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The Fediverse Report is a curated blog, giving you links and context to all the news that is happening in the fediverse.

Every week you get 'Last Week in the Fediverse', with a summary of the relevant news of the week.

Feel free to follow my personal account as well.

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Last Week in - ep 42

  • Pebble shuts down, with some interesting reflections on building social networks. There's also a new Mastodon server for Pebble users as an experiment
  • Mastodon gives some updates towards the next update, as well as a timeline on quote posts (expect it in first half of 2024)
  • reflections.

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-ep-42/

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Last Week in - ep 41

  • The Verge has some ideas about publishing content, and how this relates to the fediverse
  • Can Owncast create new opportunities now that Twitch does not forbid streamers from simultaneously streaming to different platforms?
  • Hearts or stars?

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-ep-41/

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With the excellent news that all accounts on WordPress.com can now connect with the fediverse, it seems like a good moment to mention that Fediverse Report has had this feature enabled for a while as well.

You can follow me directly at @LaurensHof to see all the blog posts directly in your fediverse feeds.

Announcement blog for WordPress.com: https://wordpress.com/blog/2023/10/11/activitypub/

Announcement post: https://mastodon.social/@pfefferle/111217236362579201

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I've also started a personal blog about decentralised social networks more broadly, with the ActivityPub plugin enabled. You can follow me there at @laurenshof

Enabling a fediverse connection on your WordPress blog allows for an interesting short-ish form of writing:

  • Space for your own thoughts and arguments, moving beyond just a hot take
  • Keeping it slightly limited so it fits well within the structure of microblogging
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Last Week in - ep 38

  • releases their annual report for 2022, providing an interesting insight in their financials, as well as what they accomplished last year. The amount of work they managed with the means they have is absolutely impressive.
  • Work on the closed beta for mozilla.social server continues, with some interesting glimpses of their plans.

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-episode-38/

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Last Week in , ep 37

The news of this week:

  • Mark Zuckerberg talks about and interoperability of social networks
  • started as a way to find spam servers on , and is now quickly expanding into the wider fediverse to become a crowd-sourced place to exchange information about other fediverse servers
  • government of the German state of Saxony joins the fediverse
  • A blogging resurgence

Read it at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-episode-37/

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Last Week in - ep 36

Been a busy week, with:

  • , with tons of cool demos and interesting sessions
  • 4.2 has officially launched
  • After reporting on the CSAM attacks at a few weeks, new tools are being developed to help admins deal with this. One example is scanning images with generative AI, that can run locally on an admin's GPU, without uploading images anywhere.

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-episode-36/

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Last Week in the - ep 35

Main news of the week:

  • Swiss government starts their own server
  • The SWICG has talks about restructuring
  • Doubts about the moderation tools and governance of Lemmy
  • The plugin for is officially released

Read at https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-episode-35/

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Last Week in Fediverse – episode 33

has experienced CSAM attacks in the last week, with the material posted on multiple communities for people to see. Due to how federation works on Lemmy, this meant that the images also got send over and stored in the databases of other Lemmy servers. This poses questions and challenges for the admins, among others on how to make sure they are legally compliant.

For this, and other news, read: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-episode-33/

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A quick look at recent developments on the Japanese side of the . The summary:

  • Misskey.io is growing quickly, more than doubling their accounts in the last month alone, to over 370k.
  • To deal with the rapid growth, signups are limited to only Japan
  • Misskey.io has officially incorporated itself into MisskeyHQ
  • NERV, an earthquake warning app popular in Japan, is leaving its 1.9M X followers and will only post on Mastodon from now on


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Last Week in the - episode 30

The highlights:

  • Opt-in search is finally coming to
  • initial release of the Federation Safety Enhancement Project
  • organises themselves into a company
  • devs held an AMA

Read it at https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-the-fediverse-episode-30/

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Last Week in the - episode 29

  • The BBC has joined the fediverse, setting up their on Mastodon server. The experiment will run for six months, after which they'll evaluate. There's a variety of different responses, from conversations about blocking, to Threads being excited about this news.
  • An extra call with the W3C working group about the Social Web and CSAM. I've noted some of my takeways of this important conversation.

Read more at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-the-fediverse-episode-29/

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Last week in the episode 27

The highlights:
The Dutch government officially launches their server
Mastodon hits 2m active users, but a dev also reports that there is currently no work being done on big features
A meta engineer joins the working group in the W3C

Read more at:

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Via the Fediverse Report: Lemmy and kbin. https://fediversereport.com/lemmy-and-kbin/

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@ernest @symfonystation thank you for the info, I´ve added it to the article!

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Last Week in the Fediverse - ep 23 - An overview of what happened in the fediverse last week

  • Background readings on the
  • News on the threadiverse; new apps in development, custom styles, and more
  • Launch of the spreadmastodon.org website
  • Flickr is “definitely still considering” adding ActivityPub support

@fediverse] Lemmy group]

Read it all at: https://fediversereport.com/the-roundup-episode-23/

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