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#Filipino 🇵🇭 Aro/Ace 💜🖤

A fellow supporter of #FOSS and The #Fediverse

#Philippines #fedi22

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It seems to me that AI won't completely replace jobs (but will do in 10-20 years). But will reduce demand because oversaturation + ultraproductivity with AI. Moreover, AI will continue to improve. A work of a team of 30 people will be done with just 3 people.

RTR#51 End of a short break ( kbin.social )

Last week, I dealt with formalities related to the project and a few personal matters associated with the new year. Unfortunately, there was quite a lot to handle. Today is the last day I'm dealing with this, and I'm returning to the code for the regular devlogs. I'll also take care of current matters on the instance. On Tuesday...

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Why are the microblogs not working properly?

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Hello Fediverse. I'm posting this tonight from my federated Flipboard profile! We're now testing our integration starting with my account. You can follow me here to see all the stories I'm curating about things like startups, photography and of course, the . Curious to hear your thoughts on how this is working. We’ll incorporate your feedback as we make more progress on federating Flipboard. Stay tuned for lots more soon.

genesis ,
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@mike Welcome to the Fediverse!

genesis ,
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the Lemmy/kbin instances stability during June 12-14 is goofily accurate 💀

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I rather avoid anything related to Red Hat. On the other hand, Debian 12 looks epic.

Deja Vu: The FBI Proves Again It Can’t be Trusted with Section 702 ( www.eff.org )

The FBI doesn’t believe that either our rights or the limitations that Congress has placed upon them matter when it comes to the vast amount of information about us collected under FISA Section 702. The latest exhibit in this is in yet another newly declassified opinion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC)....

genesis ,
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kbin.social is well funded and will probably be around for many years to come

Meta officially launches Twitter rival Threads. 10 million have joined already ( edition.cnn.com )

Facebook has tried to compete with Twitter in numerous ways over the years, including copying signature Twitter features such as hashtags and trending topics. But now Facebook’s parent company is taking perhaps its biggest swipe at Twitter yet.

The Future of Reddit after the Blackout ( kbin.social )

As an effect of the recent Reddit blackout, the company is now surrounded by disappointed investors and community. I predict that Reddit may end up facing the same fate as Tumblr: being sold to another company. Only time will tell what the future holds for Reddit, but one thing is for sure - the protest will leave a lasting...

genesis ,
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I had these problems for a while... I hope Kbin fixes this.

genesis ,
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Since most 2FA providers cost additional money to run, can email 2FA's be added instead? It might be less secure than using a dedicated authenticator, but I think i could bear with it.

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