩, Portuguese kind of repurposed ⟨x⟩. And the current Latin spelling for Cia-Cia - that you can check here - handled /ɓ/ just fine, using a similar approach as the Hangul one.

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Mine are "lol" and "lmao". I get what they originally meant, and I get why most people use them nowadays. It's just that they often signal "I have nothing to contribute, but still expect people to read my crap".

As a second (third?) place, "WYSIWYG". If you're going to coin such verbose acronym, might as well sub it with an actual word, like, dunno, "transparent".

EDIT - "lol" = "lots of laughs", "lmao" = "laughing my arse off", "WYSIWYG" = "what you see is what you get".

EDIT2: as another poster correctly pointed out, "lol" also originally meant "laughing out loud". Perhaps even more than "lots of laughs".

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What else is it supposed to be?

  • fear the whales - because sharks are not enough.
  • ferry the warriors - how else will they reach Hades?
  • fuck the West - yes, I had to politicise this.
  • feed the woodpeckers - hipster version of granny throwing popcorn to the pigeons.
  • feel the wetness - this is sounding like porn already.
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Some of the assets look clearly similar to the ones in Stardew Valley, while some are completely different. It's... interesting to see.

I love the idea of backyard chickens. My parents got some in my childhood; and it allows you to get farming mechanics in a non-farm game.

Authentic cat toy recommendations?

Great news! About to adopt a new cat!! Super excited and can't get to get her (pictures to come). Although I want to prepare the house with some toys and stuff for the cat to play with and enjoy. What has worked well for you? Any toys in particular? Cat trees worth it? Hit me with your best recommendations! 😻

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The five missing ones are:

  1. Acknowledge the central point.
  2. Thou shalt not soapbox.
  3. Thou shalt not decontextualise what others say.
  4. Thou shalt not claim intentions to defend thine or someone else's actions.
  5. Thou shalt not convey "I disagree" through feigned lack of understanding.

Bonus: the original version of the 8th was

  1. Thou shalt not claim with certainty things that you do not know for certain.

The current 8th (Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour) is a forgery. Some assumer got called out over and over because of the older 8th, since he really liked to make shit up, so he restricted it into near uselessness. Source: I'm Lucifer, I know it. :^)

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Given that I stole this from a programming community, it shouldn't be too far off from true.

(Caveat lector: I'm not in the IT industry but I'm often messing with bash scripts and decompiled python code.)

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If I were to discipline my cats by picking them up, one of them would be exactly like in this pic. The other would be tearing my arms apart with the claws of her back legs.

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Even here in South America, depending on the region, they're invasive.

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Let's go simpler: what if your instance was allowed to copy the fed/defed lists from other instances, and use them (alongside simple Boolean logic plus if/then statements) to automatically decide who you're going to federate/defederate with? That would enable caracoles and fedifams for admins who so desire, but also enable other organically grown relations.

For example. Let's say that you just joined the federation. And there are three instances that you somewhat trust:

  • Alice - it defederates only really problematic instances.
  • Bob and Charlie - both are a bit prone to defederate other instances on a whim, but when both defed the same instance it's usually problematic.

Then you could set up your defederation rules like this:

  • if Alice defed it, then defed it too.
  • else, if (Bob defed it) and (Charlie defed it), then defed it too.
  • else, federate with it.

Of course, that would require distinguishing between manual and automatic fed/defed. You'd be able to use the manual fed/defed from other instances to create your automatic rules, to avoid deadlocks like "Alice is blocking it because Bob is blocking it, and Bob is blocking it because Alice is doing it".

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Just because the bigotry is aimed at old People doesn’t make it cool.

I get your point and I partially agree with it, but note that there's a big difference between old people and people from racial groups in USA (based on your references): the later are marginalised groups.

...for keeping the rhyme, perhaps "Doom-like shoot and boom"? Lots of exploding enemies in Doom, but no boomer reference.

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Do tell me more of how Old People are not the target of discrimination¹, yout'².

You're 1) distorting what I said, and 2) being an assumer.

Discrimination can happen against any group. However, it's considerably worse when it's geared towards marginalised groups, as they have less ways to deal with it. That makes your analogy with a racial group (black people) a lot flawed.

Note, I do not think that insults against old people are "cool". However they're considerably less worse than insults towards black people.

The links that you've posted - that you clearly didn't even bother to read yourself - are evidence of discrimination in a very specific environment (workplace). They are not evidence of marginalisation.

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Finally, some actual argumentation. Enough to convince me, at least - specially the first paragraph.

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At the very least, I'd recommend you:

  • gloves - because you'll get really close to that gross shit. You don't want to touch it.
  • a sponge - it doesn't need to be new; your old kitchen sponge is enough, just don't use it again in the kitchen. Use the yellow side to spread the cleaning agent, and the green side to remove obnoxious grime stuck to something. (Do it gently, and only with a really old sponge, to avoid scratching the surface.)
  • a bucket - mostly to mix some soap and water.
  • a dry rag - mostly for finishing/drying. A cringey old shirt that you won't be using again is usually enough.
  • toilet brush - don't use the sponge to clean inside the toilet bowl; you'll be spreading the bacteria from your shit and piss to the rest of the restroom.

Everyone has the cleaning agents that they swear upon, so look for something that works for you. For me it's

  • alcohol vinegar - to get rid of that brown crust in the sink (water in my city is hard as a brick) and around the shower drain. I usually apply it, wait a few minutes, then use the sponge to scrub it a bit. Then I remove the vinegar with the rag.
  • bleach - exclusively used inside the toilet bowl. I squish some bleach there, then scrub it with the toilet brush, then flush it off, making sure that there's no bleach behind.
  • disinfecting agent - I squish a bit of that inside the toilet bowl and just leave it there. It smells good, and it gets rid of the bacteria.
  • an ammonium-based cleaning agent - I squish it on obvious grime on the walls (except the above), then scrub it with the sponge.
  • soap and water - to "wash" the walls with the sponge.
  • plain water with some disinfecting agent - to rinse it. Then I just remove the excess water with the rag and let the restroom to dry naturally (with closed doors otherwise my cats will step on the bathroom, step outside, and now I got to clean the bathroom again plus the corridor and furniture).

Important detail: do not mix any two of the cleaning agents that I've mentioned. Specially not ammonium and bleach.

For reference, the disinfecting agent that I use is called "pinho sol", but I have no idea if it's sold outside Brazil. You probably have some similar product wherever you live.

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Oh "great", more crap between Ctrl and Alt.

[Grumpy grandpa] In my times, the space row only had five keys! And we did more than those youngsters do with eight, now nine keys!

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Complexity does not mean sophistication when it comes to AI and never has and to treat it as such is just a forceful way to make your ideas come true without putting in the real effort.

It's a bit off-topic, but what I really want is a language model that assigns semantic values to the tokens, and handles those values instead of directly working with the tokens themselves. That would be probably far less complex than current state-of-art LLMs, but way more sophisticated, and require far less data for "training".

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Not quite. I'm focusing on chatbots like Bard, ChatGPT and the likes, and their technology (LLM, or large language model).

At the core those LLMs work like this: they pick words, split them into "tokens", and then perform a few operations on those tokens, across multiple layers. But at the end of the day they still work with the words themselves, not with the meaning being encoded by those words.

What I want is an LLM that assigns multiple meanings for those words, and performs the operations above on the meaning itself. In other words the LLM would actually understand you, not just chain words.

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The source that I've linked mentions semantic embedding; so does further literature on the internet. However, the operations are still being performed with the vectors resulting from the tokens themselves, with said embedding playing a secondary role.

This is evident for example through excerpts like

The token embeddings map a token ID to a fixed-size vector with some semantic meaning of the tokens. These brings some interesting properties: similar tokens will have a similar embedding (in other words, calculating the cosine similarity between two embeddings will give us a good idea of how similar the tokens are).

Emphasis mine. A similar conclusion (that the LLM is still handling the tokens, not their meaning) can be reached by analysing the hallucinations that your typical LLM bot outputs, and asking why that hallu is there.

What I'm proposing is deeper than that. It's to use the input tokens (i.e. morphemes) only to retrieve the sememes (units of meaning; further info here) that they're conveying, then discard the tokens themselves, and perform the operations solely on the sememes. Then for the output you translate the sememes obtained by the transformer into morphemes=tokens again.

I believe that this would have two big benefits:

  1. The amount of data necessary to "train" the LLM will decrease. Perhaps by orders of magnitude.
  2. A major type of hallucination will go away: self-contradiction (for example: states that A exists, then that A doesn't exist).

And it might be an additional layer, but the whole approach is considerably simpler than what's being done currently - pretending that the tokens themselves have some intrinsic value, then playing whack-a-mole with situations where the token and the contextually assigned value (by the human using the LLM) differ.

[This could even go deeper, handling a pragmatic layer beyond the tokens/morphemes and the units of meaning/sememes. It would be closer to what @njordomir understood from my other comment, as it would then deal with the intent of the utterance.]

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Aaaaah. I really, really wanted to complain about the excessive amount of keys.

(My comment above is partially a joke - don't take it too seriously. Even if a new key was added it would be a bit more clutter, but not that big of a deal.)

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It's giving me an error, "Error Finding Entity // Make sure you spelled the entity correctly and that it exists!", when I use my username for lemmy.ml; curiously it works well when I do it for my beehaw.org account.

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Create your account through old.reddit.com; when it asks you for an email, simply press "next". And, if you need an e-mail provider for some other reason, protonmail.com doesn't ask you for your phone number.

That said do you really need a reddit account?

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I heavily recommend this game for people who like VNs or branching narratives. It's a bit light on horror, but extremely enjoyable.

And as the article says, play it first-hand, without seeing any sort of let's play or whatever. The first run is amazing.

I'm not saying anything further because it would be spoilers, and those are a big no for this game.

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If you want, you could use GMail filters to delete those emails automatically. Here's how:

  1. click the engine button (settings), then "see all settings", then "filters and blocked addresses".
  2. click "create a new filter". Add "top of Google search" to the field "has the words", leave other fields blank.
  3. click "create filter", then check the "delete it" box, then "create filter" again.
  4. repeat steps 2-3 for other shit that SEO spam is likely to mention.

Important: never use as a filter anything that legitimate users might reasonably say. Only things that you're fairly certain to come from a spammer.

EDIT: I repeated two steps without noticing it. My bad.

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creating a label and checking the skip invoice box

That works great too, specially if you want to use less foolproof filters. Or even a mix of both strategies.

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Got someone in my family with diabetes type I, and we've been hearing about the "magical" solution coming "soon" since she was diagnosed with it, in her childhood, around 30 years ago.

As such I'll keep what I see as a healthy amount of scepticism towards this piece of news.

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Okay... I think that it's worth to look further at the Twitter comment chain from Josh Fagundes, mentioned in the text.

I'll use the exact same [lack of] reasoning that the author used to "prove" that he's a Nazi. (I don't think that he's a Nazi, mind you; I'm doing this to show how bloody stupid his witch hunting is):

  • Josh 'Anoriand' has 14 characters, including the quotation marks. Coincidence? Perhaps not!
  • Look, I'm not saying it's IMPOSSIBLE that this game wasn't made with ill intent is exactly 14 words. And it's immediately followed by "but 88". Coincidence? Perhaps not!

"Conclusion": I'm going to play it safe and treat Josh Fagundes as a nazi!

...yes, it is that tier of stupid. And if the developers are actually Nazi trying to push a Nazi discourse into the players, Josh is not "denouncing" them. He's actually helping them to push said Nazi discourse, since now they can say "ah, that's just someone being silly. Pay no mind, look at the ridiculous shit that he's using to "prove" that our game is Nazi."

Here's a better approach.

What's "88" in the title conveying to the player, within the context of the game? Through all the screenshots being shared, I've seen it being consistently used to refer to 1988, and nothing else. Is there any other element contextualising it to be interpreted as "heil Hitler" instead of the year?

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Relevant reply from the developer. I'll transcribe it here.

@everyone // Our game "Infestation 88" is set in the 1980s, with the year 1988 chosen simply due to its symmetrical design in the game's artwork/logo. Unfortunately, we were unaware of any additional meaning the number '88' has. However, after learning about this, we're changing the game's name to "Infestation: Origins" We apologize for our ignorance on the and appreciate that this was brought to our attention so we could address it ASAP!

With respect to our Discord server, we also apologize for the current lack of moderation in place, and will be working on remedying this ASAP. As per the rules, any hateful speech or content in any regard will result in a ban. We also plan to update our FAQ soon when we have a chance to address common questions that pop up. We greatly appreciate your patience and support!

@here Due to the overwhelming number of posts and rule-breaking content, we're temporarily pausing discussion until we have better moderation in place. We hope to have things back online soon! Thank you again for your patience.

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More like "tankie user defends basic reading comprehension".

What Josh is doing here is witch hunting like a moron. That only helps the Nazi by giving them a believable cover.

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Not the point. “Infestation” + 88 + gassing vermin is absolutely not comparable to the mental gymnastics you just vomited out as an example.

You didn't read the Twitter thread that I've linked, right? Do it. It's actually way worse mental gymnastics than my shitty example. ("1-4 players = Nazi dogwhistle" tier.)

Even if the developer was truly this oblivious, it would still not change the issue of it, and the Nazis that posted on their Discord for so long were clearly proof of that as well.

Give this a check. The developers are changing the name of the game, and addressing the Discord server by pausing discussions there until they get better moderation.

EDIT: by the way you're already doing less worse than he did. At least you're trying to connect discursive elements, like "gassing vermin", instead of doing conspiracy shit tier things like "they're active from 2010 to 2024! That must be a sign of an enemy Stand 14 words!". And the fact that you called me a "tankie" shows that you at least checked my profile to see if I was potentially a Nazi, seriously, props for that.

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Well sure, but people use dog whistles so it’s important to recognize them.

Fascists don't need to use dogwhistles to call each other. And they often don't use them, specially not the best known dogwhistles - because it's like saying "I'm a fascist lololol please kick my arse!".

As such, when you look for dogwhistles, you're bound to get

  • lots of false positives - someone being mislabelled a fascist because they used the same symbol to convey something else;
  • lots of false negatives - fascists slipping past your radar, because they didn't use the dogwhistles that you trained yourself to identify

It's simply not a good way to find and get rid of them. Unlike looking at what they're saying "in the big picture"; that's always reliable because they need to convey their shitty discourses if they want to spread them.

Context can be important but sometimes it’s subtle

Context is always important. And as a general rule (not failproof): if you're actively looking for the context and it's still too subtle for you, then odds are that it's too subtle for the fascists to get it too.

(Note: I'm talking about "fascists" here but it also applies to other shitty groups of people.)

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I'm not surprised that you didn't get it.

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I got your examples, but tone down your nationalistic bubbling - fascism is a global issue, and yet you're framing it specifically into USA politics, as if other users were necessarily expected to be American.

In part because they are generally too chicken shit to say anything.

It's because they're generally too chicken shit that they avoid dogwhistles, and actually say it - using a dogwhistle actually increases their odds to be detected and called out.

Here's a real example of that, from Reddit's r/againsthatesubreddits.

TW: transphobia

This thread links a lot of transphobic replies to a r/trueunpopularopinion thread called "Pronouns should not be enforced as they are now."

When you look at what the users say, on a discursive level, you find "wonderful"[/sarcasm] things like this:

If my name is Phil and has always been Phil, and you flip a switch on your head to decide that it is your human right I call you Joe, you are not a victim when I am naturally confused, all you are is schizophrenic.)

The user is clearly associating trans people and changing one's social identity with mental illness, that's transphobic per excellence. And yet the nearest of a dogwhistle that you could claim is that he used the word "schizophrenic".

Should we take "schizophrenic" as a dogwhistle? Well, then let's put Mayo Clinic as potential spiritual successor to Mein Kampf. [/sarcasm]

And if someone says "Mayo Clinic doesn't have the context to read it as a dogwhistle" - if you're already going to use the context to dictate meaning, might as well ditch the concept of dogwhistle, and look for what they say.

And while there are “false positives”, those are almost all immediately resolved with “yo dog. Uhm… I get you are in your mid 30s but you may want to stop putting your birth year in posts” and a “… holy fuck. Fucking nazis”.

From my experience, that is far from true. Those people finding false positives will usually insist that the other is a Nazi, to the point of irrationality. Often doing things like I criticised Josh Fagundes (check the Twitter link in the OP) doing, and trying to justify their false positive as a true positive by grasping at straws.

It's like witch hunting - once you get labelled a witch, it doesn't really matter if you're a witch or not, you're going to be treated as one.

As for “false negatives”: Okay? Some fascists will be undetected with or without acknowledging their “super secret code” of dog whistling.

"Some"? No. More like "a lot of fascists". Because you're looking for a super secret code while they're saying things in the open.

Also, note that trying to decrease the amount of false negatives will increase the amount of false positives, and vice versa. So those issues are interconnected.

EDIT: about your example:

“yo dog. Uhm… I get you are in your mid 30s but you may want to stop putting your birth year in posts” and a “… holy fuck. Fucking nazis”.

That is not how it usually happens. It's usually like this:

  • [Alice] you put a 88 in your posts, so I you're probably a Nazi. Fuck off Nazi.
  • [Bob] No, that's my birth year. ...holy fuck, fucking nazis. I'm removing the "88".
  • [Alice] Trying to hide yourself, Bob the Nazi? I'm not stupid! (implied: "I can't be wrong!")
  • [Charlie] Alice said that Bob is a Nazi who uses 88 dogwhistles. He's probably a Nazi.
  • [Dan] Alice and Charlie said that Bob is a Nazi. Both. He's a Nazi for sure. (implied: ad populum fallacy)

You see a low-key version of that in this very thread, with Josh being a low-key version of Alice.

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He's clearly a witch. I'm going to denounce him. Right now.

  • "avater" has six letters. "lemmy" and "world" have five each, suspiciously close to six. His username is almost a literal 666.
  • "I had an 88 in my old email address back in the days cause you know I’m born 1988" has the exact letters, in the right order, that allow you to spell "heil [name of the devil]".
  • He wrote the number "8" four times. Eight symbolises new beginnings, regeneration, and resurrection; he's signalising to be full converted to satanism.
  • He's German. You know how Germany is known as? Birthplace of Protestantism, one of the major heresies against Christianity. How much do you bet that he worships Luther, Mammon, Calvin and Asmodeus???
  • Being German also means that he's from the same place as that witchcraft band called Faun. I bet that he already heard Walpurgisnacht on the radio. Perhaps he even likes the band. Or did no effort to call them out. (If you sit with witches then you're a witch too)

There are simply too many obvious signs of him being a witch. Sure, one or another might be coincidence, but all of them?

I hope that someone publish this in a sensationalist news site. Then other people will find further evidence that he's a witch.

He could prove his innocence, though. Witches float, honest people sink, so w could put a 20kg stone around his neck and throw him into the river. Of course he won't accept it, witches do not want to be outed as witches.

By the way, anyone trying to defend him is just trying to cover a witch. They're probably dancing partners in the Hexennacht (German for "the devil child-eating ritual")


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You're really, really craving for attention, aren't you?

...usually I don't bother with this idiotic "I dun unrurstand lol lmao XD haha" conveying "I expect you to waste your time explaining obvious shit over and over while I pretend to not understand what you say". But since I'm in a really good mood, just this once I'll bite. I don't think that you're able to follow either, but other users will and I think that this is a good example of the problem with witch hunters.

"But gassing vermin!!11 Infestation! lol" - then find some elements prompting the player to conflate the vermin with Jewish people, or any other victim of the Holocaust. Things like this:

  • Is the player's avatar dressed in a way reminiscent of the Schutzstaffel? No. Compare this with this.
  • Are the rooms recognisably similar to gas chambers used in the Holocaust? No. (inb4 "bUt BoTh ArE CrEePy LoL" is grasping at straws)
  • Does the vermin in question resemble a caricature Jewish person? No; it's Mickey Bloody Mouse dammit. And from other screenshots you have a moth and some tumour thing too.
  • Posters painting fascist slogans, symbols, or discourses in a positive light? So far I saw none.
  • et cetera.

Do it. Find those elements. Or elements that are similar in spirit. The burden of the proof is in the one claiming the connection, in this case you.

Without those elements, gassing vermin is simply gassing vermin, and the one creating the association between vermin and Jewish people is you, not the devs.

"88 gives it context" - nope. You need to link them. If they were showing that 88 with fireworks right after you got rid of a rat, then perhaps it would give you the context to interpret that rat as a Jewish person.

Also worth repeating that this association is undesirable for the developers, as shown by the fact that they changed the name of the game to "Infestation: Origins". But hey, this contradicts your assumption, and it prevents you from rolling in certainty like a pig would roll in filth, so it gets "conveniently" (dishonestly) ignored, right?

The above is already enough to address your idiotic point. But I'll go further, because I'm predicting that you're going to grasp at straws.

"But the Discord..." - they already paused discussions there until they get better moderation; that shows that they do not condone whatever was happening there. (They probably got some nazi with the same sort of reading comprehension as you [zero] assuming that he was in good company.)

"But all those pieces of evidence in Twitter! So many things, it must be a sure sign!" The "evidence" being shared there is ridiculous:

counting the space "Infestation 88" is 14 keystrokes.

This is numerology tier idiocy.

[associating TG·44 SST with STG 44, one of the assault rifles used by the Nazi in the war]

Yeah, sure - pick anything written, shuffle it enough, omit some characters, be very accepting on what you're matching it with, and you'll get whatever you want out of it.

And, rewatching the trailer, the found footage section is October 13, 1988 // Meaning the date would end in 13/88, which is SUSPICIOUSLY close, especially if you would be playing AFTER this point.

Not only "13 is close to 14, this must be a sign of an enemy Stand!" is already a silly stretch on its own, but the date being displayed in the picture doesn't even follow that idiotic M/D/Y order. It's displayed in Y/M/D (1988 Oct, 13). Good motherfucking luck associating 88/10/13 with 14/88.

"1-4 players, in 88, taking on an "outbreak of vermin in various locations"."

This was as a reply to a screenshot showing In the year 1988, what was thought to be an outbreak of vermin in varioues locations morphed into something far more sinister. Infestation 88 is an episodic, 1-4 player co- [cut off]

...do I really need to highlight how fucking stupid this is? 1-4 players is fairly common in games, and the text in the screeshot does no effort to align that "1-4" in a way that you'd read "1-4 88". The one doing it is actually Fagundes himself.

Theyve [SIC] been creating horror games since 2010. But at the bottom, copyright 2024. // 14 year difference.

More numerology tier crap.

Yup. There is a REASON to use THIS public domain character, and it ain't a good one.

As a reply to "Let's also not forget Disney himself was an anti-Semite."

If the devs are supposed to be anti-Semite, then why the hell would they represent the brainfart of an anti-Semite as the enemy???

lvxferre ,
@lvxferre@lemmy.ml avatar

Thankfully we agree. That only reinforces that he is indeed a witch. I'll grab my pitchfork too!

(in the meantime nobody pays attention to my username being literally "lucifer" with a broken grammar.)

lvxferre ,
@lvxferre@lemmy.ml avatar

You wanted me to explicitly address your point; I did, and now you're losing your marbles over the fact that I did??? Also, look up what "straw man" means, as you're clearly ignorant on that.


My sides went into orbit. Congratulations for shooting your own foot.

What were you saying back then again? Something about "Tankie user defends obvious Nazi dog whistles."? Well, guess what - you just used a Nazi dog whistle.

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