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I created a systemd playground to help people learn systemd.

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New blog post: Understanding ActivityPub - Part 4: Threads

A first detailed look into how Threads implements ActivityPub. Learn about the data that is shared (or not), an interesting implementation of HTTP signatures, and Threads' take on quote posts in ActivityPub.


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New blog post: Understanding ActivityPub - Part 3: The State of Mastodon

Have you ever wondered why replies to a post show up on some instances but not on others? Or why the boost and like counters on your instance are different than on the original instance? It all boils down to how ActivityPub works. Find out all about it in my new blog post.


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New blog post: Understanding ActivityPub - Part 2: Lemmy

This time, I'm taking a look at Lemmy, the Reddit alternative for the Fediverse. Follow along to explore how Lemmy uses the ActivityPub protocol to sync data between different instances. See how Mastdon and Lemmy can talk to each other, and where the communication falls short. And try it out yourself on ActivityPub.Academy.


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