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Thanks! I updated the post and title.

Godot Engine hits over 50K euros per month in funding (

One of the big winners of the Unity debacle is the free and open source Godot Engine, which has seen its funding soar to a much more impressive level as Unity basically gave them free advertising. Certainly helps that Godot ended up launching their new funding platform on the same day Unity announced their hated Runtime Fee...


This isn't that strange for a number of open source projects. I don't know Godot's specifics, but lots of folks are willing to toss a few bucks via patreon or other sources. They keep a list of donors who don't mind being named in the source code, and it includes a few companies that make monthly donations. I'm sure they get a number of grants like this one from Epic.

There's a number of mastodon servers where people pay donate monthly to them.


That's a decent start, but you need a browser that's resistant to fingerprinting through some plugins and something like ublock origin that will block all embedded content. At some point, it may require you to use a phone number, and at that point you may have a problem. If you avoid that, one of the biggest threats are the facebook and related meta content placed on other pages around the internet. The pixel is one aspect, but almost any facebook content can still track you across sites. These are easily blocked with a decent adblocker and probably privacybadger too.

I know lots of folks will disagree, but I'd care less about Facebook tracking you as they mostly only care about serving you ads and making content suggestions to keep you on the platform to view more ads. Facebook has never served me a relevant ad, and even with a lot of use still can't recommend things I'm interested in. Data leaks and sharing is a concern, but that's a concern with every site. I think when it comes to privacy, there's far bigger concerns.


Protip: Many grocery stores allow you to just grab cards without signing up (in the US at least). You can tell them you'll send it in later.

Then, you can use whatever the fuck info you want and still get the "rewards" so it's not attached to you. If you use the apps on your phone, make sure they don't have bluetooth access.

geosoco, (edited )

Sure, but you can usually register with fake info though. I've never seen one really verify much of any information.

Just use one of those email forwarding services that generates unique addresses.

everyone can sign up as "JP Morgan" at "555 Fuckoff Lane". I'm guessing it might be better if we all standardize to make it harder to connect the sold datasets. If they have address checking we should find some tiny town with 200 people from google maps.


Yes-- same with bluetooth or ordering groceries for delivery and giving your home address. There's always ways to leak data and make it no longer anonymous. However, from my knowledge of how some of these datasets work, they aren't putting in a lot of effort into truly trying to make sure the joins are 100% accurate because it rarely matters. They generally don't give a shit about you as an individual. The most common uses of the data are for advertising and mistargeting doesn't cost enough to justify the time to verify the data.

Paying in cash though can make it anonymous, or by using virtual cards that mask your card id.

Dragon's Dogma 2 brings back all the joy of Capcom's 2012 cult hit with few real changes (

Dragon's Dogma was the action-RPG for people who wanted to play alone, but didn't want to feel alone. By far its most charming feature was the Pawn system, whereby you'd create an AI-controlled sidekick and hire two others, shared online by other players, to accompany you on your journey through a fantasy wilderness of...

90 Minutes With Atari CEO Wade Rosen | All Things Nintendo (

This week on All Things Nintendo, Brian is joined (in his dining room) by Atari CEO Wade Rosen. The two chat about the past, present, and future of the legendary gaming company, as well as Wade's lifelong love of video games. Wade sticks around to take part in Definitive Ranking and gives his eShop Gem of the Week. There isn't a...

Tekken 8 Tries to Balance Old and New – TGS 2023 - IGN (

At a special showcase for members of the press at Bandai Namco Entertainment in Tokyo, Japan, I had a chance to play an early build of Tekken 8. While renowned director Katsuhiro Harada’s latest sequel will launch with 32 characters, only 16 were available during this meeting. The roster included a blend of old and new faces,...


You should care, but it's maybe more of a question about how much and about what specific things. There are some easy-to-do things, and then there's others that get exhausting

Some of this depends on why you care about privacy and where you live. It's a lot of work, and in some places, like the US, there's a lot of data being sold anyway (credit/debit cards, tvs, streaming services, and stores can almost all sell some of your data and it can be difficult to stop them). Keeping Bluetooth on also enables you to be tracked going in and out of stores and other various locations.

It can be a lot of work, but some things are more worthwhile than others. There are likely some things you're just going to have to live with.

EVE Vanguard Aims to Be the EVE FPS That Dust 514 Wasn’t - IGN (

EVE Online's starry realm of New Eden is a vast expanse of more than 7000 star systems, which we have so far experienced almost exclusively from a distance aboard swooping starships or in the colossal interiors of mega-scale space stations. But all the while, I've imagined what might be going on down on these lonely planets I'm...

EVE Galaxy Conquest Is a New Mobile 4X Strategy Game Set in the EVE Online Universe - IGN (

EVE Online has featured several of the biggest PvP battles in gaming history, but it only lets you fly one ship at a time. Set in the same universe but from a very different perspective, EVE Galaxy Conquest is a multiplayer 4X strategy game that puts you in command of your own outpost and an entire fleet....


who tf subscribes to this?


that's part of every subscription business plan, sadly. The rotation helps keep subscriptions up longer as people have to wait for things to cycle back around.


Yeah, people definitely wait. Don't have any stats, but I hear people talking about it all the time with regards to streaming services.

THe service does pay for on-loan games, but that's not a reason to rotate. They're paying regardless. THey rotate to try and keep things fresh so people don't cancel.


Oh yeah, they're probably not waiting months for something to come back. Companies know what's popular, so they tend to stagger those. So people will not cancel if they know next month or the month after is going to be something they want to play.

If you're only interested in one or two games, you'll just buy those (until they stop letting us buy games and force us to rent them).

Alan Wake 2: Creating The Dual Protagonist Experience - IGN First - IGN (

His name may quite literally be the title of the game, but Alan Wake is not the only main character in Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming survival horror. The ‘2’ in Alan Wake 2 doesn’t just point to its sequel nature, but also to the duality that runs through the entire game. Two protagonists. Two perspectives. Two worlds....

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Previewed in Gameplay Overview (

Focus Entertainment and DON'T NOD are thrilled to reveal an extensive overview of their upcoming title Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. The immersive and poignant narrative driven Action-RPG where you hunt and battle supernatural threats to alter a tragic fate revealed itself in a detailed Gameplay Overview Trailer (watch it...

Ayaneo Air 1S review (

At 22.5 x 9 x 3 cm, the Ayaneo Air 1S is more like a Nintendo Switch than a Steam Deck. In fact, it's a touch smaller than the Switch. Or slightly bigger than a medium-large banana. The retro model I've got in for review weighs only ~405g on my scales, which is a little heavier than my Switch at around ~400g but far lighter than...

Star Wars Eclipse Still Alive, Quantic Dream Insists: ‘It's Simmering’ - IGN (

First announced back in 2021, Star Wars Eclipse has remained largely a mystery since its striking first reveal. Last year, developer Quantic Dream quashed rumours the game had been delayed and was suffering development trouble, noting it had yet to announce a release date. In a subsequent interview, Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume...

Fight Crab 2 is a Clumsy, Chaotic, and Utterly Compelling Clash of Crustaceans - IGN (

Maybe the first rule of Fight Crab was that you don't talk about Fight Crab, because I somehow completely missed the 2019 original. Up until I got my hands on its sequel at Tokyo Game Show this week the only battles with crabs I’ve ever known were written about in multiple chapters of the Motley Crue biography. But after going...

Enotria: The Last Song – Hands-On With a Sunny Soulslike - IGN (

Enotria checks all of the soulslike boxes. It has stamina-regulated combat, with different weapons sporting various weights and animations, the greatsword being my favorite. It has dangerous enemies of various shapes and sizes, including jerky mini-bosses and a truly mean boss. You’ll collect “souls” that can be used to...

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Features a Recreated Map of the Original Game in One-to-One Real Scale (

Speaking with Press Start, Director Naoki Hamaguchi talked about the world map, revealing that the team took the map of the original game and recreated it all in a one-to-one scale, meaning that all towns, dungeons, and other points of interest are now included in the same space as one seamless map. Elaborating further on how...

Forza Motorsport Post-Launch Content Will Seamlessly Integrate into Career; All Tracks Will Be Free (

A new Forza Motorsport game is just a few weeks from launching, six years after the previous installment. The new entry in the racing simulation franchise will feature much more detailed physics, fast machine-powered AI, and RPG-like mechanics, but developer Turn 10 is also changing its approach to post-launch content, which...

Baldur's Gate 3 patch 3 releases today and lets you change your appearance and pronouns (

Baldur's Gate 3's Patch 3, which was so massive Larian held it back a day to test it properly, will release today, and it'll add an RPG feature many of us have been requesting since we stepped clear of the Nautiloid - the ability to change a character's appearance. Alas, it comes too late for the Wood Elf Druid I rolled during...

"They don’t care": Inside the triumphs and failures of accessible gaming hardware (

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is a menace. Even among Elden Ring’s cast of bastard-hard bosses, the Goddess of Rot distinguishes herself as an ender of lives, a relentless steel tempest that has shredded the most prepared and dextrous of adventurers. She’s also been beaten, rather soundly, by a man using only his mouth....

UK Regulator Grants Preliminary Approval To Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition (

Last month, Microsoft submitted a new deal to the U.K.'s Competition and Markets Authority regulatory agency that proposes Ubisoft get the rights to Activision Blizzard game streaming for 15 years. Microsoft did this to get its acquisition of Activision Blizzard approved by the CMA after the regulator previously blocked it over...


I don't think this benefits anyone but Ubisoft.

I think the CMA was concerned about microsoft cornering the cloud gaming market with the acquisition, so granting Ubisoft rights to stream these games alleviated their concerns.

I'm not sure why this was their concern though


They've run out of scenarios, but the brand must go on.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth brings the party to Hawaii (

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth made its playable debut this week at Tokyo Game Show, where we were able to go hands-on and see what's new. Intriguingly, however, amongst everything that's different, this all-new entry also feels committed to paying tribute to the series' past - including its original leading man, Kazuma Kiryu,...

Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy's The Division 3, Appoints New Series Producer (

Ubisoft has announced Tom Clancy's The Division 3 and Massive Entertainment, the Sweden-based company behind the first two Division games and the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, is developing it. The studio announced this in a new post on Twitter today, linking to a blog discussing the threequel. In it, Ubisoft reveals...

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