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"It's a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth." Fan of #crows, #StarTrek and the #Japanese language, among many other things. Currently posting one frog species per day. If I keep this up, I should be done in about 20 years. My toots are searchable.

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mattblaze , to random
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I may be misunderstanding something, but wouldn't it be more efficient if the two teams worked together to move the ball thing in the same direction? It just seems to go back and forth.

eribosot ,
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@mattblaze And why don't they just board up the goal instead of having a guy stand there who doesn't even stop the ball thing half the time

pseudonymsupreme , to bookstodon
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Huh. It just occurred to me that not everyone reads all the time. Like, there’s a bunch of people without books they’re reading right now. That concept is so bizarre to me. I’ve always got several books going. Ebooks, audiobooks and physical copies of books. If you don’t read anymore, when and why did you stop? No judgement. I’m genuinely curious. @bookstodon

eribosot ,
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@BackFromTheDud @anomnomnomaly @pseudonymsupreme @bookstodon That's funny, you should do standup!

MikeDunnAuthor , to bookstadon
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Today in Labor History September 19, 1952: The United States barred Charlie Chaplin from re-entering the country after a trip to England. In 1947, his black comedy, Monsieur Verdoux, was released. In the film, he criticized capitalism and its reliance on wars and weapons of mass destruction. The FBI launched a formal investigation of him 1947, after public accusations that he was a communist. Chaplin denied the charges, calling himself a “peace monger.” Nevertheless, he protested the HUAC hearings and the U.S. trials of Communist Party members. Representative John Rankin called Chaplin's presence in Hollywood “detrimental to the moral fabric of America.” Writer George Orwell prepared list of people he believed were communists, which he gave to British intelligence before he died in 1949. The list included Chaplin and Michael Redgrave, as well as Paul Robeson, Katherine Hepburn, John Steinbeck and Orson Welles.


eribosot ,
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@MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon Richard Avedon's portrait of Chaplin's farewell to the US is a classic.

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