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"It's the content, stupid." - Quick Notes to Supercharge K.Bin (kbin.social)

Like you, I'm a passionate user of K.Bin but lately, I'm noticing that things are getting kinda stale around here. The most recent thread in this, the top-level magazine on K.Bin, is 4 days old. Many other top 25 magazines are also suffering from a similar lack of fresh content. I run /m/scifi and it's been continuing to grow...

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More visible promotion of active magazines would go a long way too. Almost every suggested magazine across the top of my nav bar is an empty ghost community, probably made on a whim during the Reddit kerfuffle and then abandoned.

What's something that you're grateful for? (kbin.social)

It could be something from today, the past week, or whatever. All things big or small are welcome too. I'm sitting outside today as a a part of my daily routine--it's nice and sunny out, and there's a gentle breeze which feels very relaxing. Doing so is pretty nice between the time I spend at the computer.

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I'm super grateful right now that my shoulder mobility is returning after a nasty fall at the bouldering gym last night. Still aches like a mofo and probably will for a week or two, but at least I can wipe my own ass :)

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Just got home from two weeks in Bali, we had a filter/dispenser there so at least we weren't generating plastic waste, but it's SO nice to be able to just drink/brush my teeth with tap water and not be afraid of opening my mouth in the shower.

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I'm currently halfway through Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series and I'm enjoying the plot but finding his writing style a bit tedious at times - excessive rehashing of events that happened like two chapters ago, overembellished emotional dramatics, and painstakingly spelling out every single character's internal monologue like it's a Jane Austen novel.

I know CoT was written later, so I'm wondering if his tone/style has developed a bit? He has cool ideas, I'm just wishing he'd trust the reader enough to get a bit more 'show, don't tell' with his writing...

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Good to know, thanks!

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'Delighted' is a strong word, but two come immediately to mind:

First was an acquaintance I knew in high school, we had a few mutual friends but I don't even remember his name tbh. The one and only occasion he was ever nice to me was while off his face on molly; the rest of the time he was an erratic, unpredictably destructive asshole who I just avoided. Around age 17ish he wrapped his motorcycle around a lamp post and that was that. Of course there's a chance he might have mellowed out and grown up into a decent human being eventually, but far as I'm concerned he made the world a safer place by removing himself from it.

Second was a housemate who seemed harmless at first but turned out to be a compulsive liar with severe gambling problems - claimed to play poker professionally (he did play at comps, just wildly exaggerated his track record/earnings) and work at a local radio station (total fabrication). Amongst various other fuckery, he ran dipshit scams like selling nonexistent gaming consoles on eBay with our real home address/phone number on his profile, stole and pawned a bunch of our stuff, lied about paying his share of rent/bills while hiding our mail until we got hit with disconnections and eviction warnings, and then skipped town when it all unravelled and we threatened to go to the cops. Last we heard he was still up to his old tricks, and I know wound up serving time for tax fraud.

A decade or so later he was abducted and murdered in some kind of drug-related dispute, and his body still hasn't been found. It's a shitty way to go and I wouldn't wish that end on anyone, but he clearly hadn't learned anything or grown a conscience in the time since we parted ways, so it's a comfort that he won't be able to hurt anyone else now.

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Be ungovernable, like birds who make nests OUT OF ANTI-BIRD SPIKES. A new study describes resourceful Dutch & Belgian corvids besting evil architecture by stealing metal anti-bird strips and using them like thorny twigs, to construct their homes.

Like thorns, the spikes may protect their nests from predators.

Lead author Auke-Florian Hiemstra wrote an epic 🧵 about his research that's worth a read: https://twitter.com/AukeFlorian/status/1678703433900064773

Paper: https://www.hetnatuurhistorisch.nl/organisatie/publicaties/deinsea/deinsea-21/

A bird's nest in a tree in Antwerp. The nest is made of metal anti-bird spikes.

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@laminda I was privileged to witness this glorious moment in person :) These little legends spent over an hour demolishing these spikes and dropping them onto the pavement, street, and pedestrians.

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Is there an easy way to compile/aggregate selected subscriptions into a multireddit equivalent?

I saw a mention somewhere of adding magazines to 'racks' but no idea if that was a current/upcoming feature or just wishful thinking...

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aussie.zone was the first place I landed upon discovering the fediverse, but after hunting in vain for a dark/night-mode option I decided to keep exploring, and the interface/theming here is actually usable.

I've since learned that client-side UI/CSS browser extensions for Lemmy are a thing so that's always an option, and hopefully we'll start seeing RES-style extensions in the future.

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