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Threads vs microblogs?

Does anyone have any advice on whether to use or when you're looking to say, start a discussion about a topic on ? Is there an etiquette for what option is best? Or do people just pick depending on their mood (having a Twitter vs a Reddit sort of a day)?

jcb2016 , avatar

If you want a twitter like experience where everything is just talking and people responding use post on kbin just like twitter. If you want threads where people upvote and downvote like Reddit use threads. Some people like Some people like both that’s why they have a kbin account. I’m only using lemmy more often cause of the wider selection of third party apps, my home is kbin thought!

jcb2016 , avatar

3p apps are dead to reddit. Why do you guys keep trying? u/spez isn’t going to change his mind all of a sudden

e: Time to go back to my android fulltime. Putting on charger and putting in sim card 😁

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