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An irrepressible spark of joy deep in my heart/soul/amygdala. I'm not immune to sadness, nor do I desire to be, but I do strive to return to happiness

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New idea I'm gonna try out (kbin.social)

One thing I really liked reddit for was reading news and talking about it. I have stopped posting or commenting there now and am in the process of slowly wiping my posting history... but I still browse it for current events a decent bit as it's just a lot more active than over here....

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So glad that stupid meme-of-the-week trends are finding their way over here from Reddit, too. I just love reading 50+ instances of the same unfunny joke in a row.

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I think the larger point is that you can still block domains you don't want to see, but in this particular case defederation should happen. Both things can co-exist

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