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Why @firefox is not implementing this UI by default and why none of the Firefox-derived web browsers implementing this.

I somehow managed to build this, but its not prefect.


At this point the there has been almost no significant improvement.
How Mozilla Ruined Firefox --> https://youtu.be/ugnOM2mzgNU

Hoping @firefox wont forces me to move to brave.

EDIT:- New UI with Minimize Close Maximize button, giving space which can be used to drag.


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@Lucia Its not to make it look like something else, the screens are become wider and not taller, and it make more sense to move the the tab bar to side (vertical tab bar).

I hide the CLOSE, MINIMIZE & MAXIMIZE button as i am using Sway (a tiling window manager).

And to move, we can just press the mod button (CMD on macs and window logo button on keyboards) then just press the left mouse click on firefox to move screen.

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