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someone who loves technology but has no idea how it works half the time

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DenisMeuthen , to AcademicChatter group
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I'm happy to announce today that I was elected as the newest outstanding new PI by a worldwide group of more than 2500 assistant professors. My interview can be found here https://newpislack.wordpress.com/outstanding-new-pis/.


haise ,
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@boud @DenisMeuthen @academicchatter I would personally only recommend the first server list you linked, the 2nd recommends servers that have 0 rules so they attract racists/people full of hate and the 3rd has clearly not been updated in many years, since it still has the privacytool.io homeserver which hasnt been a thing for a few years now

vintprox , (edited ) to dR Bulletin Board
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It is uncanny how for is more streamlined than on all platforms: web, desktop ones, Android. Such a nice fork!

It's got no issue with editing replies on mobile. SchildiChat is packed with quality-of-life features, such as bubbles, opening to first unread message and sending read receipts as you scroll down, sliding between spaces, custom room emojis (upload via and use in SC!). Labs are immediately available, pinned messages are on by default.

You usually had to compromise by using less stable to get hands on Labs, but that's not the spirit of development I was looking for in my day-to-day messaging app, so I'm glad Schildi's got it right.

If that's not convincing enough, their mascot is a turtle with a post horn. https://schildi.chat 🐢📯

haise ,
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@vintprox web and desktop hasnt been updated in a while since the amount of merge conflicts take ages to get through from my understanding, just a fyi since its using outdated electron I think

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