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Living in #Bielefeld and working for @digitalcourage. Speaks 🇩🇪 🇬🇧. (Not) using this account whenever I feel like it.

Stuff that interests me and/or I care about:
#Antifacism #Equality #Linux #Sustainability #EndeavourOS #Debian #LinuxMint #KDE #Cinnamon #FreeSoftware #FOSS #CryptoParty #LinuxGaming #RetroGames #SciFi #StarTrek #Politics #FDroid #LineageOS #DivestOS #Android #Python

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kirschner , to F-Droid
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What is your favourite app? Would be interested if I can discover a few new cool apps, I missed until now. Thank you already for sharing! @fdroid

cryptgoat , (edited )
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@kirschner for Podcasts, for Mastodon and Fediverse, for my daily radio needs, for , the recent version of for learning via flash cards, for media management. as a simple yet nice looking audio player. as an simple alternative to the mighty . for my video streaming needs (even though is a very fine alternative when it exclusively comes to ), for taking notes, as password manager. to get stuff synchronized, as email client. for my RSS feed needs. And finally the still new client allowing automatic updates of installed apps.

Recently tried out messenger and like it quite a bit so far. @fdroid

cryptgoat ,
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@kirschner @fdroid Sorry for getting back to you so late, haven't been trying the Nextcloud-Sync yet but will do.

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