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It's the same with "hack and slash". Originally also referred to games like Diablo, but now we all use it to refer to stuff like DMC, pre-2018 God of War, Bayonetta, etc.

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Skyrim and the mainline Elder Scrolls games (Oblivion, Morrowind) can run fine on most setups these days. Skyrim: Special Edition was released in 2016, which is almost a decade ago now.

Edit: Forgot you mentioned platforms. Considering your hardware, don't play them on anything other than PC. The PS3 version of Skyrim in particular is a disaster.

Problem with them is sometimes mods are required for performance because they can be optimised terribly. There are actually some good mods which make the games play a lot better on older hardware, but it's been a while and I don't remember them.

Still, you're going to want to play mostly un-modded because too many mods will tank an older system. I personally think vanilla Skyrim can be pretty fun, so it's not a big deal, IMO.

The combat is a huge con, though. Bethesda hasn't ever really been "good" at melee combat, and have only started to improve their gunplay starting with Fallout 4.

That said, since I've brought up FO4, Fallout 3 and New Vegas should run fine on pretty much anything. Although, when I say "fine", I mainly mean "work", because optimisation is still terrible and bugfix patches might be needed.

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Works fine on Android as well (which is weird considering how bad Apple software can be on non-Apple devices). Just need to create an Apple ID and you're set.

Testing out the trial right now and it's pretty great so far.

UI is way better than Spotify as well (IMO), plus lossless for the same price as current Spotify Premium. (And it also has a max cache size limit option, so even playing a shit ton of lossless isn't going to eat up more space than what you select.)

Getting my fucking Spotify library and playlists I've built over the years on here is going to be a long nightmare, though.

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Nice, that looks incredibly helpful. Thanks for the rec!

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Finished The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles last week.

This may be heresy, but I think I enjoyed these two more than both of the other trilogies.

Maybe it's the setting or characters or unique mechanics, I don't know, but I fucking loved every minute of it.

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Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Only finished the first game and really enjoyed it. Eager to see where the second goes.

Localisation team's done a fucking fantastic job as well. Didn't expect to see that much rhyming slang in an Ace Attorney game, although looking back at the wackiness of the series and the ridiculous puns, I probably should have anticipated it.

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Finished up Dual Destinies yesterday and I'm on to Spirit of Justice.

It feels... odd. Not bad, just odd. Really enjoyed DD, though. We'll see how the rest of this goes.

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I hope I don't derail the thread, but I feel like this is an opportunity to ask about a couple of games myself:

How are the two PSP Valkyria Chronicles games and do they perform well on PPSSPP? Preferably Android (Snapdragon 670, Adreno 615, if that helps), but PC is fine as well.

I really enjoyed the first on PC and bought IV ages ago, but I haven't played it because I kind of want to play the others first (which were never ported to PC or any other console for whatever reason).

From what I understand, all the games are more or less self-contained, so I can play IV without missing much but I'd really like to give II and III a shot if I can.

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Lol, I saw the same thing when I hopped onto F-Droid.

I think the better options there are probably RetroArch or Lemuroid, which seem to be better maintained and can both use PPSSPP as the backend (though I think you need to add the libretro core for the emulator in RetroArch).

Hopefully their versions of PPSSPP are more up to date, but I'm not certain.

Edit: Actually best option seems to be the official site where they have a standalone APK, so you don't need to use Google Play (also, there's no difference between the "Gold" and regular version, it's just an option if you'd like to donate).

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Started Apollo Justice a few days ago.

At first I was a bit wary, not playing as Phoenix and missing some of the characters I grew to love and all that, but Apollo's grown on me. He's just as much of an idiot as Phoenix was, but in a bit of a different way.

Loved Trucy since the moment she was introduced. And I'm glad to see Ema Skye again, as well.

I think taking a break from the baggage of the Feys and Dahlia is actually a breath of fresh air, even if it's just for this one game.

Also, much prefer the "Perceive" mechanic to the "Psyche-locks", though I know people have differing opinions.

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Some of my favourites:

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Old school Zelda and direct sequel to A Link to the Past.

  • Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates. I've also got Shadows of Valentia sitting on my SD card, but really don't have the energy for tactical RPGs anymore.

  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire was fun. Also enjoyed Pokémon Sun, even if just for Alolan Raichu. Love that surf rat.

  • Super Mario 3D Land, but I don't know how well it holds up, considering how much 3D World improved upon the formula. Should still be a fun play.

Also, Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure 3D, which was released on other systems waaaay before the 3DS port. I never managed to play any of its original releases, but I think I might have gotten it for free or something on 3DS because I don't remember buying it, but do remember enjoying it when I played it.

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Nah, I think it'd be called something like... Mozilla Attention Token.

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Still on Ace Attorney trilogy. Might take a break before heading into the second trilogy, but I'm about halfway through the third game.

While I'd played the first and some of the second game before, third is entirely new to me. The second chapter was pretty funny, even if it kind of went on a little too long.

I burst out laughing several times at how ridiculous it all was (which is saying a lot considering how ridiculous the series is), but the double jeopardy line at the end was the icing on the cake.

Like, I absolutely should have seen that coming because it was far too easy and I knew something was strange because of how obvious it was. Yet, I still carried on until a realised "Wait, what the fuck? I've just been played like a woodwind at a symphony."

DeLite is one of my new favourite characters. Unintentionally hilarious in the best way.

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If you enjoyed the first one, then yeah, definitely worth a shot.

It's basically more of the same, but with some added character development (Edgeworth in particular) and a bigger narrative arc going on in the background which starts after the first case in the second game.

The entire series is really good about balancing some more serious moments with over the top crazines as well, which I like.

There are two new game mechanics introduced in the second game, which some people like and some people find annoying. I don't really mind, but it does occasionally result in a bit of backtracking.

Also, if you like domineering women with whips, the big prosecutor you go up against for most of the second game is more than happy to whip literally everyone in the courtroom (and out of it, really).

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Lol, it's actually pretty funny.

On June 14, 2007, the Yes Men acted during Canada's largest oil conference in Calgary, Alberta, posing as ExxonMobil and National Petroleum Council (NPC) representatives. In front of more than 300 oilmen, the NPC was expected to deliver the long-awaited conclusions of a study commissioned by U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman. The NPC is headed by former ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond, who is also the chair of the study. When the Yes Men arrived at the conference they said that Lee Raymond (the promised speaker) was unable to make it due to a pressing situation with the president. The Yes Men then went on to give a presentation in place of Lee Raymond.

In the actual speech, the "NPC rep" announced that current U.S. and Canadian energy policies (notably the massive, carbon-intensive processing of Alberta's oil sands, and the development of liquid coal) are increasing the chances of huge global calamities. But he reassured the audience that in the worst-case scenario, the oil industry could "keep fuel flowing" by transforming the billions of people who would die into oil.

The project, called Vivoleum, would work in perfect synergy with the continued expansion of fossil fuel production. The oilmen listened to the lecture with attention, and then lit "commemorative candles". At this point, event security recognized the Yes Men and forced them off stage, and the 'punchline' — that the candles were made of Vivoleum obtained from the flesh of an "Exxon janitor" who died as a result of cleaning up a toxic spill — was not delivered to the audience, but only to reporters.

Love these kinds of protests. The fact that no one even bothered to verify anything and still listened without much resistance says a lot about these corpos. The candle thing is just the delicious cherry on top.

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LOL, I actually went looking for more about this specific prank and it gets better. The "janitor" was fucking Reggie Watts and they played this tribute during their "presentation" while people were confusingly looking at these strange candles.

I really need to check out the rest of their work. I'm very glad I learned about this group today.

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Thank you so much for introducing me to them! I wish I'd known about them sooner.

Some of this stuff is hilarious and the fact that they've been consistently doing this for so long is impressive.

I also love that he claimed it was a "hacker group" that added the code, and then it was "revealed" that he was "the leader" of the group.

The sheer creativity in fucking with people like that is admirable.

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It's been a few years, so I'm replaying the Ace Attorney games and enjoying myself.

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Ah, I responded to one of your comments in your other thread, but it's more relevant here.

Debian has several live ISOs with the Calamares installer that most other distros use, so it's as easy to install as any of those.

No need to use the more complicated setup. Boot up the live CD/USB and install like anything else.

If anything, the default install is filled with too many applications (at least the KDE one). Got all the office software, media players, a browser, and anything else that might be relevant. Even comes with a bunch of accessibility stuff like a screen reader preinstalled (but not configured).

Also, you can install Timeshift immediately and use it. Don't know why that's an issue. Yeah, it's not preinstalled, but it's super simple to install and run the first snapshot and have it do its thing in the background. (Actually, this goes for Fedora as well as several other distros which you've put in your recommendations, so it's not unique to Debian or Ubuntu.)

Honestly, even as someone who uses Timeshift and Debian, I've needed to use it waaaaaaay less than I ever did on Kubuntu. I don't know how someone who isn't tinkering is going to break the system enough to need Timeshift, really.

I'm not even sure if someone unfamiliar with Linux and not interested in the inner workings will even really understand the purpose or how to use Timeshift either. There are Windows users who have no idea about System Restore or how to use it, which is the closest equivalent.

Also, it's around two years between releases. Same as Ubuntu LTS, which Mint is based on (and Mint also has a Debian edition based on Debian Stable which they may move to at some point, if the burden of "fixing" Ubuntu becomes too much).

Its biggest problem for beginners is the upgrade process. Instead of just notifying you about a new release and offering to upgrade your whole system, it's usually on you to follow the release cycle and change the relevant lines in your sources.list, which isn't particularly user friendly.

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So, I don't know if you're aware, but Debian has live CDs/USBs with the same Calamares installer that so many other distros use. Pick any of the eight different DE ISOs and the installation process is identical to that of... pretty much everything.

It's all preconfigured (to the point where some might say there's a bit of bloat) and there's no need to go messing around with the more complicated stuff (although I'm not certain if it requires enabling the non-free repo separately or offers it on installation; that would be the only major issue).

My only problem with that installation method is that the default partition setup sticks with the traditional "half your RAM size" swap space, which I think is annoying. But if someone doesn't know or care about what swap is, there's no real problem with it.

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I decided to just randomly try Overwatch again.

So many changes since I last played.

It really does seem like they're just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Zero direction. Benefit of that? Pure chaos. As a Junk main (when I DPS, which isn't as often as it used to be), the lack of direction and wildly inconsistent game design speaks to me on an emotional level.

As usual, it's more enjoyable when you don't take it even remotely seriously and just fuck around. Turns out you can ironically accomplish more when you're not putting yourself and/or everyone else under pressure. Gives you incentive to experiment and pull off some weirdly effective shit that usually only works once, but still feels great anyway.

Win? Laugh. Lose? Laugh. It's not that serious.

I'll get sick of it soon and the toxicity will rear its head at some point, but right now I'm enjoying it for what it is, even if the game is an absolute shell of what it used to be.

Edit: Lol, already got sick of it again, so ditching that now.

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Just going to quickly shill for The Amelia Project as well. Really fantastic little show.

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En Garde!

Short, but fun. Sometimes a little frustrating, but I've played too many games recently which either take themselves too seriously or randomly try to hit "poignant" emotional beats.

This is just straight up swashbuckling cartoony fun that I totally need right now.

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You may enjoy perusing the various winners of the Ig Nobel Prize.

Some fantastic stuff in there.

Is it worth the effort? Do they have anything better to do? I'd say the answer to both of those is "maybe".

I personally enjoy these wild kinds of studies and hope they never stop.

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I think I might play the Tomb Raider Legend/Anniversary/Underworld trilogy. Just to get ready for the I - III remasters.

As much as I enjoy the newer trilogy, I really miss old campy Lara. The fun adventures that don't take themselves too seriously.

Edit: Man, I forgot how finicky the controls of these games can be.

Edit 2: No, seriously, fuck these controls. Anniversary feels like a nightmare to play. Legend had its control problems, but at least there wasn't platforming in literally every room. I can appreciate that it's got waaaaay more puzzles (I mean, it's a remake of the original), but that doesn't matter if the controls make the puzzles unnecessarily frustrating.

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After my bios splash, it shows „welcome to grub“ and then switches to the debian start menu for 3 seconds or so, then shows some terminal stuff and then starts kde splash and then login.

Yeah, the reason for this is that sometimes Debian doesn't enable Plymouth splash screens by default, so you just see the text stuff. It actually annoys me a bit.

Not on my computer at the moment, so I can't remember the exact packages you might need, but if I recall, they should be plymouth-themes and kde-config-plymouth (so that you can choose the splash screen theme in your system settings). You can also find other themes online, but I forgot the name of that website where all the stuff is. Pling? I think it's that.

Anyway, once you have the themes installed, you need to sudo edit /etc/default/grub and append "quiet splash" (with the quotes) to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= ("quiet" might already be there).

You can also change the value of GRUB_TIMEOUT= in that file to whatever your preference might be for the duration of grub's boot menu, but there might be other things you need to adjust in order to hide it completely and still be able to access it if necessary.

After that, run sudo update-grub so that it's using the new config and choose whichever theme you want in the system settings.

Alternatively, grub-customizer is a GUI app that you can install to do all of the above (which will also update grub when you save your changes). Just don't touch anything that's not relevant. Stick to just the duration of the grub boot menu and add the splash parameter. Ignore boot priority, etc.

It should feel less "slow" to start up once all that's sorted.

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Tried out Palworld a couple of days ago on Game Pass.

Not really my thing. People focused on the monster catching "Pokémon with guns" stuff, but it's still a survival/crafting/building game at its core, and I rarely ever enjoy those (there are like three exceptions total). Glad other people are enjoying it, though.

Might go back and replay Cassette Beasts at some point. Also, buy the deluxe edition with the DLC and all (I know it's small and short, but I don't mind) because the devs deserve every cent. Soundtrack as well, because it's fucking awesome.

Kind of funny how I never cared about "catching 'em all" when it came to any of the Pokémon games, but I was more than happy to record everything in CB given the right motivation.

EDIT: Yeah, Cassette Beasts has been fun again. Also, I really like the DLC monsters. It is short, but it's still a fun little experience. Started a new run with randomised monster locations and types and it feels like a different game entirely. Had to try a few times due to RNG fucking me on the first two runs, but third one is going well so far (although I don't know if I'll ever get used to Telekitty not being lightning).

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Yeah, Kubuntu's fine. It has some of the Snap stuff, but the "minimal install" greatly strips down unnecessary bullshit to the point where I even find vanilla Debian Plasma to be more bloated in comparison.

I used Kubuntu for most of my time on Linux before switching to Debian. Still fully recommend it as a basically "plug and play" distro with a quick installer that works OOTB.

There's also a KDE-specific backports PPA which gets you new Plasma and Qt stuff fairly quickly, but that works best on regular releases rather than LTS releases. (The only issue is that, because it uses Launchpad, the Plasma updates can be super fucking slow to download, regardless of your network speed).

Then again, if someone's going to be using LTS versions only, there's not really that much of a difference between it and Debian Stable in terms of DE updates.

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I expect Elder Scrolls VI to be similarly received. Although, it seems that after Starfield, people are definitely beginning to temper their expectations of the new TES game.

Also announced far too early and it'll probably only start major development later this year once the Starfield DLC is out (at best), and that'll last for about four years, but more likely somewhere around five, which means it'll probably be released about five to six years from now, which is... At least 11 years after announcing it (2018) and a full 18+ years after Skyrim.

Someone could literally have been born after Skyrim and begun college by the time TES VI is released. It's fucking wild.

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But movie streaming is a HOT MESS right now. I looked up the X-Men movie franchise the other day for some reason. No joke, it's split across 3 or 4 different streaming services!

Dunkey made a pretty hilarious video about this a few days ago.

The Pokémon bit was especially funny.

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I finished Cassette Beasts a couple of days ago and now I can never go back to Pokémon.

I honestly can't sing its praises enough.

Don't even know if I can play any other monster tamers now. Still, I might pick up Coromon and/or Nexomon: Extinction or something else at some point, but man, Cassette Beasts absolutely spoiled me.

Highly recommend to anyone who'd like some chill vibes (with some dark moments to make for good contrast) and no significant stress in terms of strategy. Like, yeah, it technically matters when it comes to type advantages, but sometimes it's just fun to fuck around and see what fusions you can come up with, regardless of type.

Oh, and if you like games where you aren't restricted to gender norms and can romance anyone of any gender, also a good option.

I feel like if you enjoyed the vibe of games like Stardew Valley or Spiritfarer or (going old school here) Chrono Trigger, you'll probably enjoy this, even if the gameplay is entirely different.

Honestly, even if you enjoy Pokémon but might be sick of it for whatever reason, it's a nice change of pace as well. It has enough in common to feel familiar, but sets itself apart in a bunch of ways which make it stand entirely on its own.

Music is also great, though you might get sick of one song that repeats. And repeats. And repeats.

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Tell your friends I fucking loved their game and can never go back to Pokémon again because they've absolutely spoiled me.

Also, tell them 70% of my time ended up with me playing as Khufo and using Wonderful 7 far, far too much. Love that design (I didn't even realise it wasn't the default Allseer transformation until I looked online later).

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If Hades didn't have God Mode (which actually works in a pretty interesting way and isn't just invincibility or whatever), I would have given up incredibly quickly.

Once I enabled it, shit started to actually feel fun for me.

Now it's one of my favourite ever games.

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Having just finished Shadow Gambit a few hours ago, I can kind of agree.

I loved it, but it did reach a point where it felt like it was going on too long and overusing some of the maps.

Regardless, if people prefer pirates over samurai/ninja or the Wild West, Shadow Gambit plays to its strengths and feels like an actual pirate game which takes a fair amount of inspiration from Ron Gilbert (of Monkey Island fame) and other swashbuckling adventures, which works out pretty nicely.

Quirky crew, pretty lighthearted, and doesn't take itself all that seriously for the most part.

It's fun, but can maybe overstay its welcome for some people. Best to play it over several sessions instead of diving into everything and rushing it, otherwise it's going to feel a bit tedious.

After the several hours I spent on the final mission (which I mostly enjoyed, but for a few frustrating moments), I definitely feel I need a well-deserved break. I'll get to the post-game later, which I actually do want to do at some point.

(And for the DLC, playing Shadow Tactics first and then playing the Yuki DLC for Gambit after is the best way to experience her character arc as well. I mean, it's not super necessary, since she works fine standalone. But the relationship between her and Kuma is much sweeter once you know how it came about.)

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I'm sad they're shutting down, but glad it was their decision.

I don't think there's anyone who does (did) stealth tactics like them, and there aren't a ton of games in the genre to begin with, so I'll miss them quite a lot.

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I find their last DLC awfully expensive, but I think I'll buy them anyway, as I really loved all their games (bought desperados 3 day 1, same for shadow gambit, and no regrets).

I find the Zagan DLC to be a bit boring, but he's got some really interesting abilities.

Yuki is just fucking perfect, though. She might even be a little OP. Also, she adopted Kuma. It's great.

It also carries forward her story from Shadow Tactics in an interesting way, but remains subtle enough that no one has to have played that before to enjoy her character.

I bought the DLC at full price because I'd already gotten the base game on sale (also because the DLC hasn't gone on sale and I wanted to finish up the collection before year's end).

Honestly, could definitely have done without the Zagan DLC. I'd only get it if you really like his abilities (they can be legitimately fun at times) and the darker tone of his story. Otherwise, no need.

Yuki was worth every cent, though.

It's also fun chopping everyone into wood. Her passive is basically "everyone she kills turns into a block of wood that guards don't notice or care about".

Link up with John and Quentin/Suleidy, and you'll never have to drag any dead body into bushes or throw them in the ocean ever again.

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Decided to finish up my Mimimi collection now that they're shutting down and I'm now in full stealth tactics mode.

I've been playing Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew and man, I never realized how much I miss tactical stealth games. Having so much fun.

Immediately made a beeline for the Yuki (from Shadow Tactics) DLC as soon as the option opened up.

Love that rascal and her having adopted Kuma is just perfect.

It has a super varied cast of characters as well, and I haven't unlocked them all yet, but enjoying the ones I have so far.

I also find it kind of funny how "save-scumming" is treated as an integral mechanic in the game. Like, you don't have to do it at all, but if you want to, the game encourages you to enjoy it and not feel bad about it as long as you're having fun.

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I started playing The Outer Worlds basically right after Starfield, and it's hard to come up with anything that Starfield did better, honestly. This is just a better version of that, for the most part, and with a good sense of humor on top of that.

Lol, I've actually been thinking of replaying it at some point because as soon as I started becoming frustrated with Starfield, I remembered that we already have a way better "Fallout in space" game.

Also, Parvati is my fellow ace BFF. So fucking happy I got to connect with a character, help her find romance, and not be the fucking center of attention for once. Wish RPGs did that more.

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Probably inevitable considering Jeremy Soller is the lead dev on Redox while also currently contributing to COSMIC.

To be honest, I'm surprised COSMIC isn't the default, but it's likely due to display server stuff that isn't part of Redox (Wayland, etc.).

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It's a bit hidden in the FAQ, but here you go.

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Edit: Lol, wrote a whole thing about Elite: Dangerous here since I was about to start it.

As predicted, not for me.

Trying out Deathloop. It's not bad, but also kind of just makes me yearn for older Arkane. I do enjoy the setting and humor, and the '60s spy-fi vibe and artstyle is great.

Just feels like it's missing something. It might be that the whole thing is in like bite sizes as opposed to the usual "wide open levels" of other immersive sims.

A quick run through a mission takes a few minutes. They get longer as the game goes on and each Loop itself can take a bit of time to finish, but it also feels a bit like it rushes you with to the whole "times of day" thing instead of really letting you take your time and soak it all in.

All said, it's got charm and is pretty fun. Less emphasis on stealth than I expected, but I can still generally stealth through most of it.

Also, I thought Dunkey's video with all the kicking was just him being, well, him. But the kick is actually very versatile (sometimes feeling a little, but not too, OP) and does make for some pretty funny moments.

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Okay, I'm really enjoying Deathloop now. At first I wasn't super feeling it, but as it went on, it seems to have become kind of like "Dishonored, but if it didn't take itself seriously at all".

Part immersive sim, part detective/puzzle game, part rogue-lite.

Has a lot in common with the Sexy Brutale as well, which is interesting, but plays very differently.

Weapons are fun and I love the '60s spy-fi vibe, so I'm enjoying it.

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Styx: Master of Shadows. Been meaning to play it for years.

On paper, I should be enjoying the fuck out of this. Stealth is my favorite genre, I enjoy fantasy, and it even reminds me a little of Thief in some aspects (mainly art design and some of the mechanics).

Yet, I'm just not enjoying it. I don't know why. Maybe it's the skill tree gating basic abilities like aerial/ledge kills, but I never had an issue with the skill tree or gated abilities in something like Dishonored, just as an example.

Maybe I'm finding the AI overly aggressive and hyper aware, but I rarely have that problem with most other stealth games, some of which do have acutely aware enemies who'll spot you immediately.

Maybe it's that it feels like there are just too many guards/enemies in each level, while also feeling cramped (like there's oftentimes no corner you turn without a new enemy to deal with), which makes it crowded and much more difficult to navigate.

Maybe I'm just not vibing with the controls or the story or something.

I honestly don't know. It just doesn't feel fun for some reason, despite checking nearly all my boxes. It's missing something that I can't quite put my finger on.

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Charrua Soccer.

Man, I miss these pure arcade football games. Feels a bit like FIFA circa early 2000s, although a lot more fast-paced, no commentary, and no offsides. I would have said FIFA Street, but this sticks with the general rules, stays eleven-aside, and without super powers (although you do get some crazy screamers from outside the box and knocking in a bicycle kick feels ridiculously fun).

A little bit like Redcard in terms of silliness, though it’s been a couple of decades since I played that.

Also, bonus for having women’s teams and leagues/cups. Only about four (maybe five, I’ve forgotten) cups/leagues in total, but that’s just a touch less than FC 24 which has two women’s tournaments and five leagues.

When I saw the “store”, I was immediately all, “oh, fuck no” only to realize we’re doing good ol’ PS2-era stuff where you actually unlock things by playing (earn coins from games, buy random shit).

Now I need to try the other one I bought, Kopatino All-Stars Soccer. Looks wild with all the powers and gameplay modifiers and what have you.

Edit: Lol, Kopatino is basically a “cute” version of Redcard. No rules, foul the fuck out of everyone because no cards, score crazy goals. Powers can also result in some funny scenarios. Turns out you can teleport yourself with the ball directly into the opposing goal net because why the fuck not.

All that said, I can see myself getting a bit bored of these because I get the sense that they’re geared heavily toward multiplayer (offline included). They do have a shit ton of stuff to do, though, even single player, so who knows. Probably best for short sessions here and there, rather than longterm.

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EA FC 24 is so unrealistic.

Imagine Barcelona Feminí actually conceding more than like 2 goals in an average Liga F game IRL.


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Huh, didn’t even realize it had started.

Taking a look at my wishlist, and seems like I’ve got enough in my wallet to snag a couple of heavy sale games purely from all the cards I’ve sold on the marketplace.

May not get anything, though. Got tons of other shit to play and I’m not aching for anything in particular, although Charrua Soccer and Kopanito All-Star Soccer might be options because I want some good old fashioned arcade football and they seem fun enough.

Oh, and Shadow Gambit and Desperados 3, mainly because getting them now is one of the last opportunities to actually have the money go directly to Mimimi (the developers), who are shutting down end of year (which at least was their own choice and not because some publisher/holding company fired them).

Edit: Oh, I might get one of Frogware’s Sherlock games. Don’t know what the consensus is on the newer ones.

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Edit of original comment:

Loaded up Vampyr after ditching it a while ago. Remembered why I didn’t enjoy it and ditched it again.

Took a break, listened to some podcasts, saw Jusant finally got an accessibility update which makes it actually playable for me, so going to spend some more time with that, since I can actually enjoy it without destroying my wrists now.

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