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My name is Jolanta and I'm...a vegetarian, "wannabe" vegan and a photographer inspired by nature and ordinary things.

"When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment" — Georgia O'Keeffe — and I want to share this world with you hoping that it makes you smile.

Your support of my artwork is greatly appreciated.

Prints are available on FAA / Pixels websites - https://jolanta-zychlinska.pixels.com/ or on request via DM.

#photography #fineart #wallart

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ionanthosphotography , to 3goodthings group

2024/01/17 @3goodthings

  1. another sunny day, which is not that common at this time of year
  2. wonderful walk - the forest looks magical covered in snow
  3. took my camera with me and photographed a few winter details

ionanthosphotography , to 3goodthings group

2024/01/16 @3goodthings

  1. I have a cold which is not a good thing obviously but I spent a whole day in bed which is quite nice
  2. I watched 1 episode of True Detective. Night Country
  3. and started watching Alias Grace

ionanthosphotography , to 3goodthings group

2024/01/15. @3goodthings

  1. wonderful morning walk despite the snow storm and strong wind
  2. delicious lunch - sweet potato + tofu + tomatoes salad
  3. finished reading the first book this year

ionanthosphotography , to 3goodthings group

2024/02/14 @3goodthings

It was truly silent Sunday.

  1. I took a walk to the forest
  2. l watched a short criminal series on Netflix
  3. evening with a book is ahead of me

ionanthosphotography , to 3goodthings group

2024/01/13 @3goodthings

  1. woke up early
  2. prepared healthy and tasty food for a whole day - since I know I have a high level of glucose I must eat regularly
  3. had a wonderful and long walk to the forest

It's snowing now. I think my walk tomorrow will be even more wonderful :-)

ionanthosphotography OP ,

@nellie_m @3goodthings Thank you.

ionanthosphotography , to bookstodon group

"The Lost Soul" by Olga Tokarczuk and Joanna Concejo.
It's not a book - it's a treasure. The book of few words, beautifully illustrated by Joanna Concejo.
"Tokarczuk and Concejo offer a beautiful, consoling little book that encourages us to let go of the impulse to be perpetually busy, and to make sure we haven’t left our souls behind." —The Calvert Journal


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