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I'm a hazardous materials technician for a university. I enjoy teaching (when I have the chance), reading, role playing games #ttrpg, listening to music, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Married to a wonderful woman, proud pet parent (one dog, two cats). #ADHD Try my best to be an ally.

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Gord1i , to firefox
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Happened to play with @firefox's screenshotting tool for the first time, and it's pretty amazing, for one reason, and one reason only - HTML element awareness

cynical13 ,
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@Gord1i @firefox I'd love to see Vivaldi take some elements from Firefox's screenshotting tool for that very reason.

voxel , to privacy

Ecosia, is it really so private?

A article about if Ecosia is really a private search engine.
I did spend a lot a time to analyze and investigate Ecosia, I hope this article helps people to better understand how private is Ecosia really and which are the downsides of it. Is the first article I ever written, so it isn't perfect. I'm open for feedback!



cynical13 ,
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@voxel @privacy Your formatting isn't consistant. Some sections are left justified some are centered.

Also try typing posts out into a word processer to catch spelling errors.

Some proper names are capitalized in some parts and not in others.

You recommended Brave search but admittedly didn't reaearch it.

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