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Some offer very low prices, HostHatch is one example. I’ve been using RamNode for years and while they’re a little more average for pricing, I’ve had no issues. Never used HostHatch, so maybe someone who has used it can comment on the quality of service.

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Install and run a reputable malware removal tool. I’d recommend hitman pro. It should be able to clean your PC. Norton is garbage.

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I had thought you’d installed Norton 360. I just realized 360 Total Security is a different company altogether. I’d instantly remove that from your PC, that’s a Chinese security software that looks like it’s named itself to be similar in name to Norton 360 (US developed but still not great). Any software that’s trying to draw people in by looking like something else is a big red flag.

Security software runs at a very low level and generally has full control over your PC if it wants. It needs to be something reputable. For me that means a few things: how good is it at defending against threats (both known and zero day), how many resources does it use on the PC (I still want to be able to game), how much do I trust the country where it was developed. The last one isn’t a one size fits all and really needs to be person to person. In terms of raw performance and security the two best are likely Bitdefender (Romania) and Kaspersky (Russia). AVG (Czech Republic), ESET (Slovakia), Webroot (USA) and Sophos (UK) are all decent options with good security and performance. All of them cost less than a single game for multiple years of protection so I’d pick one, pay for it and keep it running always.

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