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gaael ,

I don't get the comment here, they didn't 'express their opinion' about Israel. They behaved like a bunch of lunatics within Google's offices.

Yes, they did express their opinion on the ongoing genocide. They did that in a fashion that disturbed the workplace - which some comments seem to deem holy ground that should never be disturbed by anything - but they did express their opinion.

If you want to protest Google's actions send a signed letter of resignation stating the reason, send it to the press and form a union of techies that won't work for companies that work with Israel recursively.

Iirc they tried some regular stuff before resorting to this method. Also, it's always funny how when people try to change things, they never seem to do it the right way.

On a side note, I like how none of them mind building mass surveillance tools, pushing ads, Google-China relations, etc...
But Israel's genocide is trending, so they jump on that. What a bunch of shallow fucks.

Well congrats on being less of a hyprocrite than the rest of us.
The world is shit, nothing goes in the right direction, and some of us are more sensitive to some issues than others.
I mean I despise alphabet and their business model, but I also understand than people are less horrified by their work being used to serve ads than it being used in a genocide. And again, I hate that ads exist.

Protestation and strike are supposed to inconvenience the higher ups, please stop advising to use methods that don't disturb anything.

gaael ,

This protest achieved nothing so far.

I'm not saying the protest solved the issue, I was merely explaining why I disagreed with your arguments. Please don't try and make me say things I didn't.
As for the protest achieving nothing, I'm not sure how you back up that claim. It definitely changed how google is perceived by a few people who care a lot more about the genocide than they do about online privacy and ads. It also, sadly, probably made more employees afraid to express themselves on their workplace.

If you want to actually make a difference, leave Google, go do bioinformatics (am biased here), exact agriculture or any other shit that actually solves real problem.

There are countless ways to try and make a difference. I could argue that your work in bioinformatics is meaningless in a capitalist world and that you should either take up arms and organize raids to execute CEOs or do nothing (I actually disagree with this point, it's just an extreme example).
Let's not discourage the people who try and do things. Maybe they make mistakes, maybe they could be more efficient... but at least they try.

All I see in those rallies a bunch of people that work at Google to maximize their earnings that are mad when Google does the same.

Of course they're mad. They went to work at Google, not Lockheed Martin or "insert other weapons manufacturer here". And it's a good thing ! Of course they still sold their time and skills to a shitty company and had an overall negative impact on the world, but they still care about human suffering when they are aware of it, and I prefer that to people who don't care at all.

gaael ,

I kinda wish I hadn't seen this and stayed ignorant. Fucking hell.

gaael ,

Not at all. OP seems to mistake socialism and authoritarism.

From the wikipedia page:

The UAE is an authoritarian federal monarchy. According to The New York Times, the UAE is "an autocracy with the sheen of a progressive, modern state". The UAE has been described as a "tribal autocracy" where the seven constituent monarchies are led by tribal rulers in an autocratic fashion. There are no democratically elected institutions, and there is no formal commitment to free speech. According to human rights organisations, there are systematic human rights violations, including the torture and forced disappearance of government critics.

I believe you'll struggle to find actual socialist thinkers endorse this kind of government.

gaael ,

Might this have something to do with alcohol and other drugs abuse in college? /j

gaael ,

You'll find an npm package to help you count up to 2.

(I recently learned - maybe here - that the is-even package has over 170k weekly downloads)

gaael ,

Also there are 40-something packages depending on it, so I guess it gets pulled automatically when they are used.

gaael ,

Before Facebook, life was pretty good. Nobody tried to murder her, or dox her, or put her in a potato. She just tested.

Getting some good Aperture vibes from your post :)

gaael ,

It's been some time since citizen action actually led to pregress in France.

We had worker's rights improvements thanks to strikes, occupations and violence against the factorie's bosses at the start of 20th century, which in turned fueled a socialist movement that got a real left elected in 1936 - to which we owe,among other stuff, mandatory pto for everyone.
We had a great social security system built after ww2, because the resistance against nazis was mostly made of communists and all the major firms had collaborated so they did not have much of a say (some were nationalized when the war ended).

The latest thing I can think of is from the 90s, when the legal weekly work time was reduced to 35hrs (you can still work overtime but your employer has to pay you more).
But the nineties is also the point where the left started losing power, and lots of good thing started being undone (salaries stopped rising with inflation, taxbreaks for the rich and the big companies started multiplying...).

In the last two decades, most of our protests and strikes were not to gain new rights and make our lives better, but to try and stop rights being taken away (alas with little to no success): retirement, workers negotiation power, social security, unemployment...
All of it is under attack from the right (which is in power since then) in what looks like a continued effort to move towards the american ultraliberal way of doing things. Health, education, transportation and retirement for exemple are becoming increasingly privatised - it's easy to do, cut the funding of the public services, watch them drown, accuse them of not being efficient enough, introduce new legislation to make space for the private sector.

I really wish we'd revolt again, and the "gilets jaunes" from 2018-2020 seemed like a step in the right direction (not perfect of course, and the far-right succeded a little in being included in the movement) but was stopped first with extreme police brutality then by the lockdown and it never got rolling again.

Recently, American worker's unions look a lot more french than the french ones do, and I hope we'll be able to get some inspiration from you !

gaael ,

I agree with the part about french workers on strike becoming a meme, but I wanna stress that it didn't happen by itself.

It's the result of voluntary and sound political strategies from our (economically) liberal governments.
Step 1: "let's make a very offensive law proposition"
Step 2: workers go on strike.
Step 3: "okay let's take back the worst point and still applythe rest"
Step 4: workers' lives are worst despite the strike and the unions lose power and credibility
Sprinkle in the fact that most media were bought by billionaires who aren't too fond of workers' rights, a few corrupt union leaders and you get the current situation.

It's interesting that you mention SNCF (state-owned - for now - french railway) because the always make the reason of their strikes clear and (spoiler) it's never for fun. But when strikes occur, most of the media interview people who wanted to go to work/on holiday by train and can't because of the strike, "economists" who rant about the hundreds of k€ losses for businesses because of the strike, some ass***e from the government who stated "we think the right of strike and protest is very important, but not when it bothers other people" and never the union's heads or the sociologists who can explain how the previous laws have made life worse for the rail workers and how the current one is gonna be worst.

gaael ,

First, thanks for doing the work of checking sources for articles posted here, I believe you add value to the conversation.
This being said, I happen to disagree with you - here's why.

There seems to be a common misconception about bias and trustability.

The site you linked to has two ratings: factual reporting and bias.

Factual reporting is determined by how they do their jobs: do they check their facts and sources before they publish?
ABC news australia is voted 4/5 on that scale, which I'd say makes them pretty trustworthy - most of the time, they report accurate and verified information.

Bias is the way you choose the informations you report and how you comment on them. For exemple, while reporting the same information "billionaires are now x% richer than last year", a left biased paper could comment on how non billionaires are getting poorer and a right biased paper could list the billionaires and applaud their financial choices. As a strongly left biased person myself, I'll ignore the right biased paper nit because I think they're lying, but because I don't find their commentary relevant.
Everybody and every news source is biased, and it's okay. There is usually no neutrality possible when you do journalistic work, because your job is to provide context and commentary around the facts that you report.

IMO, bias is not a metric helpful to determine credibility, and I find it a little detrimental that the site you linked to has bias and fact checking displayed at the same place without providing a better differentation between the two.

On a side note, the pursuit of a fictionnal "journalistic neutrality" supposedly devoid of any bias has been and still is weaponized in the french news, where women, muslils or people or color are told they can't report on subjects that they know well because they are supposedly too close to the topic and wouldn't be able to stay neutral. While of course cishet white privileged men can report on those subjects because they are more "objective"...

Reproducing a Microsoft corporate environment on Linux.

Most companies I've worked at where employees had a Microsoft work computers. They were under heavy control, even with admin privileges. I was wondering, for a corporate environment, how employees'Linux desktops could be kept under control in a similar way. What would be an open source or Linux based alternative to the...

gaael ,

For the execution, can't you configure the fstab with noexec on partitions where the user has write permissions and give the user read-only permissions on the root partition ?

I think this would be fine for most jobs, the exception being software development where you usually need to execute stuff to test your programs.

gaael ,

Being able to choose between single player, coop, and multiplayer.

gaael ,

Nah, your genitalia doesn't need a haircut. If he can't handle your adult woman's genital hair, he does not deserve to have sex with you.

Exclusive: Tesla scraps low-cost car plans amid fierce Chinese EV competition ( )

The decision represents an abandonment of a longstanding goal that Tesla chief Elon Musk has often characterized as its primary mission: affordable electric cars for the masses. His first “master plan”, opens new tab for the company in 2006 called for manufacturing luxury models first, then using the profits to finance a...

gaael ,

Share prices catching up to reality, good one 🤣🤣🤣

gaael ,

We sadly don't know how to use it anymore, but the design and manual are opensource, feel free to use it at home!

gaael ,

Or even cut the middlemen and directly elect your president ?

gaael ,

Thanks for this summary that's a lot better than the title which implies they went to Russia voluntarily to "get wives".

Court approves 3M settlement over 'forever chemicals' in public drinking water systems ( )

Chemical manufacturer 3M will begin payments starting in the third quarter to many U.S. public drinking water systems as part of a multi-billion-dollar settlement over contamination with potentially harmful compounds used in firefighting foam and several consumer products, the company said....

gaael ,

Is this the kind of settlement where paying means they are not guilty and executives cannot be prosecuted for what they've done knowingly ?

gaael ,

Are there mandatory road safety tests in the US ?

gaael ,

Been using for the past 2 years, so far so good :)

gaael ,

The points that sold me:

  • EU-based (Germany)
  • anonymous payment options available (you can mail cash or use monero if this matters to you)
  • Caldav for contacts, tasks and calendar
gaael ,

Frostpunk isn't really good for my anxiety ^^

A Climate Superfund Law Might Be Crazy Enough to Work | Vermont is on the verge of becoming the first state to try it. ( )

Versions of it are floating through legislative chambers in New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland, in addition to Vermont. Though each bill is slightly different, the general premise is the same: Similar to the way the federal Superfund law allows the Environmental Protection Agency to seek funds retroactively from polluters to...

gaael ,

Didn't know about the superfund concept, and I'm loving it ! I hope we see more of this in the coming years.

Got a new windows 98 gaming PC, and boi she's huge!! ( )

I've gotten really interested in old Computers since I got my Commodore PET 2 months ago, so to play some good ol MS Train Simulator and Stronghold 2, I got this massive beauty. Here is a little size comparison between it and my main PC...

gaael ,

Yeah sure, a gaming computer without watercooling on the graphics card or rgb leds on the case and ram. Nice try but I'm not a noob !

gaael ,

Please mod it like

gaael ,

Yeah sure, because everyone has the skills, time, energy and safety required to unionize a shitty workplace they only go to to be able to pay their rent.

gaael ,

Looks like your mind is set. I wish you a good day and I hope you pick up a little more empathy along your way, and I hope some day you'll get that a lot of people feel trapped where they are.

gaael ,

Sabotage a pipeline or refinery on your way there, it's important that we all do our part ;)

gaael ,

Who could have guessed that giving strength to the far-right for the past 7 years in order to face them instead of the left in national elections could lead to the far-right winning elections ?

gaael , (edited )

From the gitlab page:

The user can move the cursor with h,j,k,l (vim keys), or the arrow keys.

gaael ,

L'avantage à son poste c'est que tu peux plus facilement éviter de cotiser avec les gueux.

gaael ,

Idk how it would be for other animals, but for me it barely lasted 10 minutes (local anesthesia included).

You may be offered a free premium Telegram subscription – but please don’t accept ( )

Telegram is giving away FREE Premium subscriptions! All they need from you is to use your cell phone as a relay to text out their OTP codes! And the recipient of the OTP sees your phone number! What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this deal?...

gaael ,

Been using Deltachat for about a year, so far so good. I dunno how secure it really is (never took the time to check) but it's been reliable. Multi-device was kinda quirky at first but has gotten better.

gaael ,

That's also the default value on Garuda (arch-based, gaming-oriented)

gaael ,

I use Firefox Relay, the premium version is 12€/year and it's easy to set up and use.

They have plans to offer phone number protection too in the future, I'm on the waitlist.

gaael ,

So if I read this correctly, big changes means doubling down on breaking the pve promise and (finally!) decoupling the available characters pool from mtx.

gaael ,

I picked it up last week, and I'm having a great time - although I suck at it, the ambiance really clicks for me and the pace is good enough to keep me interested even if I spend one hour on a single ennemy (looking at you chained ogre).

gaael ,

Always heartwarming when people on the internet refer to women as a commodity that only exists for the pleasure of men, putting it on the same level as a bottle of rotten grape and some wrapped dried leafs.

gaael ,

When I said "fuck that racist piece of shit", it's not what I had in mind.

Meloni is a trash politician who pushes Italy towards fascism, but I find it appalling that she's being degraded specifically as a women this way.
There are enough valid criticisms and enough ways to satire her shitty views without sexualizing without her approval.

I hope she loses in all the other domains but I hope she (and all the other people who have to go through this kindof stuff) wins this thing.

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