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https://www.youneedfeeds.com/starter-packs is a fairly solid resource for some good, category-based feed groups.

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This is fantastic. Is there any way kbin.cafe could be included in the list of includes? It's a top-8 server and it'd be super nice if it "just worked".

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50 TB on a network attached storage appliance across 8 drives, probably 200-400 GB across two laptop internal drives, and 500 GB or so of games on a Framework expansion card.

I may have a problem. Something something r/datahoarder something something.

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As a millennial that grew up in the early-to-mid 2000s, it was absolutely expected pre-middle school that we do this. Pretty gross.

/kbin project management costs, financing, future plans ( kbin.social )

I wrote the first line of code for /kbin on January 14, 2021. Around this time, I started working remotely and decided that the time I used to spend commuting to the office would be devoted to /kbin. Throughout this entire period, /kbin has been a hobby project that I developed in my free time. It was also when Lemmy started...

kbin.social lifecycle: from 181 unique visitors to 2.9M in three months.
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Are there any plans to create a more friendly website that highlights instances based on certain traits (i.e. country-specific instances; general-purpose instances; hobby/interest-specific instances)? Right now discoverability seems limited to the Fediverse Observer and FediDB, which shows /kbin instances by user activity.

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It's sad that even Mozilla bailed on RSS. I don't use Firefox these days but did note when Microsoft finally killed RSS in IE/Edge a year or two ago.

Right now I'm using a bookmarklet for Miniflux but even that doesn't work all the time.

YSK: Use RSS feeds to curate your online experience

Over reliance on algorithms has degraded the user experience to the point that the average user is drowning in ragebait and extremist politics, because they drive up engagement. Just like a toddler, algorithms don’t discriminate between good and bad attention, so everything that gets clicks is thrust forward. Now, you could...

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Shameless plug: I made a magazine, @rss, for RSS. It has approximately zero content right now but I'd love for people to start using it to exchange ideas, comments, and questions about feeds.

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.lan for everything.

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I didn't care about any of this (my off the shelf Router used .local) and then I started selfhosting more and using pFsense as a router OS. It defaulted to using home.arpa, which was so objectionable that I spent time looking into RFC 6762 and promptly reverted to .lan forever.

The official choices were: .intranet, .internal, .home, .lan, .corp, and .private. LAN was the shortest and most applicable. Choice made.

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Little known trick--or perhaps everyone knows it and is quietly laughing behind my back--with Chromium browsers and Firefox (and maybe Safari, I'm not sure), you can add a slash to the end of an address and it will bypass the search.

So, for example, my router on the LAN goes by the hostname "pfsense". I can then type pfsense.lan/ into my address bar and it will bring me to the web UI, no HTTP/s needed.

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This is a test, this is a test of the emergency newsfeed network. This is only a test.

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@jurdendurden Success.

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You can test by going to terminal or command line and doing:

curl -I --user-agent "kbinbot" https://lemmy.ml/

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It would be lovely if posts had a unique ID (UUID of some sort) that was shared between instances. That way, rather than using the thread ID, a unique ID is used that points at that particular thread, comment, or microblog. But alas, this doesn't exist, and we're here.

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The silence from Lemmy developers on this is damning. If this was an accident (i.e. lumping "kbinbot" in with a blanket block of other user agents), it would have been a two second fix. Even more damning is that common agents that are being used for bot attacks, as discussed in the Lemmy matrix, are not blocked. For example:

curl -i --user-agent "python-requests/1.2.3" https://lemmy.ml/

Works fine.

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