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Pronouns: She/Her/Comrade

Interests: Homelab enthusiast, Vegan, Atheist(Anti-theist), Anarcho-Communist (That being said, I’m down with most ideas that make sense. Been really liking the idea of Library Socialism recently.)

Come play vegan minecraft. Everyone is welcome. veganminecraft.com

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I work full time IT and I’m a part time professor at a college, and I don’t think I’ll be able to buy a decent house maybe any.

The only way I Live an okay life is by working so much and making good pay from these jobs that slightly more comes in than goes out.

crazyminner ,
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I’ve had add-ons on my mobile Firefox for a while now. I dunno what everyone is talking about.

Is ublock a weird addon or something?

crazyminner ,
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When searching you can just add: filetype:png

To the end and it will only give you PNGs which have transparency.

crazyminner ,
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When people come back from WFH, they really just aren’t in it. They’ve seen what work can be like and just stop caring as much.

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