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Regarding sublinks and feeling concerned about what is going on with it ( )

Right now, I'm feeling concerned and wondering what is going on in regards to Sublinks here, since I have created a community for discussion on koalas about a week ago on here and have started and been doing work on it recently. But now I'm hearing about Sublinks and feeling concerned if I created it on the wrong instance or the...

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Rust's speed is a cherry on top. The main reason to use it is its language design / correctness guarantees.

I've been programming for several decades and understand nuance and subjectivity vs objectivity when it comes to this, and strongly believe Rust is just objectively much better than Java as a language.

One example is that Rust doesn't have null while Java does. The creator of null gave an excellent talk called The Billion Dollar Mistake about why null was such a bad idea, and said languages shouldn't not have used it. Instead, the alternative he gives is what Rust does.

Things like this are actually hugely important.

Also, Rust was "most loved" language in the StackOverflow developer survey for eight years in a row for a reason.

Other than Sublinks, I have never seen anyone post about how they really want to work with Java.

asdfasdfasdf ,

I believe Java is the best option for this type of application


asdfasdfasdf ,

Why? Am I not up to speed with something?

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Don't use AI for writing code, at least not when you're learning it.

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LMAO, Sublinks devs are so engrained in Java that they want to rewrite Rust in Java, and their survey they send is written in Office 365? They're a meme.

The Java idea is absurd and shouldn't be taken seriously.

I disagree with the Lemmy devs' political views a great deal, but:

  1. It's open source so you can audit if they're doing anything bad
  2. Just fork it and improve if you have issues with the code they're writing / features

Java is a horrible language. Nearly every developer I've talked to in the last several decades agrees, even previously hardcore Java devs. Please just stop.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Hard disagree. I think Java is objectively bad.

I can give Rust to a completely inexperienced dev straight out if high school and they will be able to write a multi threaded program without data races since Rust was designed so that isn't possible. That's one example of many.

Even null is something the creator of null said was an objective mistake, and that concept is embedded into Java, while it doesn't exist in Rust.

Learning Rust to the point where your code is correct is absolutely not hard at all, which is why it's so bizarre when people create projects like this.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Totally agree, but the thing that makes me angry is that many, many open source projects miss this opportunity because of absolutely garbage UI/UX.

Look at LibreOffice, for example. Lots of features that do more than what people need from MS Office most of the time, but even I cannot bring myself to use it long term because it's UI/UX is trash.

The open source industry has the problem that its devs think functionality is 99% of what matters, and most users disagree.

We need to have some project that is crowd funded to hire some awesome designers and UX people and have them constantly working on important open source projects. I'd sponsor that in a heartbeat.

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To add to this, a few minutes of searching would hopefully surface Don't need to know shit and it's free.

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Did they need to do any other treatment for the tumor? No chemo or anything?

asdfasdfasdf ,

Disappointed in Hot Ones for hosting this psycho

asdfasdfasdf ,

Not harsh enough. I originally called her something different but wasn't sure if I was breaking any rules and didn't want to get banned.

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LMAO WTF is wrong with you. People have murdered each other for a bajillion years too, I guess that means you're okay with them?

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No, not everyone is hustling someone. What a wrong, depressing view of the world. I don't think even the majority are.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Scamming people who need real medical help into thinking bullshit products will cure them of issues, when in reality they could even cause them harm, is definitely deserving of vitriol.

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Oh wow, another remake cash grab for millennial nostalgia with no hint of any original plot or story line. Simply one "look it's the person from Beetlejuice" shot again after another.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Hey, if being interested in some semblance of original thought makes me a grumpy old man, then...

get off my lawn!

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Fool is a spectrum. E.g. take the saying "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". It's possible to fool anyone. Sometimes it's because they are a fool, but sometimes it's not.

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You really don't think "we store your username and haven't revealed it" is any better than "we store your real name and did reveal it"?

China and Norway Lead the World’s EV Switchover ( )

Globally, according to research by the Rocky Mountain Institute, EVs will comprise two-thirds of the world’s car sales by 2030. However, according to the World Resources Institute, “EVs need to account for 75 percent to 95 percent of passenger vehicle sales by 2030 in order to meet international climate goals aimed at...

asdfasdfasdf ,

According to a recent Reuters article using a model developed by the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, the point at which an EV’s carbon footprint meets and begins to fall below that of a comparable gas vehicle in the United States is at around 13,500 miles. So after an average year of driving, the EV is better for the environment. Beyond that, the gap widens.

As for keeping your current car:

As far as manufacturing goes, the old car is already built, so let’s give it a pass regarding its manufacturing carbon footprint. According to a 2015 Union of Concerned Scientists report, a full-size long-range (265 miles) vehicle had a carbon footprint of about six tons, or 12,000 pounds.

In two years, the EV will have caught up to the used car in terms of ecological footprint. After that, as with new gas cars, an EV surpasses it in efficiency for its entire life cycle.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Yeah, I agree. I think trains / other stuff would be much better too. Unfortunately, I don't think it's realistic to expect them to be as effective in countries like the US. At least not in the anywhere near future.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Is there any evidence that species with higher rates of mutation, and therefore higher chances of evolutionary advantages, stick around? Or is rate of mutation not something which can be encoded in DNA / biology?

IRS has launched its free tax filing service, Direct File, in 12 states ( )

"Direct File provides a free, secure option for taxpayers with simple tax situations in 12 states to file their taxes directly with the IRS," the Treasury Department said. "Direct File is easy to use, with no hidden junk fees, and works as well on a smartphone as it does on a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Direct File...

asdfasdfasdf ,

This is great, but I still don't understand why we even need to file anything.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Cross platform? It's a browser extension.

asdfasdfasdf , (edited )

Doesn't it just use Google / Bing under the hood? If those both suck then it wouldn't improve much, right? Isn't SearXNG more about privacy?

asdfasdfasdf , (edited )

What's wrong with Ubuntu? I've used it daily for years.

asdfasdfasdf ,

I get those are problems for you, but Windows also has many problems. No OS is perfect.

Of those issues, I think the vast majority of users will not have any idea what Optimus or LSPCON are, and wouldn't care too much about HDR support.

The maximized windows thing - yeah I agree. It's crazy to me that they haven't fixed this.

Do you ever worry that you're secretly a psychopath that unknowingly manipulates people around you?

Someone recently told me that they sometimes feel gaslighted around me because I effortlessly make them question their beliefs and feelings. Hearing that didn't sit well with me, especially since I've been pondering the question in the title for quite some time....

asdfasdfasdf ,

Someone recently told me that they sometimes feel gaslighted around me because I effortlessly make them question their beliefs and feelings

That says more about them than about you. An intelligent, stable adult shouldn't be able to be so easily affected, even if they were in a room with Hannibal Lecter.

I've always been quite critical of myself

Lots of people are. That's a good thing, as long as it's constructive criticism. Sometimes it can go overboard and become unhealthy.

don't consider myself a very nice person

Yeah that's not great. You should be nice.

I have very strong morals

Then I think you're not a psychopath.

However, this includes things like not lying, which means I always speak the truth, even if not everyone likes hearing it. I don't conform to many social norms expected of me

That's great! I wish more people in the world were like this.

However, it's also important to say things in a respectful way. That doesn't mean beating around the bush or sugar coating anything. It just means take their feelings into account.

E.g. if someone asks you if they are good at their job, and the truth is they suck, don't say "no, you suck" (unless they deserve it). Say "there's room for improvement. You can get there by working on x, y, and z." The latter is constructive and gives them a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. In a way, that is more truthful than no light at all. Everyone can improve and change and better themselves, and it's important to remind others (and yourself) of that.

Not conforming to society is great. I wish fewer people conformed.

But I can't help but wonder why they don't see me as I see myself

No one can do that but you.

I worry that I'm hiding the true me so well that people don't actually like me, but rather the facade I unknowingly maintain

That's called being an adult. As a child, we aren't required to regulate our emotions, or enter complicated relationships with others. Life is full of tradeoffs, and after enough of them, even if you always make the best choices, you'll still be far from where you felt when you started. We're all strangers in foreign lands after a while. That doesn't make you a psychopath; it makes you human.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Not a doctor so may be a stupid question, but wouldn't the blood brain barrier protection stuff degrade or shut down when you die? Could it have leaked in after death?

asdfasdfasdf ,

COVID vaccines do not contain any COVID.

asdfasdfasdf , (edited )

Did they ask the exact same questions as before? If they did, it would probably skew the results. If they didn't, it would also probably skew the results.

asdfasdfasdf ,

I would 100% be for shutting those down. Doing so would probably lead us into the next Renaissance.

asdfasdfasdf ,

I think the point is this is paradoxical. Everything must be proven by facts and we cannot trust any general, abstract statement of its own accord, then how can we prove "everything must be proven by facts and we cannot trust any general, abstract statement of its own accord"? What if that's a wrong assumption?

Maybe the truth is we don't always need to rely on observable facts, but we don't know that because we're making the aforementioned assumption without having any proof that it's correct.

asdfasdfasdf , (edited )

You can do all that with Rust. Maybe C/C++ is good to teach if the professor explains why they should almost never be used, but IMO it would probably be better to just educate them using a well designed language like Rust so that they have the experience for a career.

asdfasdfasdf ,

IMO the "stuck in their ways" isn't about experience at all. It's about good or bad devs. I've seen green devs stuck in their ways.

Sometimes managers or devs who don't know any better think that knowing the right thing to do is the same as being inflexible, because they don't understand the rationale since they aren't experienced programmers.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Java is horrible. And Lemmy is open source. We could just fork it and have the best of both worlds.

asdfasdfasdf ,

Same here. I do $5 a month. Seems very doable for a lot of people.

asdfasdfasdf , (edited )

IDK, I wouldn't say calling someone hot is even objectification. You can respect someone who you consider smart and there dimensional and also think they're hot.

I'd say it's just inappropriate.

asdfasdfasdf ,

You're right! I tried against ChatGPT 3.5:

"It" in this context likely refers to the dead rabbit, as it is the subject of the sentence and the one described as hopping.

It got the ship one right though.

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