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Schwer zu beantworten, xa ich bezahlt werde um auf Abruf Probleme in der Produktion zu lösen. Manchmal bin ich eine Schicht lang damit beschäftigt den günstigsten Preis für Produkt X (Privatvergnügen) zu vergleichen, manchmal rotiere ich 6 Stunden am Stück.

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How: Bumpy. Now I found a way to participate by translating and writing documentary, as most projects are lacking proper.

What: My interest in pursuing a more data-private life.

Proton services discussion

I’ll start off by saying everyone’s economic situations are just as varied as their threat models and how people make decisions on which services can be specific to themself and not one that can apply to anyone else. The services one chooses to use for free or to pay for may be based more on what they can afford vs what’s...

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I’m using Proton Plus, and have no need for their other services. Don’t really see a necessity for VPN in my daylie use.

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