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Hi! I'm an historian from north of Argentina that research over crime history and rock history. Worried about public history.

Contact: agustinharo88@disroot.org

Posts in english and spanish

#history #publichistory #crimehistory #musichistory

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*Dark chocolate,
red wine,
autumn leaves,
& David Copperfield.
*it’s been eaten

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Hace poco tiempo arranqué este portfolio de trabajos de mis alumnos del Instituto, todo sobre escritura, ensayos e historia pública https://historiapublicaeduc.wordpress.com/ @histodons @histodon

dbellingradt , to histodons German
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I like big books and I cannot lie. Fellow , this is me in 2013 and 2023 doing my work.

My main field is called . It is an umbrella term, an overextension of many fields and approaches dealing with past communication flows and artifacts:



Me sitting next to big books in Augsburg. The foto is part of a story about my work from Der Spiegel. Simon Koy made the picture.

agustinharo ,
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@dbellingradt @histodons a good song with a good context

agustinharo , to histodons Spanish
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Andrés Bazan Frias, bandido tucumano, mito construido ¿Robin Hood? Disponible como ebook en Amazon https://www.amazon.it/Bazan-Frías-Imaginarios-realidades-Spanish-ebook/dp/B0BZVM85HP @histodons @historians.social@a.gup.pe

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