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Under UK law they're not allowed to remove citizenship if it would render the person stateless. However, when the UK was investigating whether they'd have to take her back (and they really didn't want to), they realized that she [has? is entitled to?] Bangladeshi citizenship, something that neither she nor the Bangladeshi government was aware of. So they stripped her of her UK citizenship and said that she was now Bangladesh's problem. Bangladesh (to put it politely) disagrees, so she remains in a Syrian camp.

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does that imply that ISIS was actually the good guys?

For me, it comes down to how much damage the group does to the people under it's control. ISIS and the Taliban seem to be rather brutal and repressive to the civilians, especially women: women must wear Islamic clothes, can't go to school for long, can't go out alone, etc etc. Admittedly I'm less familiar with Hamas, but I just haven't seen stories of that kind of brutality from them.

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Car manufacturers want to get rid of AM radio, particularly in electric vehicles which produce interference which hinders clear reception. Opponents want to retain AM radio, arguing it's a more effective means of communicating with large numbers of people during and after a disaster. Don't [@me: I don't have enough knowledge to argue either side, just enough to have a vague idea what the debate is about.]

athos77 ,

Steele produced an intelligence dossier. It listed facts, extrapolations and rumors and it clearly labeled which items were which. Iirc, the pee tape was listed as a persistent rumor out of Russia that he couldn't corroborate, but that he also couldn't definitely label as false.

Nex Benedict's mom raises doubts about police statements: It's a "big cover" (

The mother of Nex Benedict — the non-binary Oklahoma teen who was assaulted in a school bathroom and died the following day — is raising doubts about statements released by the local police. On Wednesday, the Owasso Police posted a statement to the department's Facebook page, which appeared to defend the Owasso High School's...

athos77 ,

They should have an independent autopsy.

Judge formally says Trump owes $454 million in civil fraud case, countdown starts for him to put up the money for appeal (

A New York judge on Friday formally ordered Donald Trump to pay $454 million, including interest, a move that will give the former president one month to post nearly half a billion dollars to appeal the fraud verdict....

athos77 ,

No no no. Trump actually provided a list of the New York-based properties* he most wants to keep, we should start with those.

  • NY based, because that's where they're run from, not necessarily where they're located. And I think it's a slightly old list because I believe he sold the Old Post Office, but it's still a nice list of initial targets that he'll be most upset by.
athos77 ,

The cheapest one is apparently in the town next door. It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 984 square foot single family home built in 1955, on a third-of-an-acre lot with no HOA.

All the pictures are of the outside only, so I'm assuming the inside is pure shit. However, I also have to assume it's some kind of liveable shit, because the places that aren't liveable generally have to list as "0 bedrooms".

It's $60,000, in south/central New Jersey. Or $665 per month, which includes 30 year mortgage as well as property taxes.

athos77 ,

At a minimum, it's dependent on who's in office: if they have the info, someone else can come into office and charge you until the statute of limitations expire. And if they decide it's murder, the statute never expires.

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Israel: steals land and builds illegal settlement in West Bank

Palestinians: shoot at illegal occupiers

Israel: steals more land and builds more illegal settlements

Also Israel: Why would Palestinians do that?

athos77 ,

After WWII, Germany considered the occupying Allied powers to be, well, occupiers. You know what really changed West Germany's attitude and shifted them from resentment to better cooperation? The Berlin Airlift. They saw that the West was determined to not-abandon then to the Russians, which gave the Western powers massive credibility with the people. It's just a shame that the West has so readily abandoned all credibility with the Arab world.

athos77 ,

She should lead by example then and start wearing a burka.

athos77 ,


athos77 ,

Currently owes:

  • over $900,000 in [mostly federal] taxes
  • Almost $40,000 to two golf clubs [including Mar-a-Lago]
  • $1,360,000 to his longtime lawyer
  • $387,000 to the law firm he got after the FBI raided his apartment
  • $148,000,000 to the Georgia election workers he defamed

May end up owing:

  • The "What's up, scumbag?" guy is suing for $2,000,000
  • Lawsuit from Dominion Voting
  • Lawsuit from Smartmatic voting
  • Lawsuit from Hunter Biden
  • Lawsuit from a woman who has accused Giuliani of sexual assault and harassment

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    When she inquired with Tesla about the cancellation, she was told the decision came from upper management.

    athos77 ,

    The CEO who got paid $193,000,000 last year?

    Reddit: 'We Are in the Early Stages of Monetizing Our User Base' (

    Reddit said in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission that its users’ posts are “a valuable source of conversation data and knowledge” that has been and will continue to be an important mechanism for training AI and large language models. The filing also states that the company believes “we are in the early...

    athos77 ,

    You know how spez was bitching about how reddit never made a profit? Yeah, now we know why. You know what his compensation was last year? $193,000,000. Fuck that arrogant prick.

    athos77 ,

    Yeah, and they gave the COO like another 93 million. Yet somehow we're the "landed gentry".

    athos77 ,

    It's why they released news of the actual IPO on the same day they released the news of Google buying our data: they want to tie reddit and Google together in the public's mine, make reddit seem better than it is.

    athos77 OP ,

    spez got 193 million, Wong got the rest. He now says that they're "in the process of monetizing their users". Fuck spez.

    athos77 ,

    Eh, I mean she could've had a grand mal seizure or something. I agree it's much more likely that she was killed, but there are other possibilities.

    athos77 ,

    In other news, spez's compensation from reddit last year was $193 million, and it's COO got a cool $93 million.

    C'mon, spez, tell us again how horrible it's been that reddit's never made a profit.

    athos77 ,

    Solar flares take 36-48 hours to reach Earth.

    Tips for falljng back to sleep

    I wake up at 3am to 4am daily as a neighbor makes noise walking their dog. This cannot be helped. Once I am awake, my mind won't stop going over details about everything from the mundane to the critical. Often, I am able to fall asleep again after three or more hours of wakefulness, but only minutes before I have to wake for the...

    athos77 ,

    Have you tried a white noise generator, to stop you waking up in the first place? I use TMSoft (apple, Android, pc, web browser). I use a combination of pink noise, rain and thunder - the thunder especially helps with bass notes like garbage trucks and lawn mowers.

    You can import your own sounds, use sounds other people uploaded, make your own mixes, change the relative intensity of different sounds (I usually have the pink noise faded behind the rain), change pitch and speed and variability of individual sounds (the rain is pitched a little too high and fast for me to fall asleep to, so I slowed it down and made it deeper), etc. Very nice little app, but try any white noise generator, really.

    It might also be a combination of other things making you sleep less deeply at that time. So maybe blackout curtains or a sleep mask, pee before you go to bed, etc etc etc.

    athos77 ,

    Well, I mean, the kid is already injured but they don't have his guns yet!! /S /S /S

    athos77 ,

    He won the popular vote by taking the country into an unjustified war because he has daddy issues.

    athos77 ,

    He's fucking petty, all right. A writer wrote something once about his small hands, and Trump spent the next couple decades sending him copies of newspaper or magazine articles where his hands were pictured, with a note saying something to the effect of "see, they're not small".

    athos77 ,

    You know, given how angry Trump was at Snoop Dogg, I wonder how much the pardon cost?

    athos77 ,

    Sandy Hook families holding about $1.5 billion in defamation judgments [...] a competing plan submitted by Jones that would allow him to reorganize by preserving parts of his media empire and paying the group at least $5.5 million a year over 10 years

    Literally pennies on the dollar.

    His house in Austin, that he bought for a couple million dollars, he sold to his wife in 2022 for the grand total of ten dollars. They're going to claw that back from him for trying to hide it. And then they're going to force him to sell it because Texas bankruptcy law only keeps your house in a city or town safe from bankruptcy seizure if it's one acre or less. And the lot his house is on is 1.089 acres - such a shame!

    athos77 ,

    Oh no, not the rich people's yacht money!

    athos77 ,

    They're YouTubers, probably thought they'd get more views and their money would go farther in Russia.

    Israel says it will launch Rafah assault if hostages not freed by Ramadan (

    A member of Israel’s war cabinet has said the country will launch its threatened ground offensive against Rafah, the last place of relative safety in Gaza, if Hamas does not release its remaining Israeli hostages by the beginning of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan in just under three weeks....

    athos77 ,

    They're going to launch the Rafah assault anyway, why would Hamas give up their one bargaining point?

    athos77 ,

    Last year, Jeff Bezos bought half a billion dollars worth of residential homes. It took him all of two days to accumulate that money.

    athos77 ,
    • and the West Bank.

    The article (and the Israelis in other articles) have said they want any relocation to be voluntary, then goes on to say quiet bit out loud:

    Israeli communications minister Shlomo Karhi described exactly and clearly what they mean: “‘voluntary,’” Karhi explained, is “a state you impose [on someone] until they give their consent.”

    athos77 ,

    Former Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt was nominated to be an elector if former President Donald Trump won the state in 2020, but after Trump lost, Hitt and nine other Republican electors met at the state capitol and signed documents falsely claiming Trump won.

    Hitt said lawyers told him the documents they were signing were meaningless unless Trump's legal team won its lawsuit seeking to dismiss over 200,000 votes in two Democratic counties.

    Hitt said he was advised that if a court ruled in Trump's favor and he and the other Republicans did not meet and sign the documents on Dec. 14, 2020 — when the Democratic electors were required to meet to cast their votes for President Biden — he would be responsible for Trump forfeiting Wisconsin.

    ] "It was not a safe time," he said. "If my lawyer is right, and the whole reason Trump loses Wisconsin is because of me, I would be scared to death."

    The Republican Party is full of cowards, each claiming to be only 'doing their jobs' and then claiming afterward that they knew something was wrong.

    "Oftentimes phone calls would start by 6 in the morning, and wouldn't end until 10:30 at night," he said.

    Yeah, I'd vote against anyone calling me at 6 in the morning.

    athos77 ,

    Spez has spent his entire time as CEO chasing the latest tech shiny - reddit crypto, reddit NFTs, reddit video a la TikTok. And he's always managed to do it after the craze has started to peak. So now he's chasing the latest shiny, reddit AI, starting a full year after everyone else already released their products.

    He's late yet again, and he's proven repeatedly that's he's failed to understand reddit's greatest strengths and value. This "reddit AI content" and the IPO is his last chance to get some value out of reddit, and his last chance to make money for nothing because no one is going to hire him in a leadership role ever again. I just wonder if he's smart enough to understand that, or whether he's just hoping to get enough money to fully build out and stock his personal doomsday bunker.

    athos77 ,

    They said years ago that they only kept one previous version, which is why everyone overwrote and then deleted their stuff.

    It's possible that reddit changed that, but honestly? That requires a level of foresight that I believe is entirely beyond spez. He didn't foresee AI products, he literally paid all the bandwidth for them to harvest the data, he didn't foresee changes to API pricing, he didn't foresee the protests, how long they'd last, or how many people just walked away.

    Hell, in the previous big "closed subs" protest they'd never even considered a moderator rebellion: once the mods took the subs private, the admins were accidentally locked out as well - they had to negotiate to get them re-opened while they worked on backdoor changes that wouldn't break reddit.

    I just don't see them having the foresight to add in preservation code, nor to allocate the database and storage space to keep up with it. I think if you overwrote and then deleted your stuff, reddit doesn't have it anymore. Of course, it's still out there, in Google's cache and the internet archive and all the other snapshots she preservation schemes and the data already harvested for the various AIs, but at least it's no longer indeed reddit's control, and they won't be able to profit from it.

    athos77 ,

    Aka, if we pretend to vaguely do something with no consequences for not following through, we can argue that we're responsive and self-regulating, and hopefully avoid real regulation with teeth.

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  • athos77 ,

    Boris Nadezhdin is working on appealing the order preventing him from running.

    Israel: No evidence so far that Hamas held hostages in Gaza's Nasser Hospital (

    The Israel Defense Forces sent troops into Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis based on intelligence that hostages were held there, but army spokesman Daniel Hagari said that as of Thursday evening no evidence had been found to that effect....

    athos77 ,

    So they fucking lied yet again. Fuck Israel.

    Edit: hey, can you guys help me compile a credible list of everything they've lied about so far? There were those decapitated babies, the "top secret attack plans" 'found' during the attack, the tunnels under the cemetery Israel razed that CNN thoroughly debunked, this hospital here, the other hospital (which one was it?) where the old cistern was a "Hamas headquarters" or something - what else?

    athos77 ,

    Israel has been surveilling information provided to the United States by the Palestinian Authority regarding settler violence in the occupied West Bank in recent months [...] in order to “understand what the U.S. knows about settler violence.” [...] ”the political-diplomatic echelon in Israel views the increasing international preoccupation with settler violence as “political pressure,” and is therefore trying to prove that the scope of the phenomenon is not as broad as the Americans claim. That’s why, the source said, “we’re working to help refute these allegations, or prevent them from developing into sanctions. The political echelon is concerned that all kinds of international moves will be taken that will force Israel to deal with this issue.”

    So they don't care about the violence and damage they inflict on everyone around them, just that a comparative handful of Israelis might not be able to travel or use US banks.

    athos77 ,
    athos77 ,

    Cameron literally created Brexit out of thin air, dunno why anyone listens to the fuck. And he certainly should never have been allowed back in government ever again.

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