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lowqualityfacts , to random
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Got called a fascist by a Biden supporter for..... saying I support Biden?

Lesson of the day: Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath, put your phone down, and remind yourself that you simply cannot win on social media.

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  • dsmoore ,
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    @lowqualityfacts this is a “cry-baby” post. You're not that funny and this helped me see mysekf to the door 👋

    dsmoore , to horror
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    Sat down for Ms. 45 and really dug it @horror https://boxd.it/5NRLjB

    dsmoore , to horror
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    Rewatched “Malignant” last night and it finally made sense. I think. @horror


    dsmoore , to random
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    Calling today stupid Saturday and am watching only movies with dummies. Started with James Wan’s “Dead Silence” and now onto “Magic” by Richard Attenborough . Any recs for my third watch?

    stina_marie , to horror

    📽️ What's a horror movie that you feel is so: striking, unique, disturbing, profound, &/or beautiful that it transcends to the level of ART?
    (Not for just a scene, or moments, or even a performance, but for the ENTIRE film.)

    Four that immediately occurred to me:

    The Shining
    The Devils
    The Wolf House
    There Will Be Blood

    I can think of more but I'm curious what YOU all think...

    I have to go eat & do stuff but I'll be back on later to see what you all said!


    dsmoore ,
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    @stina_marie @horror

    House (1977) and
    Gold Told Me To (1976)

    CultureDesk , to bookstodon
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    Staff make the call when it comes to deciding what's age-appropriate at their libraries. In Idaho, an organization called Parents Against Bad Books claims parents should have a say, while in Washington State, a proposal would require libraries to use a system like the one used by the movie industry, and in Florida, there's a formal challenge process under the "Don't Say Gay" law. NPR breaks down the situation.



    dsmoore ,
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    @kinyutaka @SteveClough @sinabhfuil @korreckj328 @Nazani @CultureDesk @bookstodon yeah but who was for evil? Abraham or the guy-in-the-sky who manipulated him to sacrifice his own son only to be like “just kidding!”

    dsmoore ,
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    @SteveClough @kinyutaka @sinabhfuil @korreckj328 @Nazani @CultureDesk @bookstodon but then you'd have to read Gen 22:2 as Abraham hearing things. As a religious expat, that logic is fine with me, but then you unravel the whole dang book pretty quickly 🌀

    stina_marie , to horror
    dsmoore ,
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    @MissLapin @stina_marie @horror was in the recent email newsletter

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