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I bet you are reading this message right now from another instance

Hell yeah, reading from a Lemmy instance :D
Fediverse sure is great

Fear of communication gone after switching to lemmy

Hey, I hope it's ok to post something like this here. I just wanted to say thanks for the people here^^ A long time ago I joined Reddit and tried to post, comment and communicate about stuff I liked. Only now I noticed how much I became a lurker over the time because of the negativity at Reddit. Snappy comments, no real feedback...

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Your submission has been removed because your account is too young (requires at least 13 billion positive karma). You're SOL, never come back. You're not welcome


The best way to protest against reddit is simply to not interact with Reddit ( kbin.social )

I see a lot of posts about how they uploaded anti-spez stuff onto reddit, or participated in the nsfw spams/john oliver spams. While I get wanting to let it all out, this ultimately keeps up engagement on reddit rather than bringing it down....

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It's inherently superior to Reddit: it's decentralized (federated), user friendly, light on resources, free and open source and has no shady obscure algorithms and bots tainting discourse.

Why are conversations on Reddit often so hostile and toxic now days? ( kbin.social )

Reddit used to be a great platform to discuss some topic and get different points of few in a friendly but factual manner. However, slowly it seems like the platform has become a lot more like Facebook, where it's been invaded by toxic people that are constantly looking for opportunities to shit and hate on others....

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I really hope they are kept in check. No karma, no corporations, no problem. I hope Meta's EEE attempt crashes and burns. They are not welcome to the Fediverse.

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