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[Advice Needed] Wayland on GTR7 Pro 7940HS/Radeon 780M?

Hey, beautiful people of Linux, I need some advice. I’ve been tinkering for the past several weeks on flavours of Plasma DE on Arch and Tumbleweed on my Nvidia/Alder Lake setup. Suffice to say the experience was nothing short of getting waterboarded in Guantanamo by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity high-fiving each other while...

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I actually have an old laptop with a GTX 780M and a Core i3 3rd Gen running Arch.

When I tried GNOME on it with Fedora, it defaulted to X11 on login when it detected the Nvidia card. However, mine was also an Optimus laptop, and I could mostly always get Wayland working with the iGPU on the Intel. This is how I mostly ran for a year or two without ever using the dGPU.

I need to chuck in a new SSD on that, but I could check it out let you know if anything’s changed in recent years. I don’t think wayland support for older nvidia cards have even been worked on in the last couple of years. There’s work for wayland on newer nvidia cards, but it’s mostly still spotty.

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Oops! I did wonder if it could be non-Nvidia. Oh well

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Awesome, will give this a try on a new Arch install with hypr

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Yep I second this. I’ve been using GNOME, hyprland and sway interchangeably since 2021 Oct on my system as my main DEs. I recently wanted to give Plasma Wayland a try. Was met with multiple crashes, and freezes that required me to long press the power button to reboot to get it working again.

While the new rootless wayland on SDDM worked fine for me, there are several things in Plasma that still don’t yet have support for Wayland. I could never get screen sharing to be reliable on Plasma Wayland, despite having the right portals installed.

GNOME, Sway, and Hyprland are miles ahead in having a stable system on Wayland.

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I know one guy in one of our Telegram chats that simply loves their Android turtle emoji


10 years ago, Google launched the 2nd-gen Nexus 7, and no tablet has captured its magic since ( )

Ten years ago today, Google released the 2nd-generation Nexus 7, just days after a surprise announcement. Back then, Android tablets still felt fresh and exciting. It seemed like anything was possible, and things could only improve from there. Well, we know what happened next. But the depressing state of the tablet market to...

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