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Welcome to the Madness-Hazard Zone known as Sin Kitty!

Belle of the House Noir, the Second of Her Name, Clan of the Moon, Eldritch Goth Witch of the Wolves and the Black Feathers, Demilady of Darkside Royalty and Catwoman of the Fedi Cobb Squad

“So sure I've got some wiring issues, some bugs I can't patch, but I'm not hurting anyone and I’m not broken- just a little glitchy, I still run just fine. And those glitches are why I'm here and why I'm talking to you.” - Naomi Wu ‘Sexy Cyborg’

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stina_marie , to horror
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📽️ What's a horror movie that you feel is so: striking, unique, disturbing, profound, &/or beautiful that it transcends to the level of ART?
(Not for just a scene, or moments, or even a performance, but for the ENTIRE film.)

Four that immediately occurred to me:

The Shining
The Devils
The Wolf House
There Will Be Blood

I can think of more but I'm curious what YOU all think...

I have to go eat & do stuff but I'll be back on later to see what you all said!


bellenoir ,
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@stina_marie @horror Lords of Salem and Where The Devil Roams

stina_marie , to horror
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My order came in today!
So happy- I got all of these at GREAT prices during their Clearance sale and I had none of them on Blu-ray. It's going to be whole new experiences watching them! 😍


bellenoir ,
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@stina_marie @horror I really need to rewatch the Hellraiser series again. It has been way too long!

izzyamar , to 3goodthings
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Posting is a lovely counterpoint to all the negativity; it's helpful to be reminded that there's reason to be grateful.

  1. My mom was overjoyed when she came home yesterday to find that I'd unpacked and hung up a lot of her family photos. She kept saying how cozy the new place feels now!

  2. I had Wawa mashed potatoes and meatballs for lunch. An absolutely yummy combo!

  3. Found a Michael Crawford CD in my grandmother's old stuff. I'm psyched!


bellenoir ,
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@izzyamar I’m here if you need someone to talk to 💜

stina_marie , to horror
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This was supposed to be the meme I shared this morning, but I am in a sleepy delirium

🩸🔪 (CH CH CH AH AH AH) 🔪🩸


bellenoir ,
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@stina_marie @horror Better late than never!


kimlockhartga , to bookstodon
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@bookstodon Tomorrow (today in Australia and New Zealand) is Awareness Day. What really good novels have you read that feature older protagonists?

These come to my mind:

Remnant Population, Elizabeth Moon

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead, Olga Tokarczuk

Deacon King Kong, James McBride

We Spread, Iain Reid

Old God's Time, Sebastian Barry

bellenoir ,
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@kimlockhartga @bookstodon Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. Also, the Bill Hodges trilogy.

bellenoir , to horror
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@stina_marie @horror Continuing my Friday the 13th rewatch with Jason X!

bellenoir OP ,
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@stina_marie @horror Yes! My partner has never seen it! I loved the Holodeck scene, though. :geordi:

stina_marie , to horrorbooks
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@bookstodon Now that it's October, let's do a Five Fave Modern Horror book list.

My contemporary spooky reads top five (in no particular order):

  1. You Should Have Left, Daniel Kehlmann

  2. A Head Full of Ghosts, Paul Tremblay

  3. Experimental Film, Gemma Files

  4. The Croning, Laird Barron

  5. Revival, Stephen King

This idea was @kimlockhartga's & I think it's a great one. Share your faves!


bellenoir ,
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@stina_marie @kimlockhartga @horrorbooks

I have seriously fallen down on my horror reading but…

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

The Jersey Devil by Aurelio Voltaire

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

bellenoir ,
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@stina_marie @kimlockhartga @horrorbooks It’s very nostalgic to 80s horror movies! A really fun read!

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