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I’m a communist 😈


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Return to buttons. This “infotainment” fad is seriously dangerous.

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Firefox on Android with U Block Origin. Can watch in 720p and even listen to audio while in another tab. Stop using apps folks!

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Russia Takes Its Ukraine Information War Into Video Games


Propaganda is appearing in and other popular games and discussion groups as the tries to win over new audiences.


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This is completely ridiculous.

In Minecraft, the immersive game owned by Microsoft, Russian players re-enacted the battle for Soledar, a city in Ukraine that Russian forces captured in January, posting a video of the game on their country’s most popular social media network, VKontakte.

These authors clearly know nothing about Minecraft. Wow, some nationalists re-enacted a battle on their private Minecraft server. Woe is the world! All of Minecraft has been infected by Russian dezinformatsiya!

A channel on the Russian version of World of Tanks, a multiplayer warfare game, commemorated the 78th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in May with a recreation of the Soviet Union’s parade of tanks in Moscow in 1945. On Roblox, the popular gaming platform, a user created an array of Interior Ministry forces in June to celebrate the national holiday, Russia Day.

Defeating the Nazis is good, actually. And commemorating that is also good, actually.

Yes, we live in the Information Age. We’ve been living in it for decades now, NYT. Nationalist zealots are going to post. They’re going to make reactionary content. It’s nothing new.

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This phenomenon is a couple years old. Completely delusional people who believe in “elite gender inversion.” They think all famous people are transgender. Judeo bolshevism of the 21st century.

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This meme is from the future, so it’s a bit difficult to understand. Libs won’t understand until 2025.

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Name two social housing projects built by the Democrats in the past ten years.

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The point is the word “tankie” is quickly becoming as vague and useless as “woke”. Mearsheimer and Chomsky get called tankie nowadays for crying out loud. In three years when the USA Gulf of Tonkins itself in the Taiwan Strait, people are going to call you a tankie for dodging the draft!

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