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Sure they don’t. Just be aware that if you’re using public trackers you can appear here, as some of the peers track the IPs that appear in the swarms:

how do I get desktop or at least browser notifications when someone here replies to my posts?

I’m on Ubuntu using Firefox browser. I get the notifications from reddit on my desktop. On the top toolbar, there is a bell icon where I can find unread notifications from telegram, firefox (from the sites allowed to send notifications), the package manager (about software updates) …ect. Whenever someone replies to my post...

Voyager ,
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Can you confirm that you have ‘Show Notifications for New Posts’ enabled in your user settings?

Voyager , (edited )
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Is reddit owned and operated by a malicious entity? I used to be addicted to that platform, but now I can’t stand it.

Introduction to Linux interfaces for virtual networking (developers.redhat.com)

Summary: This article provides a brief introduction to commonly used virtual network interface types in Linux, including bridge, bonded interface, team device, VLAN, VXLAN, MACVLAN, IPVLAN, MACVTAP/IPVTAP, MACsec, and more. It explains what these interfaces are, their differences, when to use them, and how to create them. It is...

Twitter ranks worst in climate change misinformation report (www.theguardian.com)

The Climate of Misinformation report by Climate Action Against Disinformation looked at Meta, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter for their content moderation policies and efforts to mitigate inaccurate information such as climate denialism. The group, which is made up of dozens of international climate and...

Meduza co-founder's phone infected with Pegasus (meduza.io)

Pegasus is a highly sophisticated and controversial spyware tool developed by the Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group. Pegasus is designed to infiltrate and infect mobile devices, including smartphones, and it allows the attacker to remotely monitor and collect a wide range of information from the compromised device. This...

Voyager OP ,
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I’m using GrapheneOS for added security and sandboxing, but I feel that this is a bandaid solution.

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