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I’m completing a PhD in English (screen studies) at Oklahoma State and teach at a small university in the OKC metro. Love classical #Hollywood, #filmnoir, #horror, and #HongKongcinema. Looking forward to connect to other #film nerds. My worldview could be described as theological surrealism.

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stina_marie , to horror

📽️ What's a horror movie that you feel is so: striking, unique, disturbing, profound, &/or beautiful that it transcends to the level of ART?
(Not for just a scene, or moments, or even a performance, but for the ENTIRE film.)

Four that immediately occurred to me:

The Shining
The Devils
The Wolf House
There Will Be Blood

I can think of more but I'm curious what YOU all think...

I have to go eat & do stuff but I'll be back on later to see what you all said!


dustinsells ,
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@stina_marie @horror

The Shining - totally agree with you there

Lords of Salem


The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears


dustinsells ,
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@horror @stina_marie oh I forgot! Von Trier’s Antichrist

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