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chunkystyles ,

This was the first movie I wanted to walk out of. I hated it so much.

Apart from everything else wrong with the movie, the events that I remember the most is Gerard Butler's character chugging a pint of vodka, running through the battlefield to a truck, puking into the gas tank, then driving off to escape.

chunkystyles ,

8 hours active battery life doesn't sound good?

Sounds like a lot, to me.

chunkystyles ,

Going on a long car trip in winter as a kid sucked so hard. Parents are in the front seats, you're in the back. They're smoking more often than normal because of boredom. You're freezing your ass off because they're cracking the window, and the smoke is awful.

chunkystyles , (edited )

GME folks are fucking Looney Toons. In ten years they'll still be trying to figure out how to own the float. Whether or not GME even exists by then.

chunkystyles ,

Yep, you got me, got GME and DRS mixed up a bit.

chunkystyles ,

It's very different. I've only just created a party and watched some tutorials, but I have a general idea of what it's going for, and it's nearly the polar opposite of fortress mode.

What's a common occurrence in your hobby that you think shouldn't be?

For me it's driving while under the influence. If you couldn't tell, I like me some ganja. However I have long since held the belief that it is utterly insane to drive while under the influence of most substances, with maybe nicotine and caffeine being the exception. All too often I see other stoners smoking and driving, which I...

chunkystyles ,

I fly a paramotor. For me, it's reckless behavior. Other pilots doing dumb shit like flying over hazards with no "outs". That just means flying in a way where if your motor were to die, you'd be forced to land in a bad place. Causing you to injure yourself or others, and also potentially damage property. Also pilots who are a nuisance and piss off the public. It makes us all look bad.

A common saying in the sport is DBAD, didyn't be a dick. But some don't abide, and be a dick.

chunkystyles ,

My understanding is this was his first flight of any kind in any aircraft

Probably self-trained, too. That's not uncommon in paramotor. Paramotor can be an incredibly safe, and cheap way to fly. But without good instruction, there's a lot of ways to get yourself killed. Ending up in a tree is probably one of the better outcomes for that guy.

and it was made solo in a paramotor at a busy airfield.

I don’t know if his engine gave out or if he made some glaringly bad decisions

I'm going with poor decision making all around.

I wonder if they gave up, or if they killed themselves.

I wouldn't be surprised if they got something built, and scared themselves shitless the first time they got in the air with it and never touched it again.

Every now and then we'll see a complete newbie ask about building their own paramotor to save some money which is insane because a full, brand new beginner kit costs in the neighborhood of $10k-$15k brand new. Used gear can easily be half that.

Building your own gear is insanely dangerous, because if it's configured incorrectly, you can easily end up in a dangerous situation like a torque twist where the motor twists the risers of the paraglider and spins you around underneath it. That situation is often fatal. And newbies just don't know these things.

And the icing on the shit cake is that these types often have a chip on their shoulder. They get indignant that we recommend paying for training and tell newcomers that they don't need to waste the money on training.

He was not carrying a radio.

I have a radio, I know how to use it. I almost never carry it just because my motor spark causes so much interference that it makes it unusable. I'd like to figure out a way to shield that interference, but I haven't done it, yet. I fly out of a small, not-busy uncontrolled airport, but I'd really rather not be near an airport if I could help it. I'd much rather fly from just a regular grass field if I had access to one.

chunkystyles ,

It is a magneto, and it's a super common issue. I've seen some have success with shielding the wire from the magneto to the spark plug. I just need to try that.

chunkystyles ,

it’s tough to find schools and instructors who can give you meaningful instruction for them.

These days, paramotor instructors are easy to find, and fairly plentiful, especially if you're willing to travel. The real catch is determining the quality of the instruction. There are a fair number of grifters and bad actors in the sport that lure in unsuspecting newcomers.

I think it's a lack of standardization, at least in part.

chunkystyles ,

Paramotor training works differently, though.

I travelled for training to Florida. I stayed there for 2 weeks and did nothing but training. We'd do any flights in the morning and evening, and then instruction in the middle of the day when the air is no good for flying.

Not all schools operate like that, but many do. The other type, where you spread the training out as weather permits, those are suited more for locals.

Second, there is no licensing in paramotor. There is a governing body that offers ratings, but it's not required, and honestly, I've never once needed to prove my rating to participate in events.

I know for a fact there are several instructors out there who have no USPPA ratings. I'd personally not use one of those instructors, or recommend them, but they do exist.

The better instructors, in my opinion, will do an introductory tandem flight or two. Another option is towing, where the student is hooked up to a winch with a paraglider and a short flight happens where the student gets to land without the motor on their back. In my training, I got both of these. Two tandem flights and three flights with towing. But some instructors do neither of these things.

chunkystyles ,

are tandem powered paraglider flights done under an administrator’s waiver?

It's exactly this.

Reading the website you linked, I struggle to understand the experience requirements for a tandem instructor.

Now, I'm not an instructor, and the highest rating I've attained is PPG2. So some of this I'm a bit fuzzy on because my info is 3rd hand. My understanding is there are no hard and fast requirements. I know that for the ratings, there are written tests you have to pass that are done by the USPPA. As far as the waivers go, I think it's just up to the administrator. From what I understand, there's a bit of an epidemic of administrators who will just give out waivers for cash. I've heard of at least one that will do it for as little as $1500.

FAR 103 and ultralights are pretty chaotic. There's very little structure to any of it.

chunkystyles ,

R&D is very expensive. I have no idea what the margins on these devices are, but I imagine it's a tough market.

chunkystyles ,

I've never consumed either media of that story. But I thoroughly enjoyed Dan Olson's take.

chunkystyles ,

Thanks, forgot to delete that.

chunkystyles ,

You started it.

You want an argument? Present one.

chunkystyles ,

The word you're looking for is "pique" and it sounds like peak.

chunkystyles ,

Yes, but there's some context, there.

NJ is next door, and there's a definite bias against NJ in PA. I've seen it personally.

I can't speak for what extra context there may be in this case, though.

Regarding sublinks and feeling concerned about what is going on with it ( )

Right now, I'm feeling concerned and wondering what is going on in regards to Sublinks here, since I have created a community for discussion on koalas about a week ago on here and have started and been doing work on it recently. But now I'm hearing about Sublinks and feeling concerned if I created it on the wrong instance or the...

chunkystyles ,

it's Spring Boot too, which I'm fairly sure most of the industry is trying to move away from.

That would be news to me, someone in the industry, who works with Spring Boot.

Got anything to back that up?

chunkystyles ,

Tarn and Zach deserve all the best.

I know I don't know them personally, but I believe they are wonderful people. Every time I see or read an interview of them, I'm endeared to then even more.

chunkystyles ,

I really enjoyed the game, until it came to beating it on the harder difficulties. I lost steam when I had all the decks unlocked except for the ones that require bearing the higher difficulties. I did normal, and the next harder one.

chunkystyles ,

I really enjoyed that game, despite its faults, and despite the loud folks yelling about how it was the worst game ever. I put around 150 hours into it.

chunkystyles ,

DS3 is my favorite. I have to fight the urge to play it again fairly regularly. It's an oddly soothing game to play.

chunkystyles ,

I used to be very anti CVT. Then I bought a 3.6R Subaru Outback. I pull a 5x8 enclosed trailer with it and the biggest giveaway that you're hauling anything is the gas mileage. So they ain't all bad.

chunkystyles ,

Those are part of your sex, not your gender.

chunkystyles ,

The inferior sandwich to a croque madame.

The BBC Won't Use AI to Promote Doctor Who Again After Being Yelled at by Fans ( )

The backlash was immediate, but it didn’t stop the BBC from using text generated by LLMs—and purportedly checked and copy-edited by a human before approval—in two marketing emails and mobile push notifications to advertise Doctor Who. But now, the corporation will stop the experimentation entirely after a wave of official...

chunkystyles ,

I had just recently looked to see if there were any community Hellgate: London servers still up, and there are.

Definitely interested in this project.

chunkystyles ,

I don't know anything about whether it is or isn't profitable.

But in this current iteration of the capitalist system we live in, profit isn't enough. Unlimited growth is the only metric. If you stop growing at double digit rates, then you've failed.

chunkystyles ,

I personally believe that this is what some of these employers want, including my own. They want to reduce headcount without paying severance or unemployment.

chunkystyles ,

Unfortunately, most don't understand the system, don't know their rights, and won't pursue it.

chunkystyles ,

There's the "Seven Up!" series by the BBC. They filmed a bunch of kids at age 7, and then again at 14, 21, 28, etc.

The first was filmed in 1964 and 63 Up was filmed in 2019.

chunkystyles ,

He defaults on the loans. If he owns a building, has a $500 M loan on it, and it gets sold via this process, he gets no money, unless the sale goes over what he owes for the judgement. But the loan is still in place and he still owes the $500 M.

chunkystyles ,

The problem is capitalism, in general. But more specifically, it's the current era of capitalism where line must always go up. Growth must be infinite.

chunkystyles ,

Doesn't make Tarn wrong.

I feel it's important to note that the brothers worked on this game for nearly twenty years, giving it away for free.

chunkystyles ,


You're saying this in a thread about a game that is literally free and has been the passion project of two brothers for nearly 20 years.

You might not see games like GTA or CoD. Might not. But even that's still possible.

chunkystyles ,

under communism you wouldn’t have games or at least nothing like we have today.

My brother in Christ, I was refuting your point.

chunkystyles ,

It for sure could, they're talking completely out of their ass.

chunkystyles ,

If DF never existed, we would've missed out on so many amazing games it directly and indirectly inspired.

chunkystyles ,

you can still hit the toilet.

My world was changed when in my thirties, I realized that if you sit to pee, you don't have to even open your eyes to aim.

No more missing, no more having to bother with lights. Game changer.

chunkystyles ,

Diablo 3 is so much more fun than 4.

I started season 3 in D4, after skipping season 2 and not finishing season 1. I got to level 45 or so, read that D3's newest season was awesome, so I figured I'd check it out. Never went back to D4.

D3, for all its faults, is so much more fun and engaging.

chunkystyles ,

Starbucks accepted the union. The union won.

Not that I'm saying you should support Starbucks, but at least they stopped the union busting.

chunkystyles , (edited )

Same here. My only issue is sometimes I mix up some card suits due to the lower resolution and smaller screen size, and because I'm not paying close enough attention, end up playing a high card hand instead a flush.

Might help to turn off the scanline effect.

Otherwise it's a perfect Deck game.

Biden uses feisty State of the Union to contrast with Trump, sell voters on a second term ( )

That was one of the more interesting SOTU addresses I've seen. Personally, I think he said most of the things that needed to be said, and he said them reasonably well. I'm sure he's going to get some flack for attacking Trump directly (though not by name), but I was frankly glad to see it. Doing otherwise makes it seem like it's...

chunkystyles ,

No one is talking about Putin. You're just changing the topic because you don't know how to argue in good faith.

George Santos is running for Congress ( )

Tonight, I want to announce that I will be returning to the arena of politics and challenging Nick [LaLota] for the battle over #NY1,” Santos told Semafor in a statement. “I look forward to debating him on the issues and on his weak record as a Republican. The fight for our majority is imperative for the survival of the...

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