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Art, Science, Politics, & 4th grade fart jokes.
I'm either the first person to figure out what's going on, or the last.
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MikeDunnAuthor , to bookstadon
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Today in Labor History September 30, 1892: In the wake of the Homestead Steel Strike, union leaders were prosecuted for the crime of treason for the first time in U.S. history. Henry C. Frick, chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company, convinced the chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to issue warrants for the arrests of every member of the advisory board of the striking steel union for treason against the state. The 29 strike leaders were ultimately charged with plotting "to incite insurrection, rebellion & war against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania." During the strike, Pinkerton detectives killed seven workers, who were protesting wage cuts of 18-26%. Alexander Berkman tried to assassinate Frick, but failed, and spent many years in prison. He wrote about his imprisonment, and about anarchism, in his “Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist,” published by Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth Press.


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    @MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon
    Exactly, at least Carnige built libraries. Today's oligarchs fund groups to tear them down. Instead of funding colleges they fund think tanks to produce fascist propaganda.

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    @MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon
    SoCiAL wELfaRe ORgAnaZatiOnS

    gpollara , to academicchatter
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    Whether you love or hate , you certainly can't deny it's been an impactful piece of in how we lead our lives.

    Interesting anecdotes by @thurrott 👇


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    @thurrott @academicchatter @amyfou
    It has pushed me to the brink of violence. Still even today, if I get another hand out of the power point printed, and not just printed but printed so you can't even read the slides......

    StillIRise1963 , to random
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    Do you know how well white supremacist propaganda works on white people? So well that it makes MOST full of excuses and makes MOST say nothing can be done. They did a good job on y'all. They stole your agency and squashed your understanding of personal responsibility.

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    Everyone thinks it has no effect on them. They think they are immune. Exactly like they think they are from advertising.
    Guess what? Companies don't spend billions on advertising because it doesn't work. People are not immune from either

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    @StillIRise1963 I'm constantly stunned at the lack of self awareness of people. Sometimes the easiest person to fool is yourself.

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    @StillIRise1963 @QueenValhalla
    It's insidious. Both my parents considered racism to be a great evil as well as just plain ignorant (perhaps the greatest sin in their house) and after studying media and culture for years, and doing what I could to be anti racist, I still just found myself making unconscious assumptions about a POC in a documentary. It sucks, I don't want that. But what I want less is to have it and not realize it's there. Or refuse to admit it.

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