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One of the hardest things for me to grasp last year was that gender is truly an artifact of colonialism for those subject to it from the 1400s (until today, It's not like it's stopped, it's just approved by IMF and the World Bank now).

I think what makes it hard (or scary) is that if it always existed in European and proto-European lives, are we doomed to live with it because of the inability of European society to acknowledge its role in the current affects of the world? Like Britain holds the stance that slavery was good and historians (I'm blanking on his name) contributed to the void of knowledge that's commonly understood of the Americas and Africa prior to their invasion and waves of genocide (talk to the Red Nation before your britches get in a bunch).

It's wild to me because, as a Black person in America, it's such an intertwined aspect of the "culture" and has been such a strong weapon in exacerbating property rights (to the point where women were allowed to bank in the US since 1974).

It's like "well damn". We're taught to assume shit is great which reduces our ability to fight for more (especially if you're closer to being a middle class white man, mobility is guaranteed with conformity to patriarchal alignment in every space - work, home, etc)

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Oh my God! Oh fck! I wake up to this big news and all I can say is fck! I went to bed having read something about Philip K Dick Awards (I can't even remember what I read about it!) and I wake up to learn that my book, Where Rivers Go To Die, has been nominated for this and its a big deal to me and all I can day is f*ck! What a way to start the year!



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@dilmandila @bookstodon yoooo congrats!!!!

(man throw in @blackmastodon let us celebrate you!)

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Its weird to hear someone using Socialist talking points when throwing their support behind Trump.

It's worse when he used to be a BLM leader trying to sound like a revolutionary.

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@majorlinux why did this kinda make me think about Ice Cube? lol

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Okay. This is it. If you reply to this without reading this post then I'll repeat the last paragraph to you.


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"The language of human rights tends to accept a status quo that is intrinsically unjust-and then tries to make it more accountable. But then again, the catch-22 is that violating human rights is integral to the project of neoliberalism and global hegemony" by Arundhati Roy of Things That Can and Cannot Be Said.

Demanding the bare minimum of anything is asking for people who need more who watch you say that to ask for a self condemning state of being. She speaks of human rights and justice and I do think this can be a stroke applied to any form of injustice that exists.

From digital to physical autonomy, the comfort with the bare minimum is the behavior of conformance and that shit kills people.

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From Belly of the Beast regarding The War on Obesity following The War on Drugs.

Confident that the sitting American president has similar bits as a professional segregationist (when it was cool) and a proud co-author of the anti-Black, pro-private-property "Crime" bill of 1994.

These people don't care, haven't cared and can't care: we're not in their orbits.


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    @tokensane @bookstodon I guess. It's definitely one of those circumstances where history collaborates with even spectulation.

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    Went to the local library and I shit you not, on the shelf of new books, next to a book about Photoshop was this one.

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    Today in Labor History August 30, 1948: Fred Hampton revolutionary activist and chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party was born. He founded the antiracist, anti-class Rainbow Coalition, a prominent multicultural political organization that included Black Panthers, Young Patriots (which organized poor whites), and the Young Lords (which organized Hispanics), and an alliance among major Chicago street gangs to help them end infighting and work for social change. In December 1969, the Chicago police & FBI drugged Hampton, shot him and killed him in his bed during a predawn raid. They sprayed more than 90 gunshots throughout his apartment. They also killed Black Panther Mark Clark and wounded several others. In January 1970, a jury concluded that Hampton's and Clark's deaths were justifiable homicides.

    Stephen King refers to Hampton in his novel “11/22/63” (2012). In that book, a character suggests that if you could travel back in time to prevent John F. Kennedy's assassination, it could have a ripple effect that also prevented Hampton's assassination.


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    @MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon Stephen King is sorely wrong about that (and that's one of the biggest issues using authors with weak racial analysis as a quoting source).

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    I have no idea if this book is any good. I just know that it's older than my mom AND dad (50s). @bookstodon

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